JAMB 2023: Practice and Download JAMB Past Questions

JAMB has declared 6th May, 2023 as the latest commencing date for the 2023/2024 Computer Based (CBT) UTME exam. This means that the JAMB 2023 Examination will be held from 6th to 16th of May, 2023.

How prepared are you?

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, is an entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions in Nigeria. The board conducts qualifying CBT exams for prospective candidates seeking admission into Nigerian public and private monotechnics, polytechnics, colleges, and universities. It could be admission into First year (100 level) or Direct Entry (200 or 300 Level) programmes.

It is of vital importance that you are well-prepared for the exam and pass it once and for all, as a high number of candidates tend of re-write JAMB at least one more time before gaining admission into their desired universities or even preferred choice of course.


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Just like most exams you’ve written in secondary school such as WAEC or NECO, JAMB also has practice and past questions cutting across all subjects to be sat down for during the exam. The JAMB practice and past questions have been compiled over the years to help candidates prepare well for it.

To be able to practice these past questions, you need to be aware of your subject comination for your desired course of study in the university.

Take for example:

Pharmacy: Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Business Administration: Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject.

Computer Engineering: Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Banking & Finance: Use of English, Mathematics, one Social Science subject and any other subject.

Computer Science: Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and one of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography.

Theatre Arts: Use of English, Lit. in English and two other relevant subjects.

Mass Communication: Use of English and any three from Arts or Social Science subjects.

Accounting: Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject.

English Language: Use of English, Lit.-in-English, one other Arts subject and another Arts or Social Science subject.

Medical Laboratory Science: English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


To pass the JAMB 2023 Examination, you must score above the cutoff mark, which is 180 for Universities, and 160 for Polytechnics. Your choice of course of study in your preferred university would have its cut-off mark separately, so you should aim for higher scores ranging from 250 to 400. There are candidates whose scores fall between these figures, so there is absolutely nothing stopping you from getting your perfect score too.


We will be providing some compiled Jamb past questions going as far back as 20 years ago for free. After studying your notes and textbooks for JAMB 2023 exam, the next thing would be to try out the past questions.

These questions will help you identify key subjects which you are strengthened in, as well as your weak ones. You’d also learn the standard ways to solve questions correctly to get the right answers.

Also, regular practice in preparation for the 2023 JAMB past questions will help you build assurance in your abilities to pass the exam excellently well, because you would be able to recall similar or same questions, and answer correctly.

We are sure it’s your dream to score 300 and above in 2023 JAMB. So, the next section comprises of JAMB Practice and Past Questions for you to choose your subject combination from and download.


Here is a peek into what a typical JAMB 2023 Maths Exam will look like:

1. Simplify 1 – (21 / 3 x 11 / 4 ) + 3 / 5 A. -231/ 60 B. –27 / 15 C. –119/ 60 D. –11 / 15

2. A cinema hall contains a certain number of people. If 221 / 2% are children, 471 / 2% are men and 84 are women, find the number of men in the hall. A. 133 B. 113 C. 63 D. 84

3. Simplify 2134 x 234 A. 132114 B. 103114 C. 103214 D. 122314

4. A woman buys 270 oranges for # 1800.00 and sells at 5 for #40.00. what is her profit? A. #630.00 B. #360.00 C. #1620.00 D. #2160.00

5. Simplify (Ö98 – Ö50) Ö32 A. ½ B. ¼ C. 1 D. 3

6. The sum of four numbers is 12145 . what is the average expressed in base five? A. 411 B. 401 C. 141 D. 114

7. Evaluate logÖ2 4 + log1/216 – log4 32 A. -2.5 B. 5.5 C. –5.5 D. 2.5

8. Given: U = {Even numbers between 0 and 30} P = {Multiples of 6 between 0 and 30} Q = {Multiples of 4 between 0 and 30} Find (PUQ)c . A. {0,2, 6, 22, 26} B. {2,4, 14,18, 26} C. {2,10, 14, 22,26} D. {0,10, 14, 22,26}

9. In a class of 40 students, 32 offer Mathematics, 24 offer Physics and 4 offer neither Mathematics nor Physics. How many offer both Mathematics and Physics? A. 16 B. 4 C. 20 D. 8

10. Find (1/0.06 ¸ 1/0.042)-1 , correct to two decimal places A. 4.42 B. 3.14 C. 1.53 D. 1.43

Download JAMB 2023 Past Questions Below:

We wish you the best in your JAMB 2023 Examination.

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