University of Pretoria Mastercard Scholarship 2023 for African Students

University of Pretoria Mastercard Scholarship 2023

The program for the MasterCard Foundation scholars 2023 offered by the University of Pretoria provides a unique chance to African students to go to one of the most prestigious universities.

It will provide promising young people with the means to create their ideas and create an impact on the world. It aims to encourage positive change through the new generation of leaders in these fields.

They will be able to tackle some of the most pressing issues, such as environmental change, and the availability of safe drinking water.

The program offers financial aid as well as mentorship for students who have achieved superiority in their area of study, however might not be able to pay for higher education.

The program offers financial aid and guidance to students who have displayed the highest level of excellence in their area of study but may not be able pay for higher education.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Pretoria is designed to help highly educated and talented students from Africa.

The abilities, knowledge as well as attitudes and values that these students exhibit can contribute to the development of Africa’s continent.

In addition, the program stresses the importance of community service and internships as a key part of its course.

The scholarship is offered to students who are accepted into Pretoria’s University of Pretoria in order to pursue the postgraduate degree.

This program aids students transition into further education or work back home and gives them opportunities for the future.

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About Mastercard Foundation

The Mastercard Foundation seeks a world in which everyone has the chance to grow and succeed.

Every person, no matter what their place of origin is in their lives, must be given the same chance of success.

We believe that by having access to financial services, education and training for skills individuals can be given the chance to succeed.

Our primary goal is to help economically marginalized young people in Africa to discover ways to lift themselves, their families and their communities from poverty and into a better future.

Aim and Benefits of Mastercard Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship

  • Full Tuition Fee
  • Costs for accommodation will be paid
  • Allowance for books and printed material
  • A monthly stipend is paid to cover the cost of living
  • Insurance for travel expenses

Requirements for Mastercard Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship Qualification

Candidates must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible as a candidate for Mastercard Foundation Scholarships:

  • The UP Scholarship is available to applicants from Africa.
  • Candidates are invited to submit applications who are seeking postgraduate degrees.
  • The candidate should have prior experience in community service and leadership.
  • Candidates must also achieve a high average in their academics throughout their academic career.
  • Candidates must show financial capability as well as come from financially marginal backgrounds.

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How to Apply For University of Pretoria Mastercard Scholarship

Are you interested and certified? Go to
Mastercard Foundation on
to apply

  • Candidates must have been granted an admissions proviso at Pretoria’s University of Pretoria before they are eligible to submit an application for Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.
  • A provisional admissions form is required.
  • Candidates can apply online for any master’s degree program through the website of the university.
  • Please send your MCFSP application and the supporting documents with your application to

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