IJMB Examinantion: How IJMB Exam Are Set And Conducted

IJMB examination timetable is what every IJMB candidates always look forward to year as the timetable means the end to the session. Now here are what you need to know as an applicant for IJMB or already a student who is waiting for the timetable to be released.

IJMB examination is usually in late May or JUNE every year and the candidates are going to be examined with the IJMB subjects combination they have registered for before attending IJMB lectures at their various centres.

With four subjects students are going to be examined on, they have enough time to complete their examinations within three weeks. Each day will be two courses, with each spanning 2.30 to 3 hours.

It is left for you to prepare very well for the exam time. The mistake most students make about IJMB examination is that most students start preparing when the exam timetable comes out, which is not suppose to be so.

IJMB programme is an ALEVEL programme, and the examination is going to be 100% theory and with practicals for pure sciences . So if you want to make use of the result and you not just going for the IJMB program to pass through A’level before entry university, you are meant to start reading and preparing right from your first day.

With IJMB there is no shortcut for examination success, it is either you read and pass or you have a very low points that would take such candidates to nowhere.

The other thing candidates need to be aware of is the study centre they choice when registering for IJMB programme.

Since IJMB examination questions are the same and do take place at the same time for all the selected and approved IJMB examination centres, the center you choose to attend lectures will eventually matters.

And that is why we here to make sure you are in the right approved IJMB study centres in Nigeria and do the examinations at the accredited examinations centres approved by ABU IJMB Board

If you later find yourself where the IJMB syllabus is not being followed, or being followed by lecturers are not always around to take you through the syllabus thoroughly, such students will not find the examination easy enough to come out with flying colour.

Advise to all IJMB lecturers and centers; monitor your lecturers and make sure the syllabus is followed to the later. This will help your center improve and will also speak well of your candidates in their examination results..