JAMB Exam 2024 – registration, fees, dates, timetable, past questions

If you are looking for the latest updates on JAMB Exam 2024, then you have come to the right place. We are going to have a comprehensive look at the JAMB UTME Exam 2024, the registration procedure and fees, the 2024 UTME dates, the examination timetable, and past questions.

So, if you are planning to register for the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination for the 2024/2025 session, this post is for you. In addition, we will offer the information needed to successfully register for JAMB Direct Entry (DE) for the 2024/2025 session.

Without wasting much time, let’s start breaking things down on the subject matter.

JAMB in Brief

JAMB is an acronym for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. It is the sole body responsible for the conduct of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The UTME is the placement exam that gives candidates access to gaining admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions such as Universities, Polytechnics/Monotechnics, Colleges of Education, and other professional institutions across the country.

The UTME exam is for candidates who have completed their secondary school education or are in their final year in secondary school. Candidates who successfully meet the UTME cut-off mark for their chosen institutions get admitted into year 1 (100 Level).

Similarly, JAMB is responsible for the conduct of Direct Entry (DE). DE applicants are candidates who have successfully completed their National Certificate of Education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), IJMB, JUPEB, or equivalent qualifications. Successful DE candidates are placed into year 2 in the University of their choice.

When is JAMB UTME 2024/2025 Registration Commencing?

Tentatively, the UTME registration for the 2024/2025 session will commence on the 14th of January, 2024. The registration is expected to go on till the 22nd of February, 2024.

This means that interested candidates will have approximately 6 weeks to register for the 2024 UTME exam once the registration window opens.

JAMB Exam 2024 Registration Requirements                    

Before you register for the JAMB 2024 Exam, you need to know some of the basic requirements. In this section of the article, we look at the important things required of all candidates for the UTME 2024 exam.

So, take your pen and paper and jot down what is required of you to register for the 2024/2025 JAMB UTME:

Requirement #1: National Identity Number (NIN)

All candidates who wish to sit for the 2024 UTME are required to sign up with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to obtain their 11-digit National Identity Number (NIN). The NIN is a basic requirement needed when creating your JAMB profile. Hence, interested persons who want to register for the exam definitely need it.

Requirement #2: JAMB Profile Code

During the profile creation process, you will receive a 10-digit profile code from JAMB. This code is usually sent after you’ve texted your NIN to either 55019 or 66019. These numbers are the dedicated JAMB profile code generation numbers. You will be charged N50 to generate your JAMB profile code. After you have received your profile code, you can proceed to any accredited Computer Based Testing (CBT) centre to complete your registration.

Requirement #3: Valid Phone Number

To create your JAMB profile, you will need an active phone number.  In addition, JAMB uses this phone number to send you important updates regarding your registration and the conduct of the UTME. You are advised not to use multiple phone numbers during the registration process.

Requirement #4: Email Address

In addition to the phone number, you will need an active email address in order to create a JAMB profile. You will also use this email address to gain access to the JAMB portal.

Requirement #5: JAMB ePIN

This is a one-time unique code which you can use to register only one candidate. The JAMB ePin can be obtained from banks, online payment platforms, or generated by dialing a USSD code.

Requirement #6: Bio Data

As with any examination registration, you will need to supply your personal information when registering for JAMB UTME 2024. Some of the important data required include full names, date of birth, gender, state of origin, etc. In addition, your passport, signature, and biometric data need to be captured accordingly on the registration portal.

Requirement #7: Results

Depending on whether you are registering for UTME or DE, you will need to upload your results on the JAMB portal. Note, however, that you can apply with awaiting result.

UTME candidates are expected to upload their SSCE results (NECO, NABTEB, WAEC or GCE) as the case may be. DE candidates, on the other hand, are expected to upload their NCE, Diploma, IJMB, JUPEB or other equivalent qualifications.

How much is the JAMB Exam 2024 Registration Fees?

In total, the JAMB registration fee is N4,700. Let’s take a look at how we arrived at that total amount.

The first thing is you will buy the JAMB ePin. The JAMB ePin will cost you N3,500. This ePin can be used for one registration only. Then, you will pay the sum of N500 for the reading materials, which is mandatory. Lastly, you will pay the sum of N700 as a service charge at the CBT centre you are completing your registration.

When you add up everything, you will realize N4,700 as the total amount to be spent for your JAMB 2024 registration.

How do I Register for the JAMB 2024 Exam?

The JAMB registration process is pretty simple. Below are the steps you will need to follow to complete your JAMB 2024/2025 registration:

  • Make sure you have your NIN ready. If you have not registered for the National Identity Number (NIN), you should do that at any nearest NIMC office or designated registration centres. You will need the NIN to create your JAMB profile.
  • Visit the official JAMB website to create your profile using your National Identity Number (NIN). In addition to the NIN, you will need a valid phone number and email address to create your profile. JAMB will send your verification code to the email and phone number you provided.
  • Next, you will need to purchase the JAMB ePin. You can do that from banks, online, or using the USSD code.
  • Visit any accredited CBT centre to complete your registration. You will need your ePin in addition to other documents such as your passport, and results. Your biometric data will also be captured at the CBT centre.
  • Upon successful completion of the registration, you will be issued a printout of your registration slip at the CBT centre. The slip contains all the details about your examination such as your personal info, exam centre, and dates.
  • Check your email some days before the exam date to reprint your registration slip. Alternatively, you can print the registration slip from the JAMB Portal.

JAMB 2024 Exam Timetable

Before the main examination date, JAMB prepares a mock exam for interested candidates. This is to prepare candidates and give them a hands-on approach to the exam before the main date.
It is common knowledge that the majority of secondary school students are not familiar with basic computer operations. Hence, the mock exam will help them have an idea of how the actual exam will take place.

Below is the summary of the JAMB 2024/2025 timetable:

Event DetailsStart DateEnd Date
Registration for 2024 UTME/DEJanuary 14, 2024February 22nd, 2024
Slip printing for Mock ExamApril 1st, 2024 
Mock Exam commencesApril 9th, 2024 
Main exam slip printingApril 22nd, 2024 
Main Exam dateApril 25th, 2024May 2nd, 2024
JAMB 2024 Timetable

The JAMB 2024 mock exam will be held on the 9th of April, 2024. The exam is meant to prepare candidates ahead of the main exam date. In respect to this, registered candidates are expected to print their Mock Exam slip on 1st April 2024.

The 2024 JAMB main exam is scheduled to commence on April 25th, 2024. The exam will continue till the 2nd of May, 2024. Printing of the main exam slip is expected to start on April 22nd 2024.

Where to Buy JAMB 2024 Exam ePIN

There are many channels available for candidates to utilize when purchasing the JAMB 2024 examination ePin. The ePin is a unique code which is required for the JAMB registration, be it DE or UTME.

The cost of the ePin is N3,500 only. In addition, candidates are to pay N500 for the compulsory reading materials. JAMB also regulates the stipulated amount CBT centres are to charge. Accredited CBT centres are to charge N700 per candidate during the registration process. This makes the total cost for the JAMB Exam 2024 stand at N4,700.

So, you may ask: where can I buy this JAMB 2024 ePin? Below is the answer you need:

  1. You can purchase your JAMB ePin at any branch of NIPOST nationwide.
  2. You can also purchase the ePin from banks. There are many banks participating in the JAMB exam registration sales. Some notable banks include Acess Bank, Zenith Bank, Sterling Bank, Union Bank, and Fidelity Bank, to mention a few.
  3. You can get the ePin by dialling specific USSD codes from your mobile phone. The codes to dial are *5656#, *737#, and *770#.
  4. Also, you can use mobile money operators and fintech companies such as Opay, PalmPay, Paga and the rest to purchase your ePin.
  5. Finally, you can use other digital channels to purchase your ePin. Some of these channels include QuickTeller, Remita, Fullterwave, PayCom etc.

JAMB 2024 Exam Registration Deadline

For the 2024 Jamb registration, the deadline is 22nd February 2024. The UTME main examination is scheduled to commence on the 25th of April and will continue till the 2nd of May, 2024.

Similarly, the Direct Entry (DE) registration is expected to commence on January 20th, 2024. The deadline for the 2024/2025 JAMB DE registration is February 19th, 2024.

JAMB Past Questions and Answers

A good way to prepare for the JAMB Exam 2024 is to get your hands on JAMB past questions and answers.

There are so many ways to get access to the JAMB past questions and answers. Sadly, there is no provision for candidates to download the past questions on the official JAMB website.

So, how do you get access to the JAMB past questions?

Well, a couple of options exist.

One of the ways you can get your hands on the past questions is to purchase the printed copies. There are many publications out there that provide past questions and their solutions. You just need to check in bookstores and libraries near you.

Another option is to utilize various educational blogs available. Most of these blogs make the JAMB past questions and solutions available for free. Some, however, will charge for that service.

Alternatively, you can download the JAMB past questions mobile app from app stores. A number of apps exist in the app stores. While some of these apps can be entirely free, some may require that you pay a certain license amount in order to gain full access.

How to Check your JAMB Mock Exam Results

After writing the mock exam, it is good that you check your results to know how well you’ve performed. Having knowledge of your performance in the mock exam will help you address areas you are lagging behind.

To check your JAMB mock exam result, you will need to visit the official JAMB portal. You will log in with your email address or JAMB registration number.

Once you have successfully logged in, you locate and click on “Check Mock Result”. This will allow you to view or print the scores you obtained in various subjects during the mock exam.

How to check your JAMB 2024 Exam Results

The process of checking your JAMB main exam result is similar to that of checking the mock exam results.

After the exam, you will need to log in to the JAMB portal by supplying your registered email address or JAMB registration number.

Upon successful login, click and locate “Check UTME Result”. From there, you can view or print your result as the case may be.


In this article, we have presented enough details you need in order to participate in the JAMB exam 2024. We have covered aspects concerning JAMB registration for the 2024/2025 session, the requirements for registration, how to successfully register for JAMB UTME or DE 2024, and the fees associated with JAMB registration.

We have also looked at where you can purchase the JAMB registration ePins, provided a summary of the JAMB 2024 examination timetable, and how to check your mock and main examination results.

It is hoped that the information we provided in this article will serve you the intended purpose. As you prepare for the JAMB 2024 Exam, don’t forget to utilise various channels to access the JAMB past questions and answers as discussed in this article.

We wish you the best of luck as you prepare for the next big step in your educational pursuit.