Vodacom Discovery Program for 2022/2023

Vodacom Discovery Program for 2022/2023 is not just a program or an Internship opportunity but also a permanent Job or employment opportunity underpinned by 2years of skills training that is designed for the development of future leaders.

Coming from South Africa, Vodacom has grown its business operation in most other African countries like Tanzania, Congo, Mozambique, Lesotho and of cause Kenya.

Having their mobile covering reach a population of 295.8 million people.

Vodacom Business Africa or VBA offers a lot of services across 48 countries across Africa and other parts of the world.

Vodacom is coming from the popular network provider Vodaphone which is holding 60.5% of its shares.

It is also popular in countries like Ghana and was formerly in Nigeria and remains one of the world’s largest communication companies.

Vodacom Discovery program is a way of discovering early careers in young people who have shown the potential of becoming future leaders.

In a world where leadership is a problem, the company is ready to offer it at the platter of Gold to young people and persons of great potential coming out of South Africa.

Internship Details

  • Host country: South Africa
  • Host Company: Vodacom
  • Eligibility: South Africa
  • Reward: Full Salary | Employment
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Application: Now Open
  • Deadline: August 31, 2022

Benefits of Vodacom Discovery Program for 2022/2023

The programme has the potential and aim of offering graduates a full Experience of their business including mentorship and leadership coaching and giving you a guideline on how to build a successful enterprise.

You will also be taken on a job training for you to learn how to company works. Within this period you will be placed on a full salary and other benefits of a fully employed staff of the company.

After the 2 years of the program, you will be given a job in some destinations of the organization.

There will also be some other opportunities to apply for stretch assignments locally or internationally or outside of your comfort zone to build your enterprise and leadership capabilities.

Aside from the money that will be paid to you monthly which is your salary, you will be given an apartment to stay in and some free supplies like food materials for upkeep. your salary is paid.

Requirements for Vodacom Discovery Program for 2022/2023

  • The program will officially start by February 1st 2023
  • Before the end of 2022, you should have a Graduate degree or equivalent
  • Most have had a minimum of 2 years of working experience post studies
  • Should be 26 years or younger
  • You should be a South African citizen by birth or naturalization.
  • People from Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Lesotho Mozambique and  Ethiopia are also encouraged to apply for consideration.
  • On have at least 65% in your most recent academic results
  • Those with a minimum of 3 years of national diploma (NQF 6) should be in the following areas; Electrical/electrical engineering,  computer software engineers, information system and information technology

Criteria for Vodacom Discovery Program for 2022/2023

The kind of candidates needed for those opportunities should possess the following potential

  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Passion.
  • Flexibility
  • Resilience
  • Digital Savviness
  • Customers Obsession
  • Innovation
  • Complex problem solving

How to apply Vodacom Discovery Program for 2022/2023

The application is done online, once you are ready to apply, go to the website and click on apply now.

Fill out the form and submit it, you will be sent an email to confirm your submission