Machine Learning Bootcamp Google 2022 Scholarships For Africans

Google 2022 Scholarships Dedicated For Machine Learning For Young Nigerian And African BootCamp Update

There is a new update on Google Machine Learning Bootcamp for Nigerian 2022,  Google has released applications for 2022’s Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp designed for children Africans.

The Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp gives you full instruction and accreditation for Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Students who are successful will be offered the possibility of obtaining employment or an internship with Google after the completion the four-month course.

There are many other scholarships offered in United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada which offer full scholarships as well as monthly allowances. Here are some ideas to look into:

Scholarship Summary

  • Host: Google
  • Category: Internships | Training
  • Eligible Countries: African Countries
  • Reward: Training
    • Certification
    • Employment
  • Deadline: July 16, 2022

Scholarship Details:

The SSA Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp is a training program designed intended for people who wish to become developers of machine learning.

The aim of this program is to help participants learn about machine learning and ultimately be able tackle engineering issues in real work situations. We’ll provide a space for self-study as well as numerous opportunities to increase your appetite.

Google Machine Learning Bootcamp for South African students participants who have been screened must successfully complete a four-month training course on deep-learning, an MLP certification, and an actual project within four months. Participants who successfully complete the course will be able to apply for a full-time position or an internship position at firms that offer services related to machine learning.

We’ve got the project-based option that has enriched our workshops on the writing of resumes and for career development and widened the opportunities for employment through partnering with more companies to ensure that participants are prepared to compete in an interview.

Google Machine Learning Bootcamp for Nigerian 2022 Scholarship Requirements:

To be eligible as a candidate for being considered to join the Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp, you must meet the following requirements for Google Machine Learning Bootcamp for Intern students 2022:

    • You need to have an understanding of programming basics in Python.
    • Based on the program’s objective it is essential that your goal be to get a job at an IT company or company as an full-time employee or intern. If you’re just looking to learn more about machine learning This program isn’t suitable for you.
    • You cannot have taken any education parts of this course (Coursera Deep Learning Specialization, TensorFlow certification, GCP Professional Data Engineer certification and GCP Professional Engineer certification in ML Engineer certificate).
    • Your English comprehension skills are required.

Google Machine Internship For Nigerian worth Scholarship Duration and Reward

    • The Bootcamp will be held for four months
    • Machine Learning Education:Complete educational training in Machine Learning Theory
    • Machine Learning CertificatesComplete an ML certification
    • ML Practice: Participate in Kaggle Competition
    • ML Networking:Make connections with ML firms and apply for positions

Method of Application of Google Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022 

To know How to apply for Google Machine Internship For Nigerian 2022, you must

  • Results will be released on the 27th July 2022. The candidates will be individually contacted.
  • All messages will be delivered via email to the address that you have provided.
  • Before you apply, verify and confirm that the components of training provided in this course are appropriate for your particular level Google Machine Internship For Nigerian program African.
  • The application comes with an assessment test to determine the applicant’s ability to cope with the demands of the application. You should ensure that you have sufficient time before applying.
  • There is no formal acknowledgement of your application, other than an email that confirms the submission of your application.

If you are interested and qualify, follow the link below to start the online application.

  • You should be able to comprehend the above-mentioned training elements because they are conducted in English with no interpreter.
  • The whole course will last about four months. You have to be prepared to put in the effort and study throughout the course of time.
  • Although we’ll schedule online meetings and offer guidance to help you with your learning, you will need to do your own research.

Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp scholarships 2022 are for all African including, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya,  South Africa, Egypt, and Morocoo.

Google Machine Learning Bootcamp 2022 deadline

The closing date for the 2022 program and internship is on July 16th, 2022.

That is all about the Google developers machine internship for Nigerian requirements, deadline, worth and how to apply for the 2022 program.

Who Can Apply For Google 2022 Internship

Africans, and Nigerians can apply and must have previous knowledge of the Python Programming language

When is the closing date for the 2022 Bootcamp?

The closing date for the Google Bootcamp for African Students is 16th of July, 2022

What is the Worth of 2022 Google Training in Machine Learning

With 4 months of training, you can say it’s worth it. Certification and Employment are also factors in.

Where will the 2022 Google Maching Learning BootCamp will take place

The location is likely online, which means you must have access to the internet and pass through your course.