IJMB form 2021 registration instruction

IJMB Form 2021 registration Instruction, 100% Online

We are pleased to announce to you that registration is now 100% online

` you don’t needĀ  to go to the cyber cafe for anything
` you don’t have to scan anything
` payment is also online unless if you are using the bank deposit method
– The IJMB registration takes about 40 minutes to complete everything

Fill the first stage, and then a link will be sent you on your email
(So make sure you are having a working email address and are able to sign in to E-mail addresses)

Your passport will be uploaded when we need it

While you are registering, you will be able to select your preferred centre out of available 22 centres closer to you

You will be able to select how you want to pay by Transfer, ATM, USSD code all payment method is accepted

IJMB fee is between #172k to #255,000 all bank charges inclusive

IJMB registration fee is #8,500 plus bank charge of #100

Acceptance/clearance fee is #20,000 plus bank charge of #750

School is about 150,000 to about 170,000 plus bank charge of #2,000 each time you pay school fee, #2000 bank charge is involved (and you can pay maximum of 3 times instalment)

Hostel fee is about #10,000 to about #60,000

No hidden charges, no extra payment

While you are registering you will see all available locations, state and their total fee for each centre

Immediately after your payment, you will see admission letter, full address of your centre, instalment payment plan, your centre coordinator details.

If you decide to pay by bank deposit during registration once you upload teller/screenshot of the transfer, staff will confirm it within 8 hours, and you will then be able to sign in to your portal to see your admission letter details

Your admission letter, you can read it, you can view it, you can download it as pdf, you can print it and it does not disappear from your portal throughout your IJMB year.

If you think of the fear of mistake during, staff can help you register to transfer #9,000 instead of #8,500 for service render, you just have supply all details require here on our Whatsapp

You can check when the IJMB form for 2021 registration is closing and more information for the academic year for the A’level programme

To start your registration please click this link at >>> https://ijmb.com.ng/ijmb-registration/

If you want more details/ more information Please do us a favour by reading this link to make our work easier please at >> https://ijmb.com.ng/ijmb-registration-form-2021-2021-is-out-apply-now/

IJMB General Procedure Every Year For Prospective Students

IJMB registration procedures are:

  • IJMB official procedure is to register first you can read the registration instruction here
  • Registration gives you access to your centre details, coordinator details and full address, access to your portal to see the timetable, download/view/print your details and admission letter
  • When you need to pay your acceptance/clearance fee will be included in the admission letter
  • Take your printed/downloaded admission letter and registration details to do physical clearance at your chosen centre
  • Acceptance fee is also included in the total fee
  • View the hostel provided during the physical clearance (maximum of 4 people per room plus kitchen and bathroom per 4 students
  • I f you are not satisfied with the hostel, it is not compulsory you stay in the hostel provided
  • In the admission letter tuition fee with the hostel and without hostel are clearly stated and separated
  • Clearance fee gives you access to your IJMB subject combination syllabus which you will find in your IJMB portal (work in progress)
  • Please do not get disturbed if we do not send address when you have not registered.
  • Pay your school fees or initial instalment if you are not paying in full as indicated on the admission letter
  • School fees give you access to your textbooks and lectures at our various centres
  • Mark your resumption on your IJMB portal when you resume by indicating when you resume and upload your payment evidence if you didn’t pay online
  • Start lectures as stated on the date or deadline on your admission letter
  • Write your IJMB mock exam
  • Write your final examination
  • Buy Direct Entry form from JAMB office/website with assistance with your centre coordinator to fill the form on your preferred university website
  • Wait for the admission list
  • Congratulations, your chosen university will call you for screening/post utme depending on the university
  • Again congratulations as you start 200 level with those who have written JAMB a year before.

The reason behind this instruction on IJMB

IJMB centre is to give lectures, conduct tests, conduct exam and clear new registrant for resumption not for enquiries and even for registration. We have phone numbers that work between 6 AM to 9 PM daily that you can make all your enquiries and our WhatsApp line which is 08105087367 is also online during the same schedule.

If the coordinators begin to attend to people who have not registered, have not paid acceptance/clearance fee, what time will remain for the real students?

And I hope we all understand

And no, we are not fraud, and yes, IJMB is 100% real, and yes this website is 100% real, we have been online since 2011 and no one case of fraud we have received from parents

Interested applicants should please endeavour to follow this procedure as clearly stated above, so we can make our work easier.

Note: if you or parents insist on obtaining a physical form which is a little cumbersome for us, it is #10,000 instead of the #8,100 and you come to our office directly


No, 4 IJMB Alevel Registration,

Behind Kwasu Contact Office, Sango
off Shoprite road,


Kwara state

Call or WhatsApp 08105087367 or call only 08111357171

Michael Ekundayo

Senior Technical Admin/IT/PR MarketingĀ 

IJMB Alevel Registration