Northern States IJMB Registration Instruction

This instruction applies to those who want to do the IJMB programme in the states listed below (Northern states). IJMB has centres you can do the programme in almost Nigerian states and you can do the programme anywhere you want.

Our vision which is getting accomplished is to make IJMB registration and ease for everyone no matter where you and no matter which state you want to do. This is the main reason we set up this platform in 2011

We have expanded a lot and we have offered our consultancy, promotion and management expertise to centres that have resulted in increased in students applications in recent years.

The below instruction is for those who want to do the IJMB Programme in the below states

  • Benue state IJMB study centre
  • Niger IJMB study centre
  • Plateau IJMB study centre
  • Kano IJMB study centre
  • Kaduna IJMB study centre
  • Katsina IJMB study centre
  • Nasarawa IJMB study centre
  • Kebbi state IJMB study centre
  • Bauchi state IJMB study centre
  • Borno state IJMB study centre
  • Taraba state IJMB study centre
  • Adamawa state IJMB study centre
  • Kogi state IJMB study centre
  • Zamfara state IJMB study centre
  • Sokoto state IJMB study centre
  • Gombe state IJMB study centre
  • Yobe state IJMB study centre
  • Jigawa state IJMB study centre

Take note we all have IJMB centres in two or three centres in the above states. Now here is what you need to know

Some of the centres offered accommodation, some do not, some run the programme strictly 18 months while some is one year.

Some centres in the above state-run two academic years of IJMB simultaneous while others just one academic programme are run

You need to know also that the management of these centres run the IJMB programme but different tuition fees, a different mode of application, different resumption date and different policy in the admission of non-indigene

In the state above Some centres, there are different fees for indigene and another fee for non-indigene always above (15,000) different

Some centres in the above state conduct entrance examination, while some does not conduct entrance examination, some only do a screening of your result.

If you register in any of the states below, you might wait till 3 months to start the programme while some are immediately you regiser you start the IJMB programme at the centre

So if you register, you need to be patient to know when you are resuming,

You only pay 31,750 at our centres now and pay the remaining fees when you resume

Some accept instalment and some you need to pay once, it is when you reach the school you will know this as it’s varies.

You must have at least 5 credit in any of your O’level subjects before you apply for these centres either in one sitting or 2 sittings

And if you have a deficiency in Either Mathematics or English, these will help you regiser for Mathematics O’level or English O’level equivalent to WAEC, NECO or NABTEB O’level.

Kindly read the above instruction carefully before you register. For school fees and location, while you are completing the second stage registration form, you will see the tuition fee and what you are paying one.

If you want to do the IJMB programme or remedial programme in these states above, you will be able to start your registration on the IJMB portal

The above state won’t be paying the #8,500 as the registration but #31,750 now and then remaining at the school

From 23rd of February, 2021, you will be able to start your registration for these states