Do you know that the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) examination is one of the best kept open secrets to get admission to a Nigerian university? Or that IJMBWay is the most recognized and accredited IJMB study center in the country with an excellent pedigree of helping students gain admission to a university spanning over a decade?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students have to endure the frustration of missing out on university admission. For many of those students, that failure has little to do with their performance at the yearly Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) organized by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

A candidate could pass the UTME with flying colors and still miss out on admission. The latest figures from JAMB indicate that over 1.6 million candidates sat for the UTME. But only 30% are likely to get admission to a university of their choice.

Comparatively, the statistics for the number of candidates who are admitted to Universities through IJMB dwarves the JAMB admission stats.

For instance, of the about 30,000+ IJMB applicants annually:

  • There is a 93% pass rate
  • 81% successful admission rate to a university
  • 75% of those admitted get to read their first choice course

The gulf between students seeking for admission in Nigerian tertiary institutions and the actual number admitted through the UTME would continue to grow in the coming years.

In other words, unless an alternative is found, many more candidates would keep seeing their dreams of becoming a university student crash.

For many years now, that alternative is IJMB and many students studying in universities today owe their good fortune to the comprehensive guidance they got through IJMBWay.


What is Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB)?

The Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) was established in 1976 by the Interim Common Services Agency of the old Northern Regional Government of Nigeria.

IJMB at inception had two basic functions: to provide social services and educational opportunities to people of the Northern region of the country. Now though, it has grown to encompass the whole country providing the best pathway to university education in the country.

Since the beginning, IJMB has been moderated and coordinated by one of Nigeria’s premier tertiary universities, the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. The program also has coordinating bodies in various tertiary institutions around the country.

To make it accessible to as many Nigerians as possible, there are accredited IJMB centers across the country of which IJMBWay is one of the foremost.



The program is open to all Nigerians with the requisite ‘O’ Level qualifications. Candidates who are also awaiting their ‘O’ Level result are eligible to apply for the programme.

Courses/subjects categories

There are no restrictions in the categories of subjects in IJMB. Science, Arts and Social Science students are eligible to apply as long as they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Candidates who enroll for the program are required to choose three ‘A’ Level subjects for the IJMB examination.

These subjects, one of which must be English Language, should be the related to the candidate’s intended course of study in the university.

Candidates are then expected to receive lectures at the study centers of their choice to prepare them for the exams.

That is why it is imperative for candidates to select the best study centers available to ensure they come out of the program with excellent results.


Duration of program

Officially, IJMB is a 9 months program. Lectures start between March and April and run through to the whole year. The exams proper start sometime in January or the first week of February the following year.

It is a three weeks exams with the results expected to be released by the end of April.

At IJMBWay, candidates are encouraged to enroll at the center early as we believe getting excellent results are directly linked to early preparation.

For that reason, registration starts in November and end in April of the following year. Lectures are scheduled to start between March and April.

So it’s best to get the registration sorted out early so we can all get down to preparing for the examination without distractions.


Why IJMB is important

It is now clear that the IJMB pathway is the best alternative to getting admission to Nigerian universities outside of the JAMB-organized UTME. With IJMB, candidates are placed in a highly organized and structured environment to aid them to excel in the IJMB examination.

Apart from that, going through IJMB in an accredited study center like IJMBWay ensures that candidates are given a peep into how lectures and studies are done in a real university in Nigeria.

This is important as many new students find it hard to cope with the university environment after secondary school where everything is organized for the student.

Other reasons why IJMB is the way to go include:

  • It is recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as a program leading to an advanced level certification in the chosen subjects.
  • Successful candidates gain admission to the university via Direct Entry. That means they get into 200 level, skipping the first year of university since the IJMB program is equivalent to the first year of university.
  • The IJMB ‘A’ level result is recognized around the world as a valid ‘A’ Level certification.
  • Unlike JAMB, successful IJMB candidates don’t have to repeat the examination. It is a lifetime certificate that would always remain valid to be used at any time in the future.

How to use the IJMB Result to gain admission

The IJMB can be used to gain admission into the 200 level in any approved Nigerian University.

A candidate wishing to use to result to her admission into the University must follow these steps:

1. Visit the nearest JAMB office to get the Direct Entry (DE) form. Alternatively, you can visit the JAMB website and click on the DE link to get to the required portal.

2. Fill the form on the website or the hardcopy you bought from the JAMB office.

Make sure the details you provided match your IJMB result.

3. In the form, you have the option of choosing your preferred university (first option) and an alternate choice (second option). You are allowed to make up to six choices

The course you chose would be directly related to how well you perform in the IJMB examination. That is why it is important to choose a quality study center.

A good IJMB study center combined with hard work and diligent study would surely guarantee your IJMB result would get you any course you desire.

(insert link): Check here to see the courses and points requirements for various universities


Universities that accept IJMB Candidates

While filling out the Direct Entry form, make sure your choice of university accepts IJMB result for entry into 200 level.

All the universities in Northern Nigeria accept students with IJMB result. In the south, over 75% of the universities, whether federal, state or private, accept successful IJMB candidates into various courses in the respective universities.

To see a comprehensive list of Universities that admit IJMB students and their point requirements, please click on this link (insert link to that page)

However, even though the poll of Universities for IJMB candidates to choose from is wide, there are some universities that are considered the best vis-a-vis:

  • The number of IJMB intakes yearly
  • The number of courses on offer for IJMB candidates

The following are the list of some of the top federal and state universities that admit IJMB candidates:

  • University of Ilorin, Ilorin
  • University of Benin, Benin City
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  • Delta State University, Abraka
  • University of Abuja, FCT
  • Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
  • Federal University of Technology, Minna


IJMBWay: leading accredited IJMB Study Center

IJMBWay has grown to become the leading IJMB study center in the country. Since 2008, IJMBWay has been registering, admitting and training students for the IJMB examination.

Intending IJMB candidates all over the country have made IJMBWay their preferred study center due to an excellent pedigree and track record of service delivery.

No detail is too small to ensure that students at IJMBWay get the best training obtainable anywhere in the country.


1. IJMBWay way is a hands-on institution providing the best training for candidates preparing for the IJMB examination.

We make sure we guide you each step of the way from registration, intensive lectures, vigorous revision and guidance on how to select the best universities that match your educational and career ambition

2. The academic staff at IJMBWay is carefully selected from a pool of the very best and experienced instructors who apply to join the team.

Screening of prospective academic staff is always done with an eye for what our students would benefit both academically and morally for the 10 months program.

3. The support staff or non-academic faculty is a collection of experienced administrators whose first love is providing an optimal learning environment for students.

4. IJMBWay’s dedication to excellence is reflected in the standa;rd facilities made available to students (whether in the sciences or arts) in all our study centers around the country.

5. Standard accommodation in a conducive environment is available to students who have to travel long distances from home.

6. Courteous customer relation staff that are willing and ready to answer all your queries at any time during our working hours.

Click here to speak to an IJMBWay customer service staff now (insert link to chat box or phone number, contact page)

These are some of the reasons why students who had the benefit of the exceptional and unique IJMBWay approach give glowing testimonies after their study period.

IJMBWay study centers

To meet to challenges of growing number of students who want to be part of IJMBWay’s success model, the management decided to open several centers around the country.

This also serves to reduce the stress some candidates might encounter in traveling long distances to get the best IJMB study and training center.

Fully functional IJMB centers managed by us are available in the following locations

  • Ilorin
  • Abuja
  • Ondo
  • Uyo
  • Port Harcourt
  • Ekiti
  • Oshogbo
  • Lagos
  • Ibadan
  • Ogun

Go here for information on how to get to any of the above centers (insert link to ‘our addresses’ and ‘Contact us’ pages. Note: the ‘contact us’ page on the website is empty. Needs to be rectified)

New centers in Delta, Imo and Enugu would be opened very soon.


How to register for IJMB

For candidates’ convenience, the IJMB registration has been simplified. All our IJMB centers across the country can aid you with any registration issue you might encounter or with questions you need to be clarified.

However, for the complete IJMB package students are advised to choose the IJMBWay Ilorin center since it the operational hub of all our IJMB centers.

That said, no matter your location, you can register for the program through our online portal.


IJMB online registration

1. Go to our official website to access the registration form at (insert name of the website or anchor link here)

2. Fill out the form in CAPITAL LETTERS. You can either

  • (a) Fill the form online or
  • (b) Download and print it before filling it out

3. If you chose option ‘a‘ above, download and print it after filling it out

4. Attach a passport-sized photograph in the space provided on the form

5. Head to the nearest bank and pay N8,000. This is the fee for the registration form. The account details are;


 Account Number: 0163836217

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

6. Scan the form and the bank teller at the nearest cyber cafe or business center if you don’t have a personal scanner

7. Send the scanned documents (registration form and bank teller) to [email protected]

8. You would receive a reply between 2 and 4 hours through the email you sent the scanned documents.

The email would contain all you need to know about your status as a registered IJMB student. This would include the total fees you have to pay, payment schedule, your IJMB study center, syllabus, how to get the necessary textbooks, etc.


IJMB fees and payment schedule

The total IJMB fees payable to IJMBWay is between N168,000 and N258,000. The disparity exists depending on your chosen study center.

However, the standard fee at our Ilorin center is N168,000 only. It covers everything for the duration of the program. It is broken down as follows

  • Registration Form: 8000
  • School Fees: 110,000
  • Hostel accommodation: 35,000
  • Textbooks and other materials: 15,000 (this includes lab coats for science students)

Note that when you pay for the registration form, you automatically get a link to download the IJMB syllabus. The syllabus should be a constant companion for the duration of the program.

It contains everything you need to know about areas of study and what is expected of you at the examination proper. Make sure you refer to it regularly during your time as an IJMB student.


Payment Schedule

At IJMBWay, we have made the payment of fees as painless as possible for those who can’t pay the whole fees at once.

You can pay the fees in three installments if this is your preferred payment option.

The first installment is N70,000 and this must be paid at the beginning of the session.

The balance of N80,000 can be paid in two installments. Have a discussion with the study center coordinator to agree on a mutually acceptable schedule for the payment of this balance.

Please take note that after payment of the complete fee, no other financial obligation is expected of you.


Refund Policy

Candidates are advised to take note that IJMB does not entertain any request for a refund after payment of the fees.

So before paying the fees, be sure this is what you really want to do. If you have any doubts, the smart move is to have an honest discussion with your parents, guardians or sponsors before making any payment to IJMB.

You or your sponsors are encouraged to contact us for further guidance on this issue.

Our helplines are always available any time you feel like contacting us. Use these means to contact us:

247 Help Lines: 08105087367


Email us at [email protected]

You can also visit any of our study centers in the country for face to face consultation. This would be an excellent opportunity to have a look at our excellent facilities before making up your mind.

Send us a message on WhatsApp for registration, registration closing date and resumption details. click to SEND US A MESSAGE ON WHATSAPP
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