Unilorin Post UTME 2015 Past Questions

Unilorin Real Post-UTME Past Questions 2015

Hello, please before you say unilorin post utme questions 2015 have linked or is it leaked? Kindly read every single word we posted here . We are not a hacker oooo, we don’t even know the date this 2015 Unilorin post UTME will be fixed not to talk of seeing your own questions. But that doesn’t mean the “Real” part of my topic is exageration, it is still real Unilorin post UTME questions.

WAIT, Unilorin post-utme application form is not yet out, when it is out, you will be the first to know by visiting this site

UPDATE ON 03/08/2015

The Unilorin Post UTME Is Now On For The 2015/2016. You can proceed to registration page on Unilorin website for at 2015/2016 Unilorin Post UTME Registration

Before we explain what have confused you above, the post UTME questions we are about to release to you is not the type you buy around the road, or the type someone who is less busy went to a road side, buy a textbook full of questions from any University, change the title and call it Uniloirin Post UTME Past questions and started typing, finish the typing and convert to PDF and started asking you to send a recharge card for you to have it. No, no no.

Now, let me explain how Unilorin Post UTME policy work. Unilorin have a policy which allow repetition of post-utme questions for every four or five years. Even though if you have been written post-utme for the same period of four or five years never, you can never meet the same questions. Because the questions are on database – which shuffle as you are answering each question as they are appear on your screen while “clicking” the exam. Am sure you all know that you will answer a total of 50 questions for 35 minutes, but in real sense is not upto 35 minutes because it is a Play Station Timer. You just need to learn to be fast during your period

The total questions in this database is around (1,520), don’t ask me how we know, [we know because we know] is one of the reasons you can never answered the same questions even if you write post UTME at Unilorin for 30 years consecutively even if the questions are not shuffled.

Here is the reason why we called it Real, is because we have gotten the database, and we are letting everyone who can let go of Ice cream for 20 days to have access to it.

After studying this database for 10 times and you don’t score at least 60% in your post-utme, please contact us for refund. It is that simple. Or after post UTME, and you don’t score 50% click on HERE to ask for 100% refund

Here Are some screenshots From The Unilorin Post-UTME questions

unilorin post utme 2015

Past Questions

unilorin post utme 2015

Past Questions

Past Questions

Past Questions

After payment you just contact us so that we can give you the link to download it into your phone or computer to start studying it.

How Much Is Unilorin Post UTME 2015

How much is it? It is just for #2000 for direct bank payment and the same amount if you choose to use make the payment online. We thoroughly work hard before we can get this, We are very sure you know we won’t because of  #2000 to destroy our reputations we have built for the past 6 years on IJMB programme, it can’t happen and it will never happened, we know that things are not easy, come to think of it  that most state governments have refused to pay our parents salary for more than 6 months now. I wonder why they are not wondered what we have been eaten since then. LOL

How To Pay With Direct Bank Deposit

Visit any WEMA Bank nearest to you to pay with this detail below.


Account No:      0122498185

Amount:        #2000

Bank:    WEMA Bank


Visit any GTBank nearest to you for the payment with thee below detail


Accont No:   0163836217

Amount:     #2,000

Bank:       GTBank

Or visit the following link and pay with your ATM card, after payment you will receive the Unilorin post UTME Database within 30 minutes in your email specified while paying with your ATM online or after we see the alert. It is better to use your VALID email address as the depositor name while paying at the bank

Don’t know how to use your ATM to make payment online? Please go through step by steps on how to make payment online using any ATM Card In Nigeria

For any complaints and inquiry about this great offer, please email us on [email protected]

Above all, we wish you all success. Call us on 08105087367

After making your high grade with this application (docx) don’t forget to go for UNILORIN ADMISSION HELP, a lobby page we created for those that might need one (It is not free ooo)

Please take note: When you are paying for Unilorin Post UTME Questions Database with your ATM online, it is normal for the transaction to fail when you try it for the first time, it is just to be sure that you really want to make the transaction, the second is always successful