Apply for Lagos African Cluster Centre 2023 Fellowship Program

The Lagos African Cluster Centre is accepting applications for a brief visit that runs from Jan 2023 through January 2022.

All professors who have interests within transdisciplinary themes on “reconfiguration of a African research field” are welcome.

Research Fellows aim to introduce new researchers to African studies reconfigured with African realities and context. The recipient is expected to become an ACC Fellow.

LACC Visiting Research Fellowship 2022 Summary

  • Type: Fellowship
  • Organisation: University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  • Country to study: Nigeria
  • School to study: University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  • Course to study: Not specified
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: November 30, 2022

Lagos African Cluster Centre is seeking applications for a Visiting Fellowship. This Fellowship will last between one to three months and start in January 2023.

Scholars with an interest in the major theme of “Reconfiguring African Studies” by multidisciplinary engagement are invited to apply.

The Fellowship’s goal is to provide opportunities for scholars to learn about African Studies and to be exposed to the process of reconfiguring African Studies within African contexts and realities.

The scholarship will make the scholar a Fellow in Lagos – African Cluster Centre.

Fellows will need to be able to engage with the above theme using a process of reexamining basic assumptions and asking them multidisciplinary questions to increase, maintain or dismiss current knowledge about Africans.

About University of Lagos For LACC 2022

Since 1962, the University of Lagos provides quality education and research-oriented training to Nigerians as well as all others who enter its domain for knowledge.

The University is a beacon of excellence that has helped to produce top-ranking graduates and scholars who have had an enormous impact on Nigeria’s development and growth.

LACC Visiting Research Fellowship: What is it and what are its benefits?

Fellowship shall contain:

  • A return ticket (economy)
  • A monthly allowance to pay for living expenses in Lagos
  • Nigerian Travel Insurance
  • University of Lagos accommodation: One-room with shared facilities
  • The use of shared office and library facilities.

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LACC Visiting Research Fellowship Requirements And Eligibility

To be qualified for LACC 2022, interested candidates must fullfil the below requirements

  1. A PhD degree is required at the time you apply.
  2. Research in Africa as part of a PhD and/or later projects.
  3. You should be actively seeking a research or academic career.
  4. Publicate in your specialty.
  5. Following the completion of the fellowship, you must comply with visa regulations and be available to return to your country of citizenship or permanent residence.
  6. Applicants must be based at an African Academic Institution.

Interview Date, Process and Venue: LACC Visiting Research Fellowship

The M.A. will expect applicants to teach. Applicants accepted to the M.A. will be expected teach.

How to Apply For The LACC Visiting Research Fellowship

Please read the enclosed instructions for applying.

Complete applications will not get reviewed. Applications must be made in English. The deadline to submit applications is November 30, 20,22.

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Application Instructions for 2023 Visiting Research Fellowship

Please send an application package that contains the following items in one PDF document to email address: [email protected]

Include the following in your Application Package:

  1. Information Page Includes
    1. Surname and First Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Current Residence Address
    4. MA Degree (s), (Discipline. University. Year)
    5. PhD Degree: (Discipline, Dissertation Title, University, Year)
    6. Current Employment
    7. List of any paid positions that have been held in the past five year
    8. Name of Lagos ACC Principal Investigator (PI), you’d like to work with
  2. CV (listing five relevant publications;)
  3. Research proposal (should contain)
    1. Research proposal title
    2. Research proposal (max. 1500 words):
    3. Studies and/or applications relevant to Lagos-ACC interest (max 500).
    4. Work plan
      1. You must indicate the intended research activities for the fellowship month-by-month. Please note that each Research Section of the Cluster must be linked to the Research area. You should also include the expected outputs of collaboration (events, lectures, publications etc.
  1. Two letters of recommendation should be sent (one from the employer).
  2. A statement of a Lagos ACC PI stating that he/she is willing to work with you.

We will not accept incomplete applications or those submitted by persons who do not comply with the requirements. November 30, 2022 are the deadlines for applications.