Introduce Spirituality In Universities ~ Professor Urges FG

Francis Iyoha, a senior lecturer in the accounting department of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun state has persuaded the Federal government of Nigeria to include spirituality as a course of study in Nigerian universities to check on fraud and corruption in the country.

Iyoha who is also a professor of accounting made this known at the 27th Inaugural Lecture of the university today. Speaking at the lecture themed

“Actuating Spirituality for Ethical Accounting Practice”, said introducing spirituality into the university’s curriculum would help to fight error and reduce the level of unethical practices in the country. He also added that introducing spirituality would address moral decline in the educational system and make the accounting profession look honourable.

“The teaching of ethics in our higher education institutions cannot be overemphasised as it will impact positively and significantly affected ethical behaviour of leaders, accountants, and managers trained for the future challenges,” Iyoha said.

He further went on to note that these unethical practices which include fraud and corruption have become a concern as both local and international companies have closed down due to them declaring false audited results.

“Both the private and public companies should be urged to emphasise spirituality in their job schedules and offering when hiring accountants and auditors.

In addition, the Accounting Standard Setters and Professional Accounting Organisation should also emphasise spirituality in its conceptual framework and develop standards that encourage spirituality,” he said.

Also speaking at the Inauguration lecture was Professor Abiodun Adebayo, the Vice Chancellor of Covenant University. Prof. Adebayo in his welcome address stressed that a lot of businesses and organisations have had to close down due to unethical accounting standards which include sin of omission, fear to blow the whistle at the right time and manipulation of figures, among others.

He also said that these unethical practices have led to the review of regulations governing corporate governance, accounting standards and finance by regulatory bodies and government around the world. He added that Covenant University, Ota, have set up a Spirituality Center in the school premises that would train a new generation of leaders on impactive leadership.