Early and Unintended Pregnancy HackLab By UNFPA 2022

UNFPA Early and Unintended Pregnancy HackLab 2022

Nearly half of all pregnancies are unplanned—a global crisis, says UNFPA report

Almost half of all pregnancy deaths, totaling over one million annually, are unplanned. For women impacted by pregnancy it was impossible to become pregnant.

The groundbreaking paper sees the invisible: How to tackle the neglected crisis, unintended pregnancy warns of grave consequences to the health and safety of all women.

UNFPA Early and Unintended Pregnancy HackLab

  • Type: Training
  • Organisation: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • Course to study: Not specified
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: August 21, 2022

One year into the pandemic 12 million women have experienced contraceptive interruptions leading to 1.4 million unintended pregnancy

It is the UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) Early and Unintended Pregnancy HackLab will develop creative solutions to speed up collective efforts to stop Early and Unintended Pregnancy in the ESA region.

The objective the Hacklab is to build an environment where communities comprising women and girls are supported and leading the fight against unintended and premature pregnancy.

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The HackLab will bring together young co-founders, innovators, as well as an incubator team to develop solutions to stop Early Pregnancy in East and Southern Africa.

1. First Phase – Call for Innovations

That’s where you can help! We invite you to submit your application to participate in the call and submit your innovative ideas.

After the call for proposals is over, UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) will create a lengthy list of all solutions submitted and send applications to the appropriate Country Office (COs).

Once they have received the long list of options from ESARO the COs are in charge of the selection of a unique solution for their respective country (which is directly aligned with the Country Programme Document.,

The most important document that defines the role of UNFPA in reaching national goals, priorities, and outcomes ) to be the representative of their country in the final pitch competition.

2. Second Phase – Building technical capacity for COs and innovators as well as the final pitch event

CO staff will work with innovators to develop and present their solutions during the final pitch.

CO staff will help innovators in integrating their ideas with the CPDs of the participating nations, the UNFPA’s mission as well as continue to develop their innovative solutions for concerns related to premature and unplanned pregnancy.

The development of technical capacity for COs and innovators will be offered by an acceleration incubation partner as well as UNFPA ESARO.

The innovators and the COs have to show that the idea is unique within the SYP country of the program, yet is tested at a smaller scale and have a clearly defined strategy for bringing the idea to scale.

In the final pitching event an expert panel comprised composed of experts in programmatic and technical expertise will review the proposals and pick the two most successful innovative solutions.

The two new solutions will be able to benefit from the seed money of $10,000 USD in cash investment as well as another $10,000 in the form of business and investment readiness in-kind assistance.

3. Third Phase – Preparation for Investment Readiness

After the final pitch event after the final pitch event, preparations for investment readiness will begin.

This support program will be carried out by an acceleration partner who will work in partnership along with COs and ESARO in order to make sure that the unique solution is sustainable, viable and ready for the market.

The distribution of the seed fund will be based on the advice of the investment and business readiness coach who will which the Innovation team will receive.

The objective is to build an investment-ready social enterprise and product that can be scaled based on revenue, customer acquisition in the form of reach, impact and impact.

About United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

UNFPA is known as the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.

Their aim is to provide the world in which every pregnancy is valued and safe, every childbirth is protected and every child’s potential is realized.

Aim and Benefits of UNFPA Early and Unintended Pregnancy HackLab

1. The two new solutions will be able to benefit from the seed investment of US$10,000.

2. A further $10,000 of support for businesses that are ready to invest will be offered by a select group of business coaches.

The acceleration assistance offered by Afrilabs will comprise business support services , including exposure to opportunities for investment and business coaching, as well as branding, customer acquisition and awareness , etc.

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Requirements for UNFPA Early and Unintended Pregnancy HackLab Qualifications

To be a part of Hacklab, the Hacklab the proposed innovative solution must meet the following requirements:

1. Ideas must be original and innovative, and they must be able to respond to any one of the opportunities areas listed above.

2. You must be based in one of the UNFPA SYP Programme country (Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe);

3. Solutions should have been tried in the past on a limited scale, and in the process of being increased in size;

4. Show the potential by demonstrating clearly defined steps for developing the solution that can be scaled;

5. Ideas can be proposed by teams of people or non-governmental organizations (NGO) or corporations;

6. The first priority will go to ideas by innovators who are younger than the age of 35, or from companies or organizations led by youth;

7. In line with the UNFPAs transformational results and/or core mandate;

8. In line with UN principle of Innovation.

9. be scalable and possibly commercially feasible solutions that can be commercially viable. Solutions that can be easily adapted to various situations with a minimal money needed;

10. Are able to empower youth and women;

11. Teams must be prepared to adapt their solutions as directed from their Country Office facilitating their technical capacity building

12. Willingness to display their products and solutions on platforms of communication to be decided by UNFPA.

How To Apply For The UNFPA Early and Unintended Pregnancy HackLab

All interested and eligible individuals can apply using the link below.