Apply For Y2022 Lagos State Tree Planting Day Art Competition

Apply For Y2022 Lagos State Tree Planting Day Art Competition

As a way to grow talents and human capacity development, the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) announced an application for the Y2022 Lagos State Tree Planting Day Art Competition.

The Agency (LASPARK) is now accepting application forms from school children for its 2022 Tree Planting Day Art Competition to be held soon.The competition day will feature successful applicants/school children showing their artistic nature in a fine art background.

In a broadcast statement that was signed by the General Manager of LASPARK, Mrs. Adetoun Popoola, stated that all participants are expected to create any stylish piece of artistic work in the areas of painting, drawing and collaging that replicates their interpretation of the theme for the 2022 Lagos State Tree Planting Day, which is “In Harmony with Nature.”

The competition targets excerpts of the well -being of humanity and its environment in relation to the green world.

According to Mrs. Adetoun Popoola, all participants are also expected to make a video themselves explaining three possible ways that inhabitants can live in peace and harmony with nature.

Benefits of Y2022 Tree Planting Day Art Competition.

Aside financial rewards, artistic children stand the chance to benefit from the following,


Drawing and coloring are visual arts and these competitions allow students to uncover their natural talents in sketching and illustrations. Drawing is also all about visual storytelling and art competitions can prove to be a valuable learning ground for these school children.


Competitions like this are important to motivate young artists and help them to develop their creative skills by exposing them to the contemporary talent in the field.Also by observing the work of their peers, participants have the opportunity to analyze and evaluate their techniques and outcomes vis-à-vis those of other artists.

Broader Scope

Art competitions offer the students a chance to meet new people and make new friends. Meeting people from other disciplines and different geographical locations offers young people a chance to develop new ideas and broaden their scope of artistic work.

Right Attitude and mentality

Participating and Taking part in drawing and coloring competitions helps the students to develop the right attitude towards a career as an artist. It allows them to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zones in face of competitions and be ready for life eventualities.It will help them pull the chess out of the nut when they face unfamiliar challenges.

Criteria For Application Of Y2022 Tree Planting Day Art Competition.

  • According to the LASPARK agency, all contestants must be between the age bracket or 3 – 16 years.
  • Contestants must be Lagos state residents.

Method of Application Y2022 Tree Planting Day Art Competition.

Application format must bear name, age, parents’ phone number, LG/LCDA of residence, and school name.

The above personal information should be sent to this email address [email protected]. Application is strictly online.

Application Deadline For Y2022 Tree Planting Day Art Competition.

The Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) announced that the deadline for the application of 2022 Lagos State Tree Planting Day Art Competition is July 31, 2022.

School Children are expected to submit their artwork before the deadline date or risk being rejected.

Parents and participating children are expected to adhere to the rules and theme of the competition. Parents and guardians are not allowed to assist them with the task ahead, for it’s totally against nature.

Winners for this competition will be announced and notified in August and there would be a variety of prizes and consolation available for participants.

Note: Application for this competition is absolutely free of charge, no third party whatsoever is attached.Do not gratify anybody to succeed.

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