Cheapest Car Insurance Macon GA Quotes For 2023

For many, car insurance is a necessary expense. While we all want comprehensive coverage, the cost can sometimes feel like a burden. Securing the best car insurance in Macon, Georgia, while on a budget is a top priority for many residents. 

But did you know that car insurance costs can vary based on different factors, including your driving record, age, and even your grades? In this guide, we’ll explore cheapest car insurance Macon GA Quotes in 2023. 

Our data indicates that the minimum car insurance coverage in Macon is approximately 42 percent higher in cost compared to the national average. It’s advisable to periodically explore alternative insurance options to secure the most competitive rates. 

We have conducted a thorough evaluation of the most economical car insurance providers, taking into account both minimum and full-coverage insurance expenses. In this post, our aim is to assist you in discovering cost-effective car insurance solutions in Macon, regardless of whether you have a history of accidents or not.

Car Insurance Macon GA Quotes

The minimum car insurance in Macon is designed to provide financial protection to other parties in the event you cause a car accident. Our analysis reveals that minimum coverage, which equates to approximately $79 per month or $953 per year in Macon, is roughly 42 percent more costly than the national average.

On the other hand, a full-coverage car insurance policy goes beyond minimum requirements and covers damages to your vehicle resulting from car accidents or environmental factors. Based on our data, the average cost of full coverage in Macon is around $201 per month or $2,407 per year. Compared to the national average, car insurance in Macon is about 9 percent pricier. 

How Driver Profiles Affect Car Insurance Macon GA Quotes

Cheapest Car Insurance Macon GA

The price of car insurance is influenced by individual factors. Car insurance rates are determined by various aspects of your personal circumstances, including your driving record, age, vehicle, credit score, and even the specific Macon ZIP code you reside in. 

Insurance providers consider a range of variables when setting rates for drivers. Consequently, the insurance company that provides the best rate for you might not necessarily be the most cost-effective choice for someone living in your neighborhood. Let’s explore a few scenarios.

Car Insurance Macon GA Rates By ZIP Code

Car accident frequencies, incidents of vandalism, and theft rates exhibit minor variations within each Macon ZIP code. These variations can have an influence on your car insurance expenses. 

To illustrate, the data in the table below illustrates that average rates can experience a slight increase of 1.3 percent or a corresponding decrease in cost, contingent on the specific ZIP code within Macon. This emphasizes the importance of considering your location’s impact on insurance rates.

Macon ZIP CodeFull Coverage Monthly AverageFull Coverage Annual AverageDifference From Macon Average

How Driving Records Affect Macon Car Insurance Costs

If you’ve experienced accidents or received traffic violations, particularly those deemed your fault, it’s essential to be prepared for higher car insurance costs. Generally, these incidents contribute to increased rates for a duration of three years. 

According to our findings, drivers who have incurred speeding tickets can expect a 20 percent surge in their insurance rates. In contrast, involvement in an accident can lead to a substantial 52 percent rise, while a DUI or DWI can result in a significant 64 percent hike in insurance premiums.

It’s worth noting that different insurance companies employ distinct methods to determine the extent of these price increases, which is why you’ll encounter variations in quotes from various providers. 

Based on our data, companies like Country Financial, Georgia Farm Bureau, and USAA offer competitive rates for drivers with diverse violations. Below, you’ll find the average rates for individuals with a speeding ticket, at-fault accident, or DUI.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly Minimum Coverage AverageMonthly Full Coverage Average

State Farm$94$232
Georgia Farm Bureau$82$206
Country Financial$60$198

Cheapest Liability Insurance Companies In Macon

The least expensive kind of insurance in Macon is minimum coverage. Based on the data, it is suggested that you shop at Auto-Owners and Country Financial as they have the lowest minimum auto insurance rates. Rates of $40 from Country Financial and $55 from Auto-Owners are available to good drivers each month.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly Minimum Coverage AverageAnnual Minimum Coverage Average
Country Financial$40$478
Georgia Farm Bureau$58$697
State Farm$84$1,008

Cheapest Full-Coverage Car Insurance In Macon

Cheapest Car Insurance Macon GA

Analysis reveals that Country Financial stands out as the most cost-effective option for full-coverage insurance in Macon, offering monthly rates as low as $143. Georgia Farm Bureau is another budget-friendly choice at $147 per month, closely followed by USAA at $154 per month.

Full coverage entails a comprehensive insurance package, encompassing liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. It’s important to note that if you have an auto loan, your lender typically mandates comprehensive insurance to safeguard your vehicle against a wide range of potential scenarios.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly Full Coverage AverageAnnual Full Coverage Average
Country Financial$143$1,716
Georgia Farm Bureau$147$1,766
State Farm$210$2,524

Cheapest Car Insurance In Macon For Bad-Credit Drivers

If your credit score has seen better days, it’s a smart move to explore insurance options from various providers. Country Financial, for instance, extends wallet-friendly rates to drivers with less-than-ideal credit, offering plans starting at just $61 per month for minimum coverage or $205 per month for comprehensive coverage.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly Minimum Coverage AverageMonthly Full Coverage Average
Country Financial$61$205
Georgia Farm Bureau$93$293
State Farm$173$418

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Macon For Teen Drivers

Cheapest Car Insurance Macon GA

While auto insurance for teenagers can be on the pricey side, there are insurance providers that offer more budget-friendly rates. 

Take Country Financial, for instance, which stands out as one of the most economical choices for teens, with minimum coverage starting at $135 per month and full-coverage plans at $349 per month. Additionally, Auto-Owners and USAA are other wallet-friendly options worth considering for 16-year-olds.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly Minimum Coverage AverageMonthly Full Coverage Average
State Farm$360$762
Georgia Farm Bureau$214$504
Country Financial$135$349