WAEC Registration 2024 Exam, Fees, Closing Date, Timetable, Past Questions: Apply Now

A lot of candidates are seeking information about the ongoing WAEC registration for the 2024/2025 academic session. If you have landed on this article, then there’s no looking further.  We are going to provide a comprehensive guide on the registration for the WAEC 2024 Exam, the registration process and fees, the deadline, and how to go about downloading the WAEC past questions.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is the premier examination body for West African Secondary Schools. The body is vested with the responsibility of conducting the senior secondary school examination, leading to the award of the West African Senior School Certificate (WASCE).

Are you planning to register for the WAEC Exam 2024? If yes, you are at the right place where you will get the complete details that will ensure a smooth registration process. We will do our best to give you comprehensive details on how to successfully register and prepare for the WAEC Examination for the 2024/2025 academic session.

Without further ado, let’s get into the business of the day.

WAEC Registration 2024: Country Coverage

So, which countries do the West African Examinations Council Cover?

WAEC operates in 5 West African countries. These countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia. The WAEC exam for secondary school students is conducted annually, usually between the Months of April and June.

Candidates sitting for the exam are allowed to take a combination of subjects, with English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.  In addition to the two compulsory subjects, students are allowed to add a minimum of 5 other subjects related to the field they want to study as they proceed to higher institutions.

There are three important subject categories – sciences, arts, and commercial science subjects. Science students are to take (in addition to Mathematics and English) subject combinations to include Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Health Science, and other science-related subjects. For the art students, they can include subjects like Literature in English, Government, History, Economics, etc. Commercial science student have their list of subjects which include Economics, Financial Accounting, Commerce, Government, and the like.

The WAEC exam comes in two major categories: The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for school candidates and the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private candidates.

WASSCE for school candidates is usually held around May and June every year. While the WASSCE for private candidates is help around November to December correspondingly.

WAEC 2024 Registration Closing Date

While you are making efforts to register for the 2024/2025 WAEC examination, it is good to keep tabs on the official schedules and deadlines.

The WAEC 2024 registration officially commenced on October 30th 2023. As of the time of writing this article, the registration is still ongoing. The deadline for the WAEC 2024 registration is Wednesday 31st January, 2024.

If you are unsure about this information, now you know.

Make sure you note the WAEC 2024 registration closing date on your calendar so that you will not miss out on the 2024/2025 exam session.

WAEC 2024 Fees

Another common question for candidates intending to register for the WAEC 2024 exam is the registration fees. Yes, indeed, there have been some changes in the registration fees as compared to last year’s (2003 WAEC) examination fees.

So, how much is the WAEC 2024 registration fees?

For the 2024 WAEC exam, candidates are expected to pay the sum of N27,000 (twenty-seven thousand naira only. This is the official fee set by the exam body. This is against the 18,000 registration fee for the WAEC 2023/2024 session.

However, there are other administrative fees charged by different schools. Hence, you will be expected to spend a little more than the official fee of N27,000 set by WAEC for the 2024/25 examination year.

One thing you should note, however, is that this registration fee may vary according to the school you are sitting for the exam. Private schools, especially, tend to charge higher fees than public schools.

In addition, some state governments often pay- off the registration fee for students in public schools. You can benefit from this government gesture only if you are sitting for the exam in a beneficiary public school.  

Who is Eligible to Register for the WAEC 2024 Exam?

Perhaps, you may want a quick glance at the WAEC 2024 eligibility criteria. Yes, this piece of information is vital for any candidate intending to register for the WAEC exam.

The following criteria make you eligible to sit for the WAEC Exam:

  1. You must be a secondary school student in one of the WAEC member countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, or The Gambia.
  2. You must have completed or in your final year in secondary school.
  3. You must have met the minimum credit requirements in your core subjects. The credit score requirement is usually set by the Ministry of Education in the respective countries.

What are the Requirements for the WAEC 2024 Examination Registration?

Now that you know who is eligible to register for the WAEC exam, let’s look at the specific requirements set by the exam body.

Candidates who wish to register for the WAEC examination for the 2024/2025 session must:

  1. Have completed or are in the final year of their secondary school education.
  2. Have a National Identification Number, NIN. All candidates are required to obtain the NIN, without which they cannot be able to register for the WAEC exam.
  3. Provide their correct personal details such as names, dates of birth, gender, address, states of origin, as well as nationalities.
  4. Supply their passport photographs, fingerprints, mobile numbers and email addresses.
  5. Pay the required fees as stipulated by their designated school or examination centre.

How to register for WAEC 2024 Examination

Registering for the WAEC 2004 Examination is pretty easy.

The registration is done online. Note that as a student, you don’t need to register by yourself. Instead, your school will be responsible for registering all candidates that will sit for the exam in their centre.

However, your school may hand you an offline data form. You will use this data form to provide all the necessary information that will be captured on the online registration portal.

WAEC 2024 Online Registration for Schools

The process of registration for the WAEC examination online is seamless and straightforward. School owners are to follow the steps outlined below to register candidates for the examination:

  • Visit the official WAEC registration portal: https://waeconline.org.ng
  • Locate and click on the link that says “May/June Examinations”.
  • You will be required to sign in (for existing users), or sign up (for new users).
  • Initiate the process of registering new students, and fill out all the required information.
  • Click the affirmation checkbox to affirm that all entries are correct.
  • Upon successful registration, you can go ahead and download the WAEC syllabus and exam timetable.


WAEC 2024 Timetable

The WAEC examination timetable is another important resource to keep handy. So, here’s how you can get the WAEC 2024 Timetable.

The timetable for the WAEC 2024 examination will be available as soon as your registration is completed. However, this timetable is usually tentative.

The WAEC timetable usually comes out a few months before the examination commences. This is to enable students to prepare beforehand.

For now, keep it in mind that the WAEC 2024 exams will start somewhere around April 2024 and will last approximately a month.

Where can I Download WAEC Past Questions and Answers?

It is always a good idea to use WAEC past questions to revise before sitting for the actual examination. The past questions afford you the opportunity to get hands-on experience on how WAEC sets its questions. In addition, the past questions provide answers which are in line with what WAEC requires of students when attempting examination questions.  

There are so many ways you can get the WAEC past questions.

One way to get the WAEC Past Questions is by visiting the WAEC e-learning portal. This portal was recently launched by WAEC. The e-learning portal offers you access to unlimited questions and answers for all subjects offered by WAEC. Also, the portal gives you access to other important resources that you will need as you prepare for the WAEC Exam.

The WAEC e-learning portal is your best resource for past questions and answers. There, you will see how the exam body wants you to approach different questions. In addition, the portal offers an explanation of wrong approaches used by students in answering similar questions in the past.

Another way is to search online for educational blogs that provide such. There are many educational blogs that offer the WAEC past questions for free. Most of these blogs provide the past questions in downloadable PDF format.

Alternatively, you can search for WAEC Past Questions mobile apps on popular app stores such as Google Play.  You will be able to find some apps that will allow you access to WAEC Past Questions. However, there is no promise that all these apps offer free unlimited access.

We cannot over-stress the importance of the WAEC past questions. Do yourself good by getting access to one.

How to Collect your WAEC 2024 Certificate

After completing the WAEC examination for the 2024/25 session, you would normally wait for about 3 months before the original certificate will be released. The certificate will be sent directly to your school. However, due to logistic reasons, it may take longer than three months for the certificates to reach some schools.

In general, school candidates can get their WAEC certificates at the designated schools where they took the exam. Note that your school will charge you a certain fee before issuing the certificate. There is no stipulated fee to be charged, as this is not regulated by WAEC.

Hence, each school charges what it deems fit before issuing the WAEC certificate to candidates.

How to get the WAEC 2024 Digital Certificate

Technology has made it possible for you to get a digital copy of your WAEC certificate. This has decentralized the process of getting the certificates offered by the exam body.

One good thing about the digital certificate is that it becomes ready in just a couple of weeks (sometimes up to a month) from the time the results are released.

To get your WAEC 2024 certificate online, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign up on the WAEC Portal

The first step is to create an account on the official WAEC portal. You will be provided with a list of options during the registration process. And since you are there for the certificate, you select “Certificate Access (Candidate)”.

WAEC Registration 2024

Provide the required details during the sign-up process.

You will be required to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to your registered email address. Once you enter the OTP, click on the “Submit” button to finalize the registration process.

Step 2: Provide your Exam Details

The next step is to fill in the details of your examination.

In this step, you will select the exam type, and also provide your examination number. Once you have supplied all the required information, you click the “I have verified the information above” check box. Additionally, you will also click the “Access Certificate” checkbox.

And, you are done.

Step 3: Pay for your Digital Certificate

After all is said and done, you will be required to make a payment of N7,500 (seven thousand five hundred naira) to get access to your digital certificate.

Once you click on card payment, you will be redirected to the Flutterwave checkout page. You will now have the option to either pay with a card, or through bank transfer.

The payment goes into your WAEC wallet. Upon successful payment, you will be taken back to the WAEC portal.

Step 4: Verify your Identity

WAEC need to check if you are the right person trying to access the given certificate. You can verify your identity using your National Identity Number (NIN) or Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Step 5: Your Certificate is Ready!

Once your identity is verified, your WAEC digital certificate becomes accessible on your portal page. The certificate appears in Portal Document Format (PDF).

At this point, you will be able to download your WAEC digital certificate to your device.


In this article, we have provided you with enough information regarding the WAEC Exam 2024. We have covered aspects such as the process of registering for the WAEC 2024 exam, the registration closing date, WAEC 2024 fees, and how to download WAEC past questions and the WAEC 2024 timetable.

In addition, we also took a dive into how you can collect your WAEC 2024 certificate from your school or access the WAEC digital certificate online.

We believe we have done justice to almost everything that concerns WAEC registration 2024. However, you are free to drop any questions you have concerning the registration for the 2024/25 session in the comments section. We will take our time to address your questions accordingly.

Don’t forget to take note of the important date such as the deadline for the WAEC 2024 registration and the exam commencement date. Also, make sure you revise the WAEC past questions very well. This is your first step towards succeeding in the upcoming WAEC 2024 exam.

We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming WAEC exam.

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