Unilorin Admission Help / Assistance

Gaining admission into Unilorin have been the dreams of most Nigeria students, but because of population and the limited resources to establish new standard ones, it has not been easy for parent to secure their ward into university of their choice. Agreed or not, Unilorin is one of the best universities in Nigeria in which you as a parents or child will be proud to have your ward in

We raised up to establish this page because we received nothing less than 40 calls everyday from loving parents and the undergraduate hopeful alike of how we can help them to secure admission, not related to IJMB- a programme we have been running for the past 6 years that takes successful students into 200 Level of almost Nigerian universities, Unilorin inclusive. Well, that is not why we are here today, we are here for JAMBITEs whether as first timer  or those ones who have been writing JAMB for years, we want to say we can help you for admission into those competitive courses you have been aiming at, although IT IS NOT FREE. We have always try as much as possible to be sincere with ourselves since establishment of this centre, and that is what have seen us to be one of the best IJMB centres for years.

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What You Need To Know For Unilorin Admission Assistance.

1. We are 80% sure that when you allow us to lobby for you, you will get your admission, but if you won’t be able to get your desire course through us, we will tell you before processing your admission to the right channel

2. 100% percent of your money will be returned to you if we failed to secure admission for you. (You are not losing as regards to your money

3. You MUST  fulfilled the (minimum) requirements for Unilorin admission before we can help you, please if you are having deficiency in any of the requirements please don’t even bother to submit your data to us as a matter of fact, stop reading farther – No pun intended

4. You will pay FULL LOBBY fee immediately after the Unilorin Post-UTME and seen that your score is a good grade for you to continue.

5. You will need to scan ALL your data related to education (Your O’level result, JAMB score, post UTME score, State Of Origin certificate), will be needed to be sent to us for review before we can send you the corporate account number you will pay your lobby fee to.

6. Admission lobbying is being of our job for the IJMB students, we just need to extend it to JAMBITEs who have been calling us for help. And we think is something we can handle right.

7. Admission lobbying is first come first serve basis and we just have few numbers we can process per session. Once we have enough of what we can handle, we will remove the form below.

Just fill the form below, we will contact you the following Weekend after you fill this form. Please don’t call us to help you again, you just fill this form and we will get back to you at the right time. What we receive is calls for IJMB inquiries  and that is our major job and strength. Thank you.

For you to get high a high score, get Unilorin database UTME questions that is meant to last for years. It is just for #2000. Mind you, if you don’t have high score, you won’t be able to continue to process your Unilorin admission.

* indicates required

Remember that gaining admission is one thing, retaining is another thing entirely- you have to work hard for it. “Facing Tanke” which is means withdrawal from school as a result of poor/low G.P   is real in Unilorin. So to retain your admission, you MUST WORK HARD.

We have done our own part, Will you do yours?