IJMB Study Centres In Ilorin, Ilorin, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Anambra, Abuja

IJMB Study Centres In Ilorin, Abuja, IJMB Ibadan, IJMB Centres In Port Harcourt, IJMB In Enugu, IJMB Centres In Anambra

IJMB study centres are accredited places allocated for the receiving of IJMB lectures, the classes, hall are available for the receiving of IJMB programme lectures by the registered students. And now, we have study centres in Ilorin, Abuja, IJMB study centres in Ilorin, IJMB study centres in Ibadan, IJMB centres in Ilorin, IJMB centres in Port Harcourt, Anambra and even in Enugu.

Candidates can choose any of these study

centres and and run their programme there for the current 2017/2018 session. Study centres are actually headed by one or two coordinators in anywhere. 

How To Register For Any IJMB Study Centre Of Your Choice

To register for IJMB and to choose your choice IJMB study centre is almost the same. Anyone who wants to choose any of the IJMB accredited centres by state government, the person has to print out the IJMB form. As the students print the form out, there will be a segment in the form filled out for candidates to choose their preferred IJMB study centre. What the student need to do is just to tick his/her preferred centres in the listed once.

Within 24 hours after the scanned form and teller is sent, the details and the full address of the chosen centre will be sent for candidates to either resume lecture or wait to when the lectures will start.

To know the closing date for IJMB registration at anytime, interested candidates are to visit when is IJMB registration closing. Student can know more about the IJMB programme by visiting when is all about IJMB.

The registration for the IJMB 2017/2018 details is still open and anyone can access it for further information on the ongoing academic session and how to apply for IJMB.

Take note that spaces available in each centre varies and limited at any given  and is therefore always first come first serve basis.

If for any reason you do not see any of the listed centres there, it means it has closed for the year, and you are meant to choose any centre closest to that place. The result of IJMB is not limited to any area, after you are done with the programme, you can use your result to apply to any university of your choice irrespective of the centres you have done the programme.

IJMB examination are done in accredited examination centres under the supervision and moderation of Ahamdu Bello University. Therefore, most study centres are just places where the IJMB lectures or any other advanced programmes are being given to the students.

Lectures & Calendar In IJMB Study Centres

IJMB lectures are taken from 8:00AM to 6:00PM from Monday till Friday. And most times according to lecturers, students with practical needs (Pure Sciences) are also taken on Saturdays

IJMB registration normally starts around November every year. Resumption could be anything from March and April. Lectures are expected to commence fully by April till the following year by anything late January till mid of February, the examination is expected to commence.

In between of that, makeup classes who resume late and revisions are expected to take place before the examination.

So do not forget to register any centre of your choice. Print IJMB form out, while filling, you will see the listing of available study centre, tick the one closest to you, pay the registration fee, after that scan the teller and the form to our email and within 24 hours, your registration details and everything needed for you to start will be sent to your email.