IJMB School Fees 2024 Breakdown – IJMB Fees For All Centres


IJMB School Fees

IJMB school fees breakdown for all available and accredited centres in Nigeria without going through an IJMB agent is displayed for a checkup before you start registering at all.

We understand students are asking IJMB school fees breakdown for all available and accredited centres. IJMB tuition fees is between ₦168,000 to ₦268,000. How much is the IJMB registration? How much is IJMB school fees for 2022?

Well, the answers are not far-fetched according to the table below. The IJMB form fee cost ₦8,500, the IJMB acceptance fee cost ₦20,750, the IJMB hostel fee is not the same across all our centres, the IJMB tuition fee also is not all equal, same with the IJMB exam fees, and the textbooks and IJMB logistics and result collection fees.

See available IJMB centres and their fees

We will suggest you see the available IJMB centres and their tuition fees today before you register for IJMB form

IJMB school fees price cost between ₦198,000 to ₦258,000 with the hostel, acceptance fee, textbooks and exam fees while registration for IJMB cost ₦8500 to ₦10,000 depending on the mode of payment.

IJMB School Fees breakdown | What is the cost of IJMB school fees

IJMB school tuition fees go like this

  • IJMB School fee cost ₦110,000 to ₦130,000
  • IJMB Form Fee cost ₦8,500 to ₦10,000
  • Hostel Fee cost ₦10,000 to ₦60,000
  • Textbooks and other materials ₦15,000 to ₦25,000

Making a total of ₦168,000 to ₦258k depending on your study centre. Till you write your final examination by February. During the IJMB registration, you will see all available centres and their total fee. The student decides which centre to wish to the programme.


IJMB School Fees Price Range
Breakdown of IJMB School Fees Price (₦) Transactional Charges & Comments
IJMB Form Fee ₦8,500 Must be paid online, using your ATM or Direct transfer to the account details
IJMB acceptance Fees Price ₦20,750 IJMB acceptance fee is to be paid within two(2) weeks of registration. It can be paid online or at your chosen centre
IJMB Tuition Fees Price ₦110,000 – ₦130,000 IJMB school Fees are not the same across centres. Check available IJMB centres and their fees. It can be paid at centres or online.
You can check your centre before you make payment for tuition fee
IJMB hostel Fees ₦20,000 – ₦60,000 Do check your hostel before making payment for it
IJMB Textbooks Price ₦15,000 – ₦25,000 IJMB textbooks to be collected after making initial payment. Textbooks are not optional.
IJMB Other Fees ₦15,000 – ₦30,000 These are logistics fees during and after examination. This all depends on your location. The fees include transportation, result collection, and examination ID card.

IJMB Centres And Their Fees

As a parent who wants to see available IJMB centres and their tuition fee can simply do by viewing the page of IJMB centres and their fees.

Transaction Charges

Note( transaction fee is between 2,750 to 6750 depending on how many times you pay the tuition fee. which is not included in the official fees.

IJMB Hostel Fee

The hostel fee for each student is between ₦20,000  to ₦50,000 and close to the lecturing of all our various centres.

IJMB Materials Cost

For any department, the textbooks, the lab. coat and other materials all cost ₦15,000

Instalment Payment For IJMB

If you are the type that wants to pay on installment, we have got you covered. Here is the way you can pay bit by bit. But the dates are very important because we won’t allow any default. For the program to run well, the lectures and the running of the administrative responsibilities. The formula to pay total tuition fee  is 50% 25% 25% 


In summary below is the breakdown of our IJMB fees depending on the study centre chosen for all our various centre in Nigeria as of 2019

Breakdown of IJMB fees

Books: ₦15,000

The tuition fee price is: ₦80,000 to ₦120k

Exam fee price: ₦55,000 to ₦65,000

Registration fee price: ₦8,500 to ₦10k

Accommodation price: ₦10,000 to ₦60,000

Adjustment for accommodation is done if you are not staying in the hostel


IJMBE Tuition Fee Installment Payment 

You can only pay the IJMB fees a maximum of three times

The minimum you can start with to be able to start lectures with other students is ₦84,000 to ₦129,000 depending on your study centre. Which covers your school fees, acceptance fee, hostel fee and your textbooks.

The remaining 84,000 to ₦129,000 can be paid two times with an arrangement between your parents and the coordinators in charge

So everything you will be paying for the IJMB programme is between ₦168,000 to ₦258,000  according to the explanations in all our centres (excluding transactional charges)

Do take note, that there will not be any other payment of any sort until your examination time. Helplines 08105087367 or 08111357171. Email us on [email protected]

Summary of IJMB Tuition Fee 2022 Breakdown

IJMB school fees breakdown for all available and accredited centres. IJMB registration fee is #8,500, acceptance fee #20,000 and tuition fee is #170,000 to #240,000 depending on the centre with textbooks and accommodation. You can pay IJMB school fees in installments of 3 times.


How To Apply For IJMB How much is IJMB form

The total fees you will be paying through your IJMB program with us in any of our centres is ₦198,000 till you write your final examination which is always due by February every year. You can see the breakdown of the fees at the IJMB programme fee

We will do all we can to help you with the centre to the nearest states to you.

Refund Policy of IJMB School Fees.

Do take note that right now IJMB DO NOT refund any money paid to us. You are meant to be sure of going to this programme before making any payment. And if you are the candidate that wants to apply, please do discuss it with your parents or your guardian before you make ANY sort of Payment to the account. 

How much is the school fees for IJMB?

The IJMb school fees depend on the centre you choose. The cost of IJMB school fees is between ₦198,000 to ₦268,000. You can check the available centers and their fees.

How much is IJMB in unilorin?

Unilorin does not run the IJMB program, therefore there cannot be school fees for Unilorin. Unilorin accepts IJMB result into 200 level of any course as long as you meet the cut off point

How much does IJMB cost?

IJMB cost is ₦198,000 at a minimum. This covers everything from form fee, acceptance fee, school fees, exam fees, and hostel fees.

The IJMB form fee is how much?

The IJMB form cost ₦8,500 only

What is IJMB Account number?

IJMB account number is 0163836217 which is domiciled with Guaranty Trust Bank with account name IJMB Alevel Registration. Check the available centres before you make payment to the above account as fees not refundable.

Can I request for refund for IJMB payment?

No, all fees are not non-refundable. make sure you seek parent/guardian approval before you register or pay your acceptance fee and school fees.

How much does IJMB cost in Nigeria?

The cost in Nigeria is ₦188,000

How many years does IJMB result last?

IJMB result does not expire

Where can I register for IJMB?

IJMB can be registered on the IJMB registration portal online. Take note that registration for the IJMB program is strictly online.