Why We Do Not Send Address To Unrecorded Persons

Head Office Address:
No. 4, Behind Kwasu Contact office,
Off Shoprite Roundabout
Kwara State.

Tel: 08105087367, 08111357171
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://ijmb.com.ng

The IJMB management cares about all the students for the programme, to the extent that we have made all forms of communication available for student, including email, phone call, text message, WhatsApp to ask their questions before they register.

Some students before registering always request for the address. We used to send it as requested until 2018/2019 session when we found out that 80% of people who do request for address have not made their mind up.

Secondly,  90% of those who went to the centres only goes there to ask questions they can simply see the answers on our website, or ask us on WhatsApp as we have a dedicated team of customer supports who are ready to answer questions as soon as possible.

You don’t go to UI, Unilag to ask questions before you apply.

Furthermore, the IJMB centres are not set up to answers questions at the centres to students who have not at least registered and paid their clearance fee.

But because of trust issues, the management has decided to send the address to those who request it after payment of registration fee.

Students and parents should be aware that tuition will be paid at the centre but the registration fee and acceptance fee are paid online, preferably before two weeks after registration.

The full address of the chosen centre, coordinators details and phone number are available on the admission letter of the student and also at the IJMB portal of the registered student of which they can have access to it anytime once they login

The centres are not set up for parents/students to come and ask questions, they are set up to lecture, do administrative work and attend to registered students need. These is done to increase productivity and take advantage of technology tools at our disposal.

For you to enter the various centres, its the form that gives you the privilege/access to our various centres in Nigeria.

Another reason is that, when when we send address, the students can change their mind on their preferred centre location at the point of registration, this is usually causing confusion between two centres if we have sent you an address to one already and decide to change your mind. This can easily be avoided if registration is done before the address.

A point in the case was a student who didn’t finish his registration online but at least started, but when to the centre and paid tuition fee to us, after visiting the centre, he wants to change the centre to another one, it was not possible after the resumption.

He was requesting for a refund, he got it after involving the legal team and the police as we clearly stated on the admission letter that no refund. This cost us financially too. This would have been invited if he has patiently finished registration online, and do a change of centre online before making the tuition payment.

Finally, If a centre is filled up or not available at the moment, it is automatically removed from the portal, so that you don’t select it during registration, but sending you to an IJMB address unknown to us that it has filled up, it usually a cause of dissatisfaction to parents.

This is why we have forced that any student/parent must at least registered online before any address is sent. What is available is the address of our Head Office. Which is at Ilorin, Kwara state.

If he/she wants the address, it is okay for our Technical Support team to ignore the person.

The management has decided not to send any address except the head office to anyone who asked it.

Michael Ekundayo
for Management.