IJMB Online Registration Form – Apply for IJMB Form 2022

IJMB Form 2022 – How To Apply For IJMB Programme And Registration


Apply For IJMB Form 2022 to be able to use it to gain admission into the universities of choice by 2023. With the IJMB form, you will get your admission letter and the ability to communicate with your chosen centre after registration.

To apply for the IJMB form 2022 programme online in all centres in Nigeria, the procedures and the steps candidates need to take is very simple and straightforward. To know if IJMB form is out for the current session, you just need to scroll, if you see the form to fill, it means you can still apply for the current application form. 

The IJMB Form 2022 is fully online we do not entertain physical registration as we strive to streamline everything regarding the registration and data management of prospective candidates.

In the meantime, IJMB form price is #8,500 without the transaction charges we can end up being between #8,620 to #9000 depending on the mode of transaction.

Before filling out the form, make sure you a qualified, and the major qualification you need must be that you are either using awaiting result, or you already have the necessary O’leve result with you.

And again, your parent/guardian/sponsor must be aware and give his or her permission.

Then if you are still in secondary school, make sure you are writing your WAEC the same year you will be applying for the IJMB.

Meaning if I am in SS 3, and I will be writing my O’level this year, you can apply. You will join the class immediately after your O’level final examination.

Furthermore, before you fill the form, you must have your registration fee with you, payment can be made via POS or direct transfer, or simply make payment for IJMB form online

If you make payment via POS, we will now because you will snap the receipt given to you from the POS shop and upload it to your profile or send the receipt to our WhatsApp help and then we will activate your profile so that you can continue with the registration. Start IJMB application registration here. Continue reading to see all the steps by step to apply for IJMB form online

IJMB Portal Online Form Registration – IJMB online form

The IJMB online registration is very simple and straightforward.

Below is how to apply for the iJMB form online using your smartphone/laptop to apply to any accredited study centre in Nigeria – IJMBregistration form 2022.

When you Apply For IJMB Form, make sure you have informed your parent and have your registration fee which is currently #8,500 by direct transfer to #9,000 using the online method because of transaction charges.

  1. Begin the IJMB form online by filling the first stage
  2. A link to confirm that your email address is valid will be sent to you
  3. Input password and email that you own or that you will always have access to.
  4. Use the password that you can always remember and please save/or write your password somewhere so that you don’t continue input wrong password anytime you want to login to your IJMB portal to do other things like, login to upload payment evidence, pay acceptance fee, mark your resumption, see your result of your entrance examination or to see how much remain for your tuition fee
  5. You need to click on that link to verify your email.
  6. When you click on the link sent to you, your email is then verified.
  7. After verification, you are asked to fill another aspect of the online registration form for IJMB programme, which includes your parents/guardian details, Your previous academic records, to choose your preferred study centre, your O’level, your preferred course and IJMB subject combination
  8. You are also asked to select how do you want to pay, whether using your ATM debit card, or your pay by transfer or you pay at the bank
  9. After payment, wait for about 5 minutes if you pay online or about 5 hours if you pay using bank or less than 3 hours if you pay by transfer.
  10. Then your admission letter is sent.
  11. Read your admission letter to know when to pay your acceptance fee and then your resumption.
  12. Resume at your preferred study centre location and then pay your tuition fee before resume or you pay at the resumption.

Tuition for IJMB can only be paid a maximum of 3 times. With the formula being 50%, 25%, 25%

In case of transfer the account detail are: Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration Account Number: 0163836217 Bank: Gtbank Your data is deleted 5 hours after you fill this form and payment not confirmed.


  1. Pls wen was d registration was closing and besides can l do everything online… My distance to Ilorin is very far

  2. I wrote ssce 2016
    Can I still apply for ijmb

    Answers needed urgently

    1. Yes, you can apply. Registration closes soon; you’re advised to Register as soon as possible.

  3. I wrote ssce 2016
    Can I still apply for ijmb

    Please I need answers

    1. Yes, you can apply. Registration closes soon; you’re advised to Register as soon as possible.

  4. please I have registered to one center.after regrestration wat else. is it the center DAT I registered DAT I will be receiving lecture.or the university that I choose.or I will be at home and go to center and received lecture? pls explain it for me

    1. IJMB Portal says:

      You have to go tot he centres most travelled to the centre, almost all the centres have hostel facilities, and it is when you are done with the iJMB and receive your results you apply to the university you want.

  5. No, you can use awaiting result to apply for IJMB programme

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pls must I have 5 credits before I registered Cus my o'level is not complete I don't av maths nd literature in English. Pls can I still registered

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