Finding The Best Health insurance In Colorado Quotes

Colorado, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant communities, is not only a haven for outdoor enthusiasts but also a place where quality healthcare matters. Colorado’s diverse landscapes and vibrant communities make it an attractive place to call home. However, ensuring your health is equally diverse and vibrant is paramount. 

In this blog post, we’re your trusted guides on the quest to discover the finest health insurance quotes tailored to your needs and preferences. Join us in this exploration of ‘Finding The Best Health Insurance in Colorado Quotes,’ where we’ll unravel the strategies to secure the ideal health coverage that aligns with your lifestyle. 

Finding the best health insurance in Colorado| Coverage

Finding The Best Health insurance In Colorado Quotes

Your ideal health insurance coverage hinges on a delicate balance between your financial standing and your specific medical requirements. When navigating the myriad of health plans available, it all boils down to two critical factors: the monthly premiums and the deductibles. 

Scrutinizing these elements is essential to pinpointing the insurance plan that aligns seamlessly with your healthcare needs and ensures comprehensive coverage. In the following sections, we present a breakdown of the available tiers in Colorado, serving as your compass to chart the course to the perfect health insurance solution.

Start with Silver plans

Consider Silver plans as a budget-friendly middle-ground option, offering reasonable premiums. Typically, Silver plans come with deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums that sit between the Bronze and Gold tiers. We recommend commencing your search by exploring Silver plans as they tend to be well-suited for the majority, unless you enjoy exceptional health, possess the financial capacity to manage a high deductible, or anticipate significant medical expenses. 

What sets Silver plans apart is their eligibility for cost-sharing reductions, provided your household income falls below the 250% threshold of the federal poverty level. These reductions have the potential to further alleviate your co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles, sometimes even surpassing the benefits offered by Gold plans.

Gold plans: Better if you anticipate high medical costs

Gold represents the top tier in Colorado, often associated with relatively higher monthly expenses. Nevertheless, these policies feature the advantage of the lowest deductibles, potentially reducing healthcare costs since you’ll transition to coinsurance payments with fewer out-of-pocket expenses.

Gold plans shine when you anticipate substantial medical expenses, especially if you’re dealing with conditions like diabetes, where regular access to insulin can rapidly escalate healthcare costs.

Bronze plans: Best if you are healthy

Bronze typically offers the most budget-friendly health insurance tier, making it an attractive option for young and healthy individuals due to its low monthly expenses. These plans often come with higher deductibles, so they are best suited for those in excellent health who can comfortably cover most of their medical expenses until they meet their deductible.

Nevertheless, Bronze plans provide valuable preventive care benefits to help you manage routine healthcare needs. Additionally, they offer a degree of financial protection in case unexpected serious healthcare expenses arise, providing a safety net for unforeseen medical situations.

Health Insurance in Colorado| Costs by Age and Metal Tier

The cost of health insurance is influenced by factors like the metal tier and the policyholder’s age. To illustrate, here’s how the metal level impacts the average monthly premium for a 40-year-old individual in Colorado:

  • Catastrophic: $225 per month (for a 26-year-old)
  • Bronze: $334 per month
  • Expanded Bronze: $352 per month
  • Silver: $442 per month
  • Gold: $435 per month

While higher metal tiers often offer lower deductibles, they come with higher monthly premiums.

As individuals age, health insurance costs generally increase. For example, a Silver plan in Colorado typically costs $316 per month for teenagers, but the premium can rise to $659 for seniors.

Cheapest Silver Plans in Colorado

The most affordable Silver plan in Colorado, priced at an average of $334 per month, is the Elevate Colorado Option Silver policy, offered by Denver Health Medical Plan. Among the top three Silver plans in Colorado with the most budget-friendly rates are:

  1. Elevate Colorado Option Silver from Denver Health Medical Plan: $334 per month
  1. Silver Standard Rx Copay from Denver Health Medical Plan: $334 per month
  1. KP Select CO Silver 5000/25 from Kaiser Permanente: $365 per month

Silver plans are a popular choice for health insurance because they offer robust coverage while maintaining lower deductibles compared to Bronze plans. Notably, only Silver plans are eligible for cost-sharing reductions, potentially reducing your out-of-pocket maximum, copay, and deductible.

Cheapest Gold Plans in Colorado

Finding The Best Health insurance In Colorado Quotes

The most economical Gold plan in Colorado, with an average monthly cost of $307, is the Elevate Colorado Option Gold from Denver Health Medical Plan. Among the three most budget-friendly Gold plans in Colorado, we have:

  1. Elevate Colorado Option Gold from Denver Health Medical Plan: $307 per month
  1. Gold Select from Denver Health Medical Plan: $307 per month
  1. Gold Standard Rx Copay from Denver Health Medical Plan: $322 per month

Gold plans typically come with higher deductibles, meaning you’ll have lower upfront costs for medical services before your insurance coverage kicks in. However, it’s important to note that Gold plans do not offer the cost-sharing reductions available with Silver plans.

Cheapest Bronze Plans in Colorado

The most budget-friendly Bronze plan in Colorado, with an average monthly rate of $252, is offered by Denver Health Medical Plan under the name Bronze Standard Rx Copay. Here are the least expensive Bronze plans available in the state:

  1. Bronze Standard Rx Copay from Denver Health Medical Plan: $252 per month
  1. Cigna Connect Flex Bronze 9100 from Cigna: $330 per month
  1. Friday Bronze Basic from Friday Health Plans: $344 per month

Bronze plans typically come with higher deductibles but lower monthly premiums, meaning you’ll be responsible for most of your medical expenses out of pocket.

Cheapest Catastrophic Plans in Colorado

Kaiser Permanente’s KP Select CO Catastrophic plan stands as the most affordable Catastrophic option, with an average cost of $200 per month for a 26-year-old buyer. Here are the three least expensive Catastrophic plans in Colorado:

  1. KP Select CO Catastrophic from Kaiser Permanente ($200 per month)
  1. Anthem Catastrophic Pathway Essentials X HMO 9100 from Anthem (BCBS) ($209 per month)
  1. Friday Catastrophic from Friday Health Plans ($219 per month)

Catastrophic plans are available to individuals under 30 or those with an affordability exemption. While these plans come with low monthly premiums, you should be prepared to cover most of your medical expenses before the plan provides coverage. 


In Colorado’s picturesque landscapes, securing quality healthcare is crucial. Our guide, ‘Finding The Best Health Insurance in Colorado Quotes,’ aids in your search for ideal health coverage. Balance monthly premiums and deductibles; start with Silver plans, explore Gold if you expect higher medical costs, or consider Bronze if you’re in good health. 

Catastrophic plans suit those under 30. Costs vary with age and metal tiers, but Colorado offers affordable options to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or vibrant cities, make a wise choice for your health insurance. It’s your safety net in the Centennial State, offering confidence and peace of mind for all your adventures.