Open Future Scholarship 2022 – How to Apply

Open Future Scholarship 2022 is coming from open university which will be for black students who reside in United kingdom to study free.

This will be the first time and first year of this Scholarship and they are calling on all the persons who are black and want to study in UK.

The open university which have been in office since 1969, randomly 52 years in operation have been involved in most of the world research and innovative teaching.

This is a great opportunity for all the black people who wish study in UK should not joke with as it will help them achieve a lot of things while in school.

Scholarship Details

  • Category: Undergraduate
  • Host country: United Kingdom
  • Host School: Open University
  • Course of Study : Any
  • Application Date: Now Open
  • Deadline: July 22, 2022

Requirements for Open Future Scholarship 2022 for Black Students

Do you think your a qualified candidate to this Scholarship, then you should check this requirement and see your chances of getting one.

  • You should Identify that you are from a black background
  • Applicants must have one of the following ethnicity; Black African, Black Caribbean, Mixed White and Black Caribbean, Mixed Black and White and Black others
  • You should have a personal annual income of at least £25,000 or be a recipient of a qualifying benefit
  • You have to be a resident in United kingdom
  • You should also be a student of open university for 2022/2023 academic year
  • You should not hold any existing academic qualification
  • You should be ready to study towards an undergraduate OU Qualification
  • You should also be studying at a minimum score of 30 credit per year.
  • You will need to provide evidence of your annual personal income or qualifying benefits.

Open Future Scholarship 2022 Benefits

Open Future will be giving out 50 Scholarships for those academic year and the funds will cover Open University undergraduate credit bearing modules and qualifications.

The fund will also cover your tuition fees and up to 120 credit each season and 360 credit in total.

For the successful awardees, there will be given a one-off £500 grant to support your cost for study and get things like Laptop, Study material and other personal things

How to Apply for Open Future Scholarship 2022

Application is now open for the 2022/2023 academic section. To every body that want to apply for this Scholarship, you need to download the Full Terms and Conditions and also the Scholarship form.

Once you have filled the form completely,  you will email the application and supporting evidence which is the proof of your annual personal income to the school fees team.

The contact details will be on the first page of your application form.

The official deadline for the application is by midnight July 22, 2022 and to all the successful people, they will be emailed on or before August 5th.

After that you will also be contacted to verify if your ready to study and to help you in choosing the course you want or wish to study.

You can also apply for SPONSORSHIP and if it works, good for you but more sure your black.