IJMB 2020: Lectures to start in earnest

The IJMB 2020 registration form has commenced and is closing on September 21th 2020 at 11:59 pm automatically. Registration fee is #8,500. We only use Gtbank and the account name is IJMB Alevel Registration and the Account Number is 0163836217.Lectures have started, register and resume immediately. Click here to start your registration,  including paying online Read full procedure details

Our Only website for IJMB registration is https://ijmb.com.ng and our account details above, beware of websites/blog/imposters online.

our helpline to call is 08105087367 or 0811357171. Signed: IJMB Alevel Registration

The IJMB 2020 orientation will start at the first week of resumption which is 24th of February till Friday 28th.

IJMB 2020 Lectures are expected to start fully by March 2020 in our IJMB centres as earlier announced to the IJMB registered students

If you have not registered for the IJMB 2020 and you are interested, check if you can still register for the IJMB current academic session of the 2020/21

You can find out when IJMB 2020 is closing and start your IJMB 2020 registration before it’s finally closed

IJMB registration is strictly online, you can pay online for the 2020 IJMB or pay by the bank, Direct Transfer can also be done.

Please take note that you can only start your IJMB lectures with other students if you have paid at least 50% of your total fee. Each centre has a different fee, check your IJMB admission letter on your IJMB portal what you are expected to pay with or without accommodation

For the 2020 IJMB lectures is an average of 4 hours per day with the courses, meaning each course has 2 hours duration.

Send us a message on WhatsApp for registration, registration closing date and resumption details. click to SEND US A MESSAGE ON WHATSAPP
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