Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation 2022 From Google – How to Apply

Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation 2022 From Google is a program organized and funded by Google to help in tarckling the issue of climate change.

Google gives out $30 million to different organisations that will volunteer to work together as a team to solve the issue of climate change in the world.

This is not an individual funding rather it is for non profit organisation and institutions that are going to help in research to find the solution to the issues of climate change.

The last program was held in 2020, this years edition of Impact challenge on Climate Innovation is set on discovering the solution and expanding our minds and understanding on climate change through collection of data, thereby giving us a proper view for better actions and strategies.

With This impact challenge, institution will be telking the world the best place for placeĀ  and restore ecosystem and help small businesses understand their carbon footprint.

Google is of the solution that the world need to come together and build a team in collaboration with them to build innovative climate solution.

With a Big fund of $30 million, a big bet project should funded, the one that will accelerate technological advance on climate informations.

The selected companies, organisations and institutions will be given atleast $5 million each to start the big Bet project.

Fellowship Details

  • Host Company:
  • Category: Fellowship
  • Application date: Now open
  • Deadline: July 28,2022
  • Country: All Countries

Application Criteria for Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation 2022 From Google is looking for a transformational solution that will potential global impact.

The organisation who are eligible will submit a proposal, explaining how they would use the funds and Google support to address the issue of global climate challenges.

When all have been submitted, Google team will now review all the applications available and select best possible organisation that are truly qualified.

The selected organisation will be contacted and will be given some money and will also work with Google expert and support team to getting the project done.

Though not every organisation knows how to submit a strong and well certified application, that’s is why all the organisations who are interested should keep up with news and attend the online workshop where Google will teach them all they need to hear.

Benefits of Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation 2022 From Google

  • The impact should derive tangible and real world impact on the world and people.
  • Bring up ideas that will help and reach out to millions of people globally.
  • Encourage collaboration with multiple organisations with the purpose of creating a good environment for the world.

How to Apply for Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation 2022 From Google

To apply for this fellowship as an organization, simply click on this LINK

Remember, you have to certify all the requirements before applying to avoid being screened out of the fellowship.

If your able to convince them on how you can improve the climate challenges with the available funds and Google support, then your good to go.

You can get to know more about the program and how to get the latest update on the fellowship, click Here