My name is Ekundayo Michael, (you can chat with me on facebook by clicking the link above) I have been part and passle of IJMB for a very long time, who had and still working in an IJMB institution as secretary at Suigeneris Jocas but promoted to Leadership Seekers Academy (LSA) as the Head Of Online Team. I work with other institutions here in Ilorin depending on the candidates preferred center.

I’m also one of you, young and a goal achiever, blogger, website designer and an app modifier. As you might read in other places, i’m not the coordinator, I’m an employer at the Leadership Seekers Academy to manage students and to promote the institution online. In short description I’m fully into IJMB and internet entrepreneur. When you meet me on facebook, you will know that I’m fun to be with, goal getter, and I can be so social. I treat most people as if I have known down for a long period of time, so that don’t surprise anyway I decide to chat with you, I want you to feel at home

Doing this, will  make the  potential students to choose their preferred  center. Without an iota of doubt, you will believe with me that Ilorin is still most populous centers where you can  do your IJMB programs successful with peace of mind. So go with me  as i take you various opportunities that IJMB can offer you. Personally I think IJMB is still the best A level program you can attend, which take you to 200L of any university of your choice, with an advantage of seven years for the result to expire unlike UTME which most people call JAMB that can only take you for a year you only have one year.