Benefits Of Migrating To Canada You Didn’t Know Before Now

Migrating to Canada

It is no longer news that there are a lot of opportunities in many developed countries today which people in third world or underdeveloped countries might not have access to. From employment opportunities to quality healthcare services, social support, a good standard of living, among others, these opportunities cannot be overemphasized.

Among some of the countries known to receive a high number of migrants is Canada. The national identity of Canada is one that is built on the foundation of multiculturalism. Little wonder the number of people migrating to the country.

But other than some of the most popular reasons people migrate to Canada for, there are actually some benefits of migrating to Canada I bet you didn’t know about. We’ll be looking at some of them in this article.

Why Do People Migrate

Before we look at some of the benefits of migrating to Canada, what are some of the reasons why people leave their countries to migrate to other countries in the first instance?

Here are some of the most common reasons why people migrate from one country to another:

Greener pastures

Not everyone get to live the kind of life they desire in their own country, as such, they are forced to leave in search of countries where they can live a better life.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors like climate changes, earthquakes, droughts, floods, etc, also contribute to people migrating to other countries. According to the International Organization for Migration, people who migrate as a result of environmental conditions or changes in their country are known as environmental migrants.


One of the most popular reason why people migrate is poverty. Poverty is a condition where an individual is not able to afford basic things or provide for their basic needs.As a result of factors like unemployment, increase in prices of goods, low income, etc, which lead to poverty, most people are compelled to migrate to countries where they won’t experience any of these things.

Educational purposes

The quality of education in countries varies. As a result of this, people migrate to other countries where they feel the quality of education is better or where they feel schools are specialized in teaching specific courses or subjects.

Career enhancement

Just like education, the value for certain careers or professions in countries varies. People migrate to countries where their professions are highly valued and can earn them more money.

Benefits of Migrating to Canada You Didn’t Know About

Here are some of the benefits of migrating to Canada I bet you didn’t know before now:

Universal healthcare

Canada is known to offer one of the best healthcare services in Northern America and the world at large. Infact, one of the fundamental rights of citizens of the country is access to medical services.

In Canada, the national health insurance system is built in such a way that every permanent resident or citizen of the country will on no account be denied access to medical care due to its cost. That is, even in a situation where one’s salary is not enough to pay for their medical bills they still wouldn’t be denied access to medical care. This is unlike some other countries that are known to provide access to medical treatment based on people’s annual income.

Each province in Canada has its own health plan, and allows for migrants or newcomers to sign up for its health insurance system and acquire a health card. This way, they don’t have to spend a dime on most medical and emergency services.


One of the benefits of migrating to Canada is the safety the country offers to residents. Compared to neighbours like Mexico and the United States, and even some other countries in the world, Canada has a low crime rate. Infact, a survey carried out in 2022 showed that the rate of gun crimes in the United States are up to three times higher than the ones in Canada.

Thanks to its consistent global surveys on safety and people’s quality of life, Canada is regarded as one of the safest places to be in the world. Infact, as declared by Global Peace Index, it is ranked in the top 10 safest countries in the world. It is also ranked second in the safest countries for LGBTQ tourists according to a report conducted in 2020 by Statista.

Pro-immigration stance

Another benefit of migrating to Canada that you might not know before now is its pro-immigration stance. The Canadian government is known to have certain policies and pathways set up to help migrants immigrate to the country and settle down without hassle.

For instance, a pathway like Express Entry allows immigrants to apply for migration into Canada and for the eligible ones among them to receive a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) nomination. This PNP nomination in turn provides them with an opportunity to receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) to become permanent resident of the country.

Diverse multiculturalism

One other benefit of migrating to Canada that most people don’t know of before is the sense of belonging provided by the country’s multiculturalism. Unlike some other countries where their way of life makes immigrants feel out of place, Canada is different.

Following the passing of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act into law in 1988, the Canadian government has since strived hard to forster a diverse society in the country. A society where different cultures, religions, races, values, beliefs, etc, are accommodated.

Job opportunities

People migrating to Canada enjoy the benefit of getting access to a variety of job opportunities in the country. Canada for some time now is known to experience shortage of labour. This was even made worse by the Covid 19 pandemic. Generally, labor shortage in a country means there is a high record of job vacancy rates in that country.

Unfilled jobs in Canada offer those coming into the country lot of vacant positions to compete for which is a huge benefit to them. Infact according to Statistics Canada, since early 2010 the employment rates for immigrants in Canada has increased by 8% while their earnings have risen by 39%.

Thriving economy

When the economy of a country thrives, everyone gets to benefit. For those migrating to Canada, they stand to enjoy every good thing that comes with a thriving economy.

For instance, the average unemployment rate of countries worldwide is 10.31% while that of Canada alone is 6.5%. This means they stand a better chance of getting jobs in Canada. Also, when it comes to Gross Domestic Profit (GDP), Canada is ranked at number 9 in the world, beating off competition from countries like Brazil, Australia, Korea, Russia, among others.

The industries in Canada are set up in such a way that the economy is beneficial to everyone. While the manufacturing industries provide machinery, automobiles, high technology equipment, etc, the natural resources industries make provision for energy, mining, agriculture, fishing, forestry, to mention a few. There is also the service industries which cover banking, construction, health care, education, transportation, etc.

Quality of life

All of the benefits mentioned so far means just one thing; a good quality of life. Not every country in the world offer universal healthcare services and at the same time provide maximum safety for its residents, huge job opportunities as well as a society where people are accommodated irrespective of their cultures, religions, races, values, and beliefs.


Canada, without doubt is known for its history of immigration and its multiculturalism which appeals to people still contemplating on visiting the country. But other than some of the popular benefits immigrants are known to enjoy by visiting the country, there are other benefits which you probably didn’t know about before now. From the benefits that come with the country’s thriving economy to its massive job opportunities, its safety, diverse multiculturalism, universal healthcare, to mention a few, these benefits cannot be overemphasized.