Enugu IJMB Centre – IJMB Study Centres In Enugu State

IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board, is a programme of 9 months to 1-year programme that you can combine the result to enter into 200L of almost Nigerian universities. And we have IJMB Centres in Enugu, Enugu State, Metropolis precisely. 

IJMB in Enugu State centres is predominantly in Enugu. And today we have about 4 centres in Enugu for IJMB program.

The IJMB is an alternative to JAMB and those who have been frustrated by JAMB.  IJMB is a program being supervised by ABU, Zaria that you can use the result to gain admission into almost Nigerian universities except 7

How To Register For IJMB At Metropolis Centre in Enugu, Enugu State in Nigeria.

To register for IJMB and do it at Metropolis, Enugu State, Nigeria for a whole year, you will need to inform your parents/guardian/parents that you want their consent to register for the programme. Remember, that IJMB is about the one-year academic programme.

Also have it in mind that the registration for IJMB and enquiries are strictly online, and central phone calls are available for enquiries, and WhatsApp. The registration fee for IJMB as at now is #8,500.

Registration Steps To register IJMB programme at Metropolis, Enugu State.

  1. Inform your parents/guardian or sponsored and seek their consent.
  2. If you do not want to pay using your ATM online, then you do the transfer, POS, Bank payment, USSD first before you start filling the IJMB form online you can as well see all available centres and their fees by generating your IJMB invoice.
  3. Then click on the IJMB form to start filling
  4. A link will be sent to your email to verify that your email address submitted is valid, you need to visit your email inbox you can also check, promotion label and spam to see the verification link sent to you. Click on that link.
  5. After you click on the verification link, it will Direct you to select your preferred IJMB centre, in your case, Pick/select Metropolis IJMB centre and select method of payment. And make your payment if you choose online payment, if you select other methods, then you are expected to have paid earlier.
  6. Admin will approve your payment, and you are expected to login again after then, to fill other important aspects
  7. Parents and guardians details, previous academic details, O’level result/certificate details, date of resumption.
  8. Your admission letter will be sent automatically to your verified email address and also available on your IJMB admission portal

Accommodation In Metropolis IJMB Centre

The IJMB Metropolis in Enugu, Enugu State centre
The centre in Metropolis has a range of fee between 178,000 to 198000 depending on whether you want accommodation or not.

The programme is about one year programme there as earlier stated, and the management will be responsible to make admission easy for the IJMB students once they are done.

Metropolis IJMB centre has hostel facility for students and is 4 students per with bathroom/toilet.

Payment Instalment For IJMB in Metropolis

The students have the privilege to pay the tuition fee maximum of 3 times at Metropolis IJMB centre in Enugu, Enugu State.

With the 50%, 25%, 25% means the student can start with an initial fee of half of the fee, then the remaining can be paid twice with 3 months interval.

The institution in Enugu State that accepts IJMB result into 200L

IJMB students in Metropolis, PH centre should be aware that it does not matter where you choose to do the programme, IJMB result is the same thing and carry the same privilege in all the universities that accept it.

At Metropolis IJMB centre you can do it there, and use it to gain admission into 200L in another state in the North, West, South or East in Nigeria, you do not necessarily to use the IJMB result obtained in Enugu State.

Example, you might be through at Metropolis IJMB study centre, and decide to use it to gain admission into Uniben, in Edo state, Unilorin in Kwara state, ABU in Kaduna state, UniAbuja in Abuja.

The Course You can Register For At Metropolis, Enugu IJMB study Centre

Since IJMB is a national programme, your IJMB subject combination is what matters, though your course will determine your subject combination. What you are trying to say is that you can study any course with IJMB, being Medicine, Accounting, Law, Business Administration, P.A etc. just make sure you select the right subject combination during your IJMB registration.

Lectures At Metropolis IJMB Centre

IJMB is a full-time programme of intensive lecturing/coaching for all the students in Enugu State including the Metropolis centre.  Lectures run from Monday to Friday every day except Saturdays and Sundays.

On an average day, 2 courses are expected daily depending on your timetable, each course has 2 hours duration at Metropolis IJMB centre.

What are your Fees at Enugu IJMB centre

In the 178k to 198k as stated earlier, the following are invoiced, depending on if you want accommodation or not. Here is the breakdown of the fees you will be paying at Metropolis IJMB centre in Enugu, Enugu State.

  • School fees
  • acceptance fee
  • exam fee
  • textbooks
  • accommodation (optional)

While the registration fee for Enugu State IJMB centre is #8,500. Take note that transaction charge ranges from #2,750 to #6570 depending on how many times you are paying the tuition fee. The transaction charge for a single payment is #2,750; #4,750 for double payments and #6,750 for three times payment.

This transaction charge will reflect in the receipt but please take note that the charges is not included in the tuition fee above.

When is IJMB registration Closing At Enugu, Enugu State?

Check the closing date for the IJMB in Enugu, Enugu State and Nigeria generally

Universities In Enugu State that accept IJMB into 200L via Direct Entry into any course

3 Godfrey Okoye University Ugwuomu-Nike
4 Caritas University Enugu
5 Evangel University, Akaeze Enugu
6 Renaissance University Enugu
7 Coal City University Enugu

Universities In Enugu State, Enugu That Do not accept IJMB result

1.  University of Nigeria Nsukka …

2. Enugu State University of Science and Technology Enugu

The above are the universities in Enugu, Enugu State that do not accept IJMB result. If your intention is to run the IJMB program and use it for the above universities, it’s better to register for JUPEB programme or Cambridge Alevel or NABTEB Alevel, The above universities do not accept IJMB into 200L but they accept other Alevels results like JUPEB, Cambridge Alevel and NABTEB Alevel into 200L for any course.

If you wish to register the IJMB programme, it is strictly online and while registering you will be able to select your preferred study centre, the full address for any of the study chosen by you will be available on your IJMB portal and also your email.

Payments receipts for any payment made will be automatically made available on your portal and notification will be available on your verified email address you used to register for IJMB.
You can mark your resumption whenever you resume to your Port Harcourt/Metropolis IJMB study centre.   IJMB subject combination syllabus is available when you pay your clearance/acceptance fee,