Top Companies Hiring For Client Management Jobs in the US

Meet Sarah, a client management professional who landed her dream job at one of the leading companies in the US. Her journey from job hunting to securing a fulfilling career is a testament to the numerous opportunities available in the client management field. 

This blog post aims at exploring top companies actively hiring for clients management jobs in the US. In this post, we’ll share the companies and strategies that can help you follow in Sarah’s footsteps.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, client management is at the forefront of success. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your career, the US job market offers abundant opportunities in this field.

Client management isn’t limited to a single role or industry. From account managers to customer success specialists, the spectrum of client management positions is broad and diverse.  

What Is Client Management?

Client management jobs

Client management involves the coordination of an organization’s interactions with both clients and potential clients. It’s essential to note that the terms “clients” and “customers” are distinct, often dependent on what they purchase from a company and how they engage with it.

A customer typically engages in a one-time transaction with a company, purchasing a product or service without establishing a lasting connection. This type of interaction typically receives minimal personal attention.

In contrast, a client more frequently acquires services from an organization, fostering a deeper and ongoing relationship with the provider. This allows for a higher degree of personalized attention throughout their interaction.

The primary objective of client management is to cultivate and sustain strong client relationships, leading to increased customer retention and overall business success. The foundation of a fruitful client relationship begins with a robust onboarding process that sets the stage for a long-lasting partnership.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the intricacies of client management, explore its significance, and offer insights into establishing effective onboarding processes that pave the way for enduring client relationships.

Client Management Principles

Good client management practices are guided by a few fundamental principles in most organizations. The values include openness and dialogue.

The following are top client management principles:

  1. Transparency and Honesty: Be honest about deadlines and any problems that may arise with a client’s project. Inform your team if there are any problems with a client’s project. Don’t sugarcoat what is true.
  1. Build Trust: Although there are other ways to develop trust, being genuine is the first step in this process. For example, make sure your clients are aware of the jargon used in your industry, but avoid using it excessively. Spend time getting to know the subtleties and industry jargon of a client.
  1. Set Expectations: Don’t make unproven promises in an attempt to win over customers. Later, that leads to more serious issues. Inform clients of what you think is reasonable for the amount of work, the time it will take, and the outcome. Directly inquire with your clients about their expectations for the relationship or the project. Then give a sincere response to that criticism.
  1. Communicate Well: Maintain regular contact with your clients while respecting their preferences regarding the frequency and mode of communication. Be available and quick to reply when someone wants to talk. 

What Does a Professional in this Career Do?

Client management jobs

Oversees a company’s high-value client accounts. Builds and maintains relationships with the company’s customers, encourages the sale of goods and services, and seeks to find solutions to issues. Accounts can be used for the sale of goods, marketing or advertising services, or financial services like banking.

Top Companies Hiring For Client Management Jobs in the US

Client Manager- US East Region

The Professional Services division at Open Text boasts a dedicated team of over 3,000 consultants who serve as trusted advisors, nurturing enduring partnerships with a vast clientele exceeding 100,000 across the globe. 

Their primary role encompasses orchestrating end-to-end delivery of business solutions, spanning the entire spectrum from pre-sales consultation to post-implementation support. Their squads of adept professionals play a pivotal role in helping organizations surmount challenges, unlock value, enhance business performance, and thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

As a leader within OpenText Professional Services, you’ll find yourself operating in a high-octane, ever-evolving environment, gaining recognition as a subject matter expert in the realm of Enterprise Information Management. Your responsibilities will entail assisting clients in system implementation, optimizing our product offerings, and conducting workshops on industry best practices. 

Expect a dynamic routine with diverse site visits, where no two days are alike. We place considerable emphasis on your growth, providing extensive training on our solutions, offering opportunities to attain relevant certifications, and paving the way for career advancement.


  • Ensuring timely delivery and management of resource forecasting, opportunity forecasting, proposal/SOW writing and achieving necessary approvals, contract and invoicing status using available tools is part of the role of Supporting Opportunities for Client Directors in Sales Teams.
  • A college degree, university degree, or equivalent, along with five or more years of relevant experience in IT or IM
  • Four or more years of IT system experience
  • Knowledge of project management disciplines and processes


  • Your role as a Client Manager in Professional Services for the North America US East Region encompasses a wide array of responsibilities. These include aiding customers in system implementation and fine-tuning our product offerings, as well as leading workshops on industry best practices. Your job will involve regular travel to various locations, ensuring that each day brings fresh and unique challenges.
  • In your capacity as a Client Manager for Professional Services in the North America US East Region, you will assume a multifaceted role within the domain of Professional Services. This will involve not only selling services but also providing critical information related to service implementation and nurturing customer relationships in the context of all Professional Services offerings.
  • Creating a pipeline of opportunities (in concert with Client Directors) to generate bookings meeting quarterly budget expectations


DB Senior Client Manager – (Virtual) at Alight

Client management jobs


  • Demonstrates the capacity to foresee client requirements through a profound understanding of databases and client profiles.
  • Possesses advanced skills in management and organization, along with the ability to adapt effectively to changing circumstances.
  • Capable of collaborating with and exerting influence across all facets of client delivery and throughout the organization to achieve optimal client outcomes.
  • Brings more than five years of experience in database management and a diverse range of client interactions.
  • Flexibility in work arrangements.
  • Candidates seeking employment in the relevant country of application must have the legal right to work, which neither currently nor in the future necessitates visa sponsorship for employment authorization in that country, particularly with Alight.


  • The Client Manager will engage in strategic dialogues with the client, leveraging their comprehensive grasp of all Alight solutions.
  • Maintain up-to-date client requirements.
  • Oversee intricate, non-standard client projects.
  • Leverage advanced knowledge of database management to collaborate with the client on challenging plan-related issues and offer guidance on plan adjustments or projects.
  • Focus on increasing revenue within the current year, emphasizing project work and expanding existing services.
  • Adhere to the client’s contract, ensuring the preservation of contract margins, which includes meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and participating in Errors and Omissions (E&O) negotiations.
  • Take responsibility for the accuracy of financial forecasts.


  • They provide a range of benefits, including various health coverage choices, well-being and support programs, retirement plans, paid time off (including vacation and sick leave), family-related leave (maternity, paternity, and adoption), ongoing education and training opportunities, and several voluntary benefit options.
  • Hence, the offer may vary from the estimated minimum annual base salary of $55,800.00 (for full-time employees) to the estimated maximum base salary of $115,000.00 per year (for full-time employees).
  • Furthermore, this position may qualify for a bonus and/or other incentive programs.