CEU Core Fellowships 2022 – How to Apply

The CEU core Fellowships 2022 is organised by International aids society (IAS) and it is for both the senior and junior fellows who will spend 3 – 9 months in Budapest and pursue their own research.

It is free for the fellows because everything they need for the period will be available for them and they will also be receiving some monthly funding for some living expenses like materials that will aid in your research and they will be accommodated at Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse which is provided by the organization.

CEU Core Fellowships 2022 is available in all the research areas of social science and humanities.

The program will run completely for nine months but will be broken in styles like

  • The first three months will be from October – December that’s for the short fall
  • The second wave will be for 5 months which is from January – June or October – February
  • This program is available to only 15 lucky persons.

The organizers of this program is widely recognized because of their lead collective work on how to stop HIV through its membership base, scientific authority and convening power.

They have the largest association of HIV professionals and are actively available in about 170 countries of the world to provide lasting solution to HIV.

FellowShip Details

  • Host Company: International Aids Society
  • Host State: Budapest
  • Category: Fellowship
  • Reward: For senior Fellow they receive €2500 while the junior receives €1500
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Application: Now Open
  • Deadline: August 25,2022

Benefits of CEU Core Fellowships 2022 – How to Apply

The fellowship which is organized to help people and researcher complete their work in the field of social sciences and humanities will be giving out some support to the 15 person that will be selected for the program.

The 15 persons are divided into two, the first team is senior team and the second is the junior team.

The money that will be given to this two teams are not the same because they might not do the same type of work.

The senior team will be paid €2500 on monthly while the junior team will be paid €1500 monthly.

Requirements for CEU Core Fellowships 2023

For you to be qualified you should look at the following

  • Must be a PhD holder or equivalent in social science and humanities.
  • Only those with publications in International scholar outlet will be recognized
  • For the junior team, you should have a Ph.D issued to to from 2015 or later
  • The Senior team are people who obtained Ph.D before 2015
  • Employees of CEU and Students are not allowed
  • Part time employees of CEU are also not allowed to participate
  • If you have attended the program before, you are also not allowed to go again.
  • You should be fluent in English speaking

How to Apply For CEU Core Fellowships 2022

To start your application, go to official fellowship registration website to start.

All application must be submitted through the online system that have been provided. The follow are what you need

  • A letter of intent not more than 1500 words
  • Abstract of your research project in less than 150 words
  • Your CV not more than 5 pages
  • Reference for junior team only.
  • All application package must be uploaded in pdf form and not exceeding 12MB.
  • Click on Apply Now to Start

For more information about CEU Core Fellowships 2022 , go to their website.