The NC Flinders University Scholarship 2022

The Nita Curtis Flinders University Scholarship 2022 is just a contribution made annually by Nita Cuties for those are facing one or two disabilities.

The major reason for this post graduate Scholarship is to encourage the people to have some training in disability studies and fund them under the department of disability studies, Flinders University.

In this article, you will be given all the details about The Nita Curtis Flinders University Scholarship 2022 and how to apply. It’s very easy and safe.

Scholarship Details

  • Category: Postgraduate Studies
  • Host School: Flinders University
  • Course of Study: Unspecified
  • Host Company: Nita Curtis
  • Host Country : Australia
  • Scholarship Duration: Yearly
  • Rewards: Full Scholarship | $5,000 Yearly Funds
  • Level of Study: Higher Degree Research | Honours | Postgraduate Coursework
  • Selection Basis: Academic Merit
  • Opening Date: Now open
  • Deadline: August 5, 2022

Reward for The Nita Curtis Flinders University Scholarship 2022

Some of the benefit you will gain as an awardee is that you will be given a full year of scholarship and can be renewed if you wish and also depending on your academic performance.

Subject to availability of funds, the scholarship amount will be in the value of $5,0pp which will Been to the awardees yearly.

The total amount that is available for disbursement is calculated base on the number of persons that will be offered or given the postgraduate Scholarship to flinders University, Australia.

How to apply for The Nita CurtisĀ  Flinders University Scholarship 2022

All application is meant to be submitted at the Flinders University student system.

While in the portal, you will be required to fill the Scholarship form which is titled “The Nita Curtis Scholarship”

You can also read the How to Apply on the official website and ensure the personal data you will be sending to them are up to date and correct.

Navigate to My Scholarship to submit the application.

Eligibility Criteria

For you to be eligible or qualified to take on this Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You Should be a Citizen of Australia
  • You should be a permanent residence of Australia
  • You should be taking a research project that is relevant to the community accommodation and respite Agency (CARA) and its client Population.
  • To be qualified to should be undertaking any of the following; Honours or Graduate Certificate in Disability studies and Masters Degree by Research.

The selection which we have mentioned in the Scholarship details as academic merit based.

The company will organize a committee which comprises of 4 persons. This four man committee will be nominated by CARA and the other two men will be from Flinders university.

To be selected you must have worked or currently working in the field of disability in south Australia.

The applicant should have a little or have a good experience in the field of disability. There also need someone who can explain to them the extent at which their research project will be relevant to CARA and its client population.

All Scholarship holders will be required to make an oral presentation on the research undertaken at the annual General Meeting of CARA.