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At the end of this press release, you are going to know everything about IJMBE Info and the related details on centres, portal and website.


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Are you tired of writing JAMB multiple times or considering securing university admission without UTME or probably you just finished your secondary school and do not want to sit at home while doing nothing? If you answered yes then here comes the solution to the menace, with Interim Joint Matriculation Board IJMBE candidates can secure 200L admission into their preferred university without JAMB via Direct Entry.


IJMBE certificate is presently recognized and accepted in more than 80% of Nigeria’s federal, state, and private Universities.
Thus, prospective candidates can check (item 2.2) of JAMB BROCHURE to confirm IJMBE legibility.  read the Official list of Universities accepting IJMBE certificates here!
Interim Joint Matriculation Board, that is the full meaning of IJMBE. Is a program that is being moderated and supervised by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU, Zaria). Is a 9 to 10-month course for advanced students (those who have finished their secondary school certificate) from Nigeria to be able to be admitted into the second year at the university. With IJMBE, candidates can apply and study any course with the program
at almost Nigerian Universities that accept the final IJMBE result. Basically, students who failed to use JAMB to gain admission into higher institutions in Nigeria can use IJMBE instead/
if they already passed through the rudiment process of registration, admission into the various centre in Nigeria, attending lectures and register for the examination and come out with good grades. Before candidates can use IJMBE to gain admission, the student needs to combine it with the Direct Entry form (D.E) just like the polytechnic students.
Now that we know what IJMBE is all about. Then who are we and why are we here?
This is IJMBEway Alevel Registration, we have been registering, admitting and distributing IJMBE candidates since 2008, and came online fully since 2012. And if you are reading this information, we are very sure you want to know more about the course that is why you are here.
Now, we can basically tell you that we are here because you will be here. That is, we already know that you will want to find more about the IJMBE program if you are just through with your O’level or JAMB disappointed you and you are looking for a better alternative so that you can meet your colleagues at 200 level who were fortunate enough to gain admission into university before you.

What did IJMBEway Alevel Registration do?

I know by now, you must have heard about IJMBE, you purposely come to this site to get MORE information about the IJMBE program and how it works, and even to know how you or your wards can start the IJMBE programme with the rest of the other students.
Well before we continue let me assure you that the IJMBE form is still available, so be rest assured that you or your child are having the opportunity currently.
Though the lectures do start between March/and April every year – the earlier the better for you to start the programme.
Now let us go to the main purpose why you are here. To know more about the IJMBE programme, IJMBE admission and lectures.
The full meaning of IJMBE is Interim Joint Matriculation Bmtn scholarship for undergraduateoard – it is a programme being moderated by ABU, Zaria ( Ahmadu Bello University).
When I said moderated by them, I mean they supervised and monitored the program so that it wouldn’t dwindle to the extent that other universities wouldn’t like to associate with the program anymore.
Not only that, they formulate policies and laws that governed the program and another essential tool kit that show the headway of the program, like the syllabus to follow, the needed requirement by the program, and exam timetable, all is being done by ABU, Zaria.
Before we continue, in summary, the main purpose of IJMBE. IJMBE is a ten months program in which you or your ward will go through and make a final result, probably scoring a minimum of 5 points out of the total of 16 points, you or your child will have the opportunity of gaining admission into 200 Level of any university of choice except Unilag whether is of federal, state or private universities. That’s the main purpose why IJMBE is being the key and to some the best alternative route of gaining admission into university in Nigeria without JAMB


Here is the full meaning of IJMBE: It is of the acronym Interim Joint Matriculation Board, It is an Approved, Proven & Certified Advanced level programme moderated by Ahmadu Bello University and having a coordinating body in various tertiary institutions and different study centers nationwide.
The programme is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for candidates who cannot gain admission to regular degree programs in Nigerian Universities for one reason or the other, as the program only requires candidates’ O’level results, Also awaiting result candidate can enroll.

IJMB Portal Info

IJMB Portal For IJMB Alevel Registration (IAR) And Admission Into IJMB Advanced Studies Centres In Nigeria through IJMB Website and IJMB Registration Portal For IJMBE Programme

IJMB info Portal Read all about IJMB | IJMB registration 2018 | IJMB closing date | IJMB centres in Nigeria | IJMB Official website | list of Universities Accepting IJMB, IJMB tuition fees, Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination Requirements For 2018/2019.
Before you can make use of your Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination results there is this primary requirement you are expected to have reached, which we think is no problem to you as a candidate.
The primary requirement for anyone seeking to attend or register for the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination programme is to have his O level result complete or at least awaiting result, but with an exception that you are going to write your O level result while the program is going on, note that you can’t make use of the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination result without having your O level result completed.

IJMB Portal Instructions

Who Can Attend Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination Programme?

For IJMB Centres In Ibadan, Port Harcout, Abuja, Ondo, Ilorin, Ekiti, Abuja, Ilorin, Abeokuta

IJMB programme. For people who are still confused about what an IJMB programme is all about, IJMB is an Advanced nine to ten-month programme that takes successful students into 200 levels of almost Nigerian universities. Currently, You can see the list of Nigerian universities that accept IJMB programs in, and to know what the programs entail,
by reading all about the IJMB programme. We have made the registration of IJMB easier for candidates and how to get their desired IJMB centres that are close to them.
For us, our IJMB centres in Ilorin are the main IJMB centres in Nigeria, we advise to choose as their first choice because lobbying for them after the programme is far easier for us with the universities close to us.

Available IJMB Centre Under Us As Of 2018

  • IJMB Centres in Ilorin
  • IJMB Centres In Port Harcourt
  • IJMB Centres In Uyo
  • IJMB Centres in Ibadan
  • IJMB Centres in Ilorin State
  • IJMB Centres In Abuja
  • IJMB Centres in Ekiti
  • IJMB Centres in Abeokuta
Our IJMB Centres Coming Soon (Not Available Yet)
  1. IJMB Centre In Delta
  2. IJMB Centre In Imo
  3. IJMB Centre In Kogi
  4. IJMB Centre In Osun
  5. IJMB Centre In Benue
  6. IJMB Centre Ondo
  7. IJMB Centre In

How To Get IJMBE Form

If you have read through our previous posts, you must by now know how to get your IJMBE form. Secondly if you have read through some our posts you will know that we not just an agent that will ask you to call us without telling you the institution we represent an IJMBE body.

The Real Purpose of IJMBE

Well, I think I have made mention of the main purpose of IJMBE – is to see you through and gain admission into 200 Level of any university of your choice, except of course Unilag. And maybe what I forgot to add to it is that the IJMBE result does not expire, unlike UTME which you need to do every year. At a time, you can choose six universities of your first choice, second choice, third choice ………….etc till six choices in a single year.

IJMBE Requirements

Before you can make use of your IJMBE results there is primary requirements you are expected to have reached, which we think is no problem to you as a candidate.
The primary requirement of anyone seeking to attend or register for the IJMBE programme is to have his O level result complete, or at least use awaiting result, but in an expectation that you are going to write your O level result while the program is going on, since you can’t make use of it (the IJMBE result) without having your O level result completed.

Who Can Attend IJMBE Programme?

As long as meet the minimum requirement of using the waiting result you are good to go to attend IJMBE program. IJMBE is not a program for the lazy, but it’s for those who want to seriously read their books, not on Facebook.
IJMBE is not meant for the brilliant students; it’s for those who are ready to read and concentrate more on their books. That is why your mindset is very important. If you have not read about IJMBE admission, that link will help you better in understanding it.

How To Make Use Of Your IJMBE Result

To use your IJMBE result to gain admission into 200 Level, you need to visit JAMB website or their nearest office to obtain D.E form (Direct Entry), fill them in correlation with your IJMBE result, by then you have the opportunity to choose first and second choice university.
Another interesting thing is, you have the opportunity of choosing your course which will be determined by how many points you were able to obtain from the IJMBE exam from your IJMBE result.

IJMBE Year To Year Calendar

IJMBE calendar starts by November every year and it ends by April for the registration of the following year. By March, while the registration is still going on, the lectures for the session will start, which is usually within the mid of March and early April.
The lectures will run through to December from that March/ April. In January the revision for the session will start. IJMBE examination can start in late January or early February, and the examination last for three weeks.
By late April of the same year, the result will be released. Please check when is IJMBE form is closing or when is IJMBE registration closing date for IJMBE

IJMBE Syllabus To Help Students To Study Ahead (PDF)

When you do not make mistake with your registration, IJMBE Syllabus is added as a PDF to the information that will be sent to you. Candidates are meant to download this IJMBE syllabus in this file to start studying and to know what is expected from them at the end of the lectures


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