Infinity Auto Insurance Review 2023.

In the ever-evolving landscape of auto insurance, finding the perfect coverage to safeguard your vehicle and loved ones is akin to embarking on a journey into the unknown. This is where Infinity Auto Insurance steps in, a trusted name in the industry. As we delve into our comprehensive Infinity Auto Insurance Review for 2023, we’ll navigate through the features, benefits, and fine print to help you make an informed decision for your peace of mind.

What is Infinity car insurance?

Infinity car insurance is an insurance company that specialises in nonstandard car insurance which covers high-risk motorists, such as drivers with traffic violations, teenagers, drunk driving convictions, speeding tickets, or other serious violations. 

The company depends on autonomous agents for policy sales and focuses on offering cost-effective non-standard auto insurance to individuals who may face challenges in obtaining coverage elsewhere because of previous infractions, DUI convictions, or accidents.

Infinity Auto Insurance pros and cons

Like any auto insurance provider, Infinity comes with its advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully weighed before making a commitment to a policy.


  • Owned by Kemper Insurance
  • Provides nonstandard auto coverage for high-risk drivers
  • Offers some discounts


  • Only sells car insurance in California
  • Charges higher average rates than many other auto insurers
  • Customers seem dissatisfied with customer service

Infinity car insurance coverage

Infinity Auto Insurance,Infinity Insurance

Infinity Auto Insurance provides the standard types of car insurance coverage policies, encompassing the following comprehensive options: 

  • Collision Coverage: This is an optional insurance choice that goes beyond the basics. Collision insurance is there to safeguard your vehicle from financial loss in the event of a collision with various objects, such as trees, road signs, or other vehicles.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: When you find yourself in a collision with a driver who lacks insurance or has insufficient coverage, this type of protection steps in to cover medical bills and car repair costs, ensuring you’re not left to foot the bill in these challenging situations.
  • Liability Insurance: In accordance with the legal requirements of most states, this form of insurance is designed to cover the expenses associated with property damage and bodily injury that you may be responsible for causing to others and their assets. However, it’s important to note that liability coverage does not extend to cover your personal injuries or the damage to your own vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: As a more comprehensive form of protection, this insurance type is specifically designed to cover any damage to your vehicle that results from non-collision incidents. This can include scenarios like vandalism, natural disasters, and theft, adding an extra layer of security for your prized possession.
  • MedPay (Medical Payments Coverage): This is your safeguard for medical treatment expenses and funeral costs incurred by you and your passengers in the aftermath of an accident.
  • DriverClub Roadside Assistance: As an added benefit, Infinity extends a complimentary membership to its roadside assistance club for policyholders. This 24/7 service is readily available to provide assistance in times of need, though please note that some fees may apply for the services rendered. 

How does Infinity auto insurance work?

Being a nonstandard insurance provider, Infinity takes on the role of insuring individuals who might face challenges in obtaining coverage from other insurers. This includes accommodating drivers with less-than-ideal driving histories, foreign driver’s licenses, or those with a history of limited or sporadic car insurance.

According to a report by Verisk, a prominent source of risk analytics and insights, in 2020, nonstandard policies constituted just 20% of the premiums within the personal auto insurance sector in the United States. However, they represented a substantial 40% of the new business generated within the industry. This shift can be attributed to the ongoing flux in policyholder preferences and circumstances, which underscores the vital role played by nonstandard insurers like Infinity.

Infinity Auto Car Insurance Discounts

Infinity Auto Insurance extends a range of familiar discounts, aligning with the common practices among insurers. These include advantages for households with multiple vehicles under one policy, safe driving records, premium payments made in full, enrolling in automatic payment options, and homeownership.

Furthermore, Infinity distinguishes itself by offering a noteworthy 15% discount to those who transition from their previous insurance providers, welcoming them with savings as they make the switch to Infinity’s comprehensive coverage options. 

Infinity’s auto insurance discounts include:

  1. Discount for Paying the Entire Premium.
  1. Loyalty Reward Discount.
  1. Discount for Insuring Multiple Cars.
  1. Digital Documentation Discount.
  1. Discount for Completing a Mature Driver Improvement Course.
  1. Discount for Excellent Student Performance.
  1. Discount for Safe Driving Record.
  1. New Customer Savings for Switching.
  1. Homeownership Savings

How to get an Infinity car insurance quote

To initiate the process of obtaining an Infinity car insurance quote, you have two convenient options: you can either visit the official company website or reach out via the toll-free phone line at 1 (800) INFINITY.

To ensure you receive an accurate quote, you’ll be asked to provide specific information, including:

  • Full names, birthdates, and driver’s license numbers for all individuals intended to be covered as drivers of the vehicle.
  • Details about the vehicle you wish to insure, such as its year, make, model, and VIN.
  • Pertinent information related to your most recent auto insurance coverage.

While visiting the Infinity website offers the convenience of receiving a quote directly, it’s important to note that this method might not allow for easy comparison with quotes from other insurers. For a more comprehensive perspective, considering quote-comparison platforms like Insurify is recommended. Such tools empower you to simultaneously compare quotes from various insurance providers, facilitating a more informed decision regarding the coverage that best suits your needs. 

Infinity Insurance bundling options

Infinity Auto Insurance,Infinity Insurance

Numerous insurance providers extend discounts for customers who opt for multiple types of coverage, such as bundling auto and home insurance. Infinity stands out by offering policyholders the flexibility to combine their auto insurance with homeowners, renters, or life insurance policies.

Moreover, given the ownership connection with Kemper, policyholders might discover opportunities to bundle policies between both companies. This further enhances the options available for optimizing coverage and potential cost savings. 

Our Verdict On Infinity Auto Insurance 

The wealth of customer feedback and digital evaluations concerning Infinity Insurance predominantly leans towards the negative spectrum, with numerous comments conveying discontent regarding customer service and support. There appears to be an evident need for enhancement in the realm of customer interactions and overall satisfaction. It is apparent that this aspect requires attention and improvements to align more closely with the expectations and needs of policyholders.


For individuals residing in states where Infinity Insurance operates and holding less-than-perfect driving records, it presents an affordable choice for straightforward car insurance. Infinity’s cost-effective rates can be enticing, whether you’re seeking the bare minimum state-required coverage or a comprehensive policy that includes perks like rental car coverage and roadside assistance. 

However, it’s essential to carefully balance these advantages against Infinity’s track record of less-than-ideal customer service, even though it boasts an impressive financial strength rating. Making an informed decision involves considering both the economic benefits and the quality of service offered by the company.