IJMB FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

IJMB Frequently Asked Questions

After your taken to go through IJMB frequently asked questions, we are 80% sure you will be satisfied with all your questions and doubts just take your time to go through these questions and answer session. Means to contact us are also available on this page.

About IJMB Questions

Q. What is the IJMB Program?

A. IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. Is a federal government program that is being supervised by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Before, it’s the only program used by students to gain admission into Nigerian universities, before the federal government comes up with JAMB. But now, we can say IJMB is a program to set up to put an ease to students admission difficulties, as it’s easier to gain admission with it, than JAMB.

IJMB, Interim Joint Matriculation Board, is an Advanced Level Program (A’level) is one academic year programme that takes successful students into 200 level of the universities of their choice that accept IJMB

You combine your IJMB result with Direct Entry and then use it to gain admission into 200 level, you will no longer write JAMB anymore but you will still write post UTME or screening of your choice university

You can do all the registration on your smartphone including the registration payment, please click the below link to start

More information awaits you on that page, that I assure you or you can find even detail information about IJMB, universities accepting IJMB result, centres available, total fees for each centre, closing date and how to register by clicking this link at >>> https://ijmb.com.ng/ijmb


When is IJMB registration do close?

Check the closing date for IJMB registration here

Q. How To Register For IJMB In  Simple Instruction?

A. Pay for IJMB form online or pay to acct below  by transfer/deposit click link to pay online: http://tiny.cc/ijmbreg

Acct Name: IJMB Alevel Registration

Acct Number: 0163836217

Amount: #8500

After payment, click link to register: https://ijmb.com.ng/ijmb-registration

Q. If I Pay to the account above, how do you know I am the one?

A. You have a name, you have a phone number and your name will show when you do transfer either from the account, mum or dad account and we also have a number you can tell us that you have made a payment with so and so details, then the admin will update your payment to your IJMB Portal.

Lectures Questions

Does lecture take place in a university?
Simple Answer: NO

Long Answer: Lectures do not take place in a university, but an accredited centre running IJMB, we have specific locations where IJMB lectures take place and not inside a university. So if you want to study for example at the University of Ilorin, you are not doing the program in University, you can be in Port Harcourt, Enugu, Lagos and decide to use your IJMB result for admission at the University of Ilorin.

How many days per week do you have to attend IJMB Lecture:

Simple Answer: Monday to Friday

Long Answer: IJMB lectures take place every day and time can be from 8 AM to 6 pm daily all depending on your fixed timetable as determined by your centre and your various lecturers

How Much is IJMB tuition fee?

IJMB tuition fee depends on your chosen centre, but the fee is between #188k to #258k depending on your centre. During your registration, there will be a section to see all available centres and their fees, you will be the one to select the centre you want.  See the list of available centres here?

If I Register Now and resume immediately when will I be through with IJMB?

Short Answer: In the Month of May.

Long Answer: If you register now, you will be done by May next year. IJMB exam is now April/May every year. While the new registration that is meant to commence by February will also end by April/May the following year.

When will the IJMB result be out if I register and resume now?

Result for IJMB always come out two months after the exam, if the exam is conducted by May, then by July the result will be release

When and where should I buy my Direct Entry form from?

You will be buying the Direct Entry form when JAMB announces it that is out and you buy it at any accredited JAMB centres, you will also fill the Direct Entry form at the accredited JAMB centre.

I have registered and paid? Can I change my centre?

Absolutely, you can change your centre after you receive your admission letter, at no cost to you. If after you paid your acceptance you went to do clearance at your chosen centre and you do not like the centre for whatever reason, again, you can request to change your centre, as long as you made the payment to the account details above, if you have made the payment at the centre, change of centre will no longer be possible.

Is Acceptance fee included in the total fee for my centre?

Yes, we do not like hidden charges, acceptance fee is included in your centre fee. The only fee that’s not included in your fee is the registration fee which is #8,500. This means if you pay your acceptance within 2 weeks of registration, you remove the acceptance fee payment from your total centre fee.

Login to pay your acceptance fee here after you receive your admission letter

The acceptance fee is #20,000 and transaction charge is #750.

Can I go and register physically?

Technology have made everything possible, there is no need for physical registration anymore, everything is on the portal here, we do not encourage physically registration due to the following reasons.

1. It is stressful to us when you can simply do it online
2. It involves paperwork when you can simply fill the reform online
3. Enquiries is superbly answered on Whatsapp, phone call, and text message
4. Your admission letter and printout will be the passed
5. To transfer your filled form to our paper is another work, no need for that
6. We do not want to have extra population at the centre when we reduce it with technology.


Where is your centre’s location?

As at now, which is increasing every 6 months, we have about 50 centres covering North Central, South South, South East including Abuja. check some of the locations HERE

I have made payment for registration, what next?

Fill the IJMB form to receive your admission letter within 5 hours after you completely filled your form, you will receive your admission letter.

After the Admission letter what next?

You advised to pay your acceptance within 2 weeks after registration to avoid cancellation. After payment of acceptance fee, go to your centre for clearance.

Why do I have to pay for my acceptance fee before going to my centre?

Because if you pay at the centre, you will not be able to request for change of centre, and after you pay acceptance fee, you will be able to upload your passport, have access to your IJMB syllabus.

Can I go to my centre to see things before paying the acceptance fee?

Absolutely, you can go to your centre after your registration to see things yourself.


What are the optional payments?

Optional payments are payment that will be deducted from your centre total fee if you do not need the service.

Hostel fee is optional, textbooks though we encourage it is most times optional in some centres. You will see the breakdown of every element that sum up to your tuition in your admission letter.

Why can’t I Just have the breakdown now?

Because each centre has a different fee, it is not the same fee across board, so it is not possible to have all the breakdown of all the centres on the web, and if we decide to use one as an example, it will create confusion to some other people wanting another centre. All you need to know is that IJMB fee is between #188k to #258k

Q. Does IJMB Result Expires?

A. IJMB doesn’t expire anymore. You can use it as many times you want

Q. How difficult Is IJMB?

A. IJMB is as difficult as your WAEC, NECO, GCE because is an external exam.

Q. How Can I Buy IJMB Form?

Visit our IJMB registration page to begin the registration after you make your payment for easier registration. Check the account number above to make transfer/deposit instead of online payment, after making payment click HERE to begin filling the form

Q. Is IJMB Real?

A. Yes, IJMB is as real as your universities, secondary schools.

Q. Where Does My Result Issued From?

A. Your IJMB is issued by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and they will supervised the exams in every IJMB examination centres they have approved. So your result is not being issued by LSA, but Ahmadu Bello University

Q. I Have Paid For My IJMB form online, But Am Not Redirected To The Page I Need To Fill My Form?

A. Please send all your complaints to this email [email protected] or 08111357171 or 08105087367, we will reply you as early as possible

Q. What If I Choose Not To Complete The Program After Paying For The Program?

A. Well, I promise you will never see reason to stop the program, except of course, if  you have seen another higher level of promises.

Since you have known me to always be sincere with you,  NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED, if you decided to quit the program at any level or you committed a crime will be sent home. All the school rules be given to you as soon as you step to the centre

Q. Is Instalmental Payment Allowed?

A. Yes, it’s allowed. For the school fees, you are allowed to pay it like up to three times.
You start with 50% of your centre, then the remaining 50% can be paid two times or as a whole with a maximum 3 months interval.


Q. Is There Any Assistance During The Examination?

A. No, is never being a promise. But we will do our best to give all you need for the success of your examination.

Q. What Are The Requirement I Need To Participate In IJMB?

A.  Your registration fee #8500,
2. Any O’level result (WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB O’level) though awaiting result is accepted

Q. Is There Any Hidden Charges Except School Fees?

A. We encourage all IJMB centres to include all their fees during the registration with us, including the acceptance fee, tuition fee, textbooks fee, exam fee, hostel fee, logistics fee and exam collection fee.

Even if there is a need to collect any addiction fee, it will not be  more than #15,000

Can I call you before I pay or register?

Yes, click here to call us  at IJMB helpline

Can I Send you Whatsapp message before I make a payment or register for IJMB?

Absolutely, click to send us WhatsApp message about IJMB

Q. How Easy To Pass An IJMB Exam?

A. Personally, the per cent rate of people passing IJMB are much higher than any other exams despite being seen as very difficult.

Every year at least 70& of people writing the examination do have up to 8 to 10 points while at least 88% do have the minimum points admittable to Nigerian universities which is 5 points.

Just like I have always tell students, be sure of what you are coming down for, don’t come in a way that when we start asking you questions you are not even sure of what you want for yourselves.

Q. How Many Months Is IJMB Programme?

A. IJMB is a ten-month programme usually running between May/June and end by  April the following year.

Q. When does Registration Usually Started

A. IJMB registration for the next session usually started between February and March every year

Q.I Don’t Have Mathematics And English Language In My O’level?

A.Well, if”s just the two or one of the two you don’t have in your Ordinary certificate, you have the opportunity of writing them during your IJMB exam without necessarily writing another WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB.

Because there is something call IJMB O’level Mathematics and IJMB O’level English that is taken by IJMB candidates who do have at least Credit in their O’level like WAEC or NECO

Does It Mean If I Don’t Get Admission With IJMB After Running The Program Is A Waste?

A. No, IJMB is an impact you will forever felt in all through your lifetime. Because when you go through it, most things you will be thought in your year one and two, will mostly be like a revision to you. If later you don’t get admission with it, is never being a waste.

But, you can have my words that the possibility of you being admitted through IJMB in Nigeria institutions is very much higher than using JAMB. Trust my words for that, I have being in this IJMB for few years now. I have reached a point where someone will just come up and say I don’t know what I’m saying

What Is The Possibility Of Gaining Admission With IJMB?

A. Very few students know about IJMB, I think every year ABU Zaria registered less than 20,000 IJMB students comparing to JAMB that over 1.5 million students sat down for it annually.

Comparing to universities, over 80 per cent of federal universities accept IJMB including states while we all know that all universities accept JAMB but comparing them, I’m sure you can figure out the possibility

Currently using. Fill your IJMB form here



How many people per room?

Most IJMB uses flat for hostel which is optional, if you are not staying in the hostel, the money for the hostel will be removed.

The number of student per room is 3 to 4 students depending if bulk is provided or not.

Q. Are students allowed to cook?

Yes, the kitchen is available for students to cook their meal as IJMB centres does not include feeding fees for students.

How much is the hostel fee?

Is depend on the location, hostel fee is between #10,000 to as high as #70,000 throughout the program, you will see the fee for the hostel on your admission letter.

What do you need to bring to the hostel?

Most centres because of hygiene reason, you will required to bring your matters if you a student size or buy one while coming, you can also buy at the centre if you so wish.

Also your bathroom slippers, buckets and your cooking utensils.

After The Programm And Collection of result?

YOu will still need to be in contact with your coordinator for advice and filling and updating your D.E form on JAMB portal until you gain admission.

Disclaimer: Some fraudulent elements have found another way of defrauding the unsuspecting potential IJMB students of their hard-earned money.

This is how they go about it, they lure students to register on their website, after the students might have parted away with their money, they will redirect them to our website during the registration process, that means, they will need to pay another registration fee of #8,500.

We will like to plead with the intending IJMB not to register with any other site than www.ijmb.com.ng.  BE WARNED. Thank you.