When is JAMB Registration Closing Date 2024

When Is JAMB Registration Form Closing & deadline for JAMB 2024

JAMB 2024 registration deadline and the closing date for the form for 2024
The JAMB registration form for the 2024 academic session has started and registration will close soon.

The JAMB registration exercise for the 2024 academic session is ongoing and is closing on February 15th as registration has started

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How To Know If The JAMB Form/ Application Has Closed

To know if the JAMB form has closed, visit the JAMB website to obtain the form, if you can still make payment, that means the form has not closed, but if you don’t see the form to buy on JAMB website, that means the form has closed.

JAMB Closing Date 2024

The JAMB registration 2024 closing soon as it’s only, which is also the deadline for the registration form for the 2024 academic session is now November 2024.

If you wish to write your JAMB at Ilorin, Kwara state. Make Payment here. Else write it in your secondary school in your state or look for a good secondary school around you

This is when the JAMB form will close and there is no extension possibility

Send us a message on WhatsApp for JAMB registration, registration closing date and resumption details, and each center fees at all our advanced study Centres.

If you want to do it in Ilorin, we have provisions for accommodation, and uniforms at our private secondary school: you can rent or buy your student bed when you come The fees is #65,000. If you want additional lecture it’s #105,000 at our private secondary school, at Ilorin, Kwara State.

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To ask questions about JAMB registration and closing date, call our helplines on 08180679748, 09050904734

To start your registration for the JAMB 2024 academic session, visit the online form page to begin your registration or consult your secondary school on how to go about the registration.

Read full details about the 2024 academic session

JAMB 2024 registration deadline and the closing date for the form for 2024

Anyone who is interested in the 2024 JAMB May/June internal exam should start registering now and shouldn’t wait until the the last month of October, as once JAMB CASS is done, it will not be possible for interested applicants to register for JAMB registration for the 2024 anyone.

This means JAMB 2024 applicants should register before August 2024.

JAMB Quick Limits

Check universities that accept JAMB results into 200 level, and you might also want to know possible subject combinations for your choice course read this to know all about the JAMB program and the Frequently Asked Questions about this o’ level program.

Wishing you good luck in your JAMB registrations and the subsequent process like attending the JAMB lectures and writing the final examination with other candidates at approved JAMB examination centres which are usually within an approved university by JAMB Board

JAMB Alternative

Do you know there is a JAMB alternative? Yes, IJMB is a JAMB alternative for those who don’t want to write JAMB anymore, not qualified yet to write JAMB, have a low JAMB score, don’t want to put all the egg in one basket, got a high score yet not admitted.
If you find yourself in any of the above conditions, the JAMB alternative which is IJMB is for you or your ward.

What is IJMB

What is IJMB? IJMB is a one yea program you can use to gain admission into 200L without JAMB. This means you will do the IJMB program for one year and at the end of the day, you sit for the IJMB exam if you pass you can use your IJMB result to apply for the university of your choice

IJMB fee is between 228k to 320,000 depending on your centre. The fees include textbooks, accommodation and if you don’t want it, the accommodation fee will be deducted

There are many locations for the IJMB program, Kwara state, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Anambra, Imo, Ondo, Ekiti, Ibadan, Benin, Asaba, Uyo, Owerri are just but the few available locations. See all available centres and their fees.

Registration fee is currently #8,500 but registration is about to be increased to #15,000 from next week Monday. So the registration fee all depends on when you register.

If I were a parent I’d both register for JAMB and IJMB at the same time and immediately after my child is done with the JAMB examination, I’d send him to the IJMB centre to resume lectures

This is the best way not to waste a child’s time.

Parents who are interested in registering their ward can Start IJMB Registration, by clicking to Begin the IJMB registration Form 2024 and filling out the form, then make the payment