Twitter/AMUI Health Journalism Scholarship 2023

Amref International University (AMIU) in collaboration with Twitter provides full scholarships to health journalists to attend a short course in health Journalism and Communication at AMIU.

The cost of the course is KES 80000/USD 800. The program will be provided online to applicants who have been successful.

The purpose for the program is to improve understanding, improve skills, and enhance the capabilities of Public Relations Officers , and health managers in the various aspects of health reporting.

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About Twitter

Twitter is an American microblogging and social network service that lets users share or interact with posts, referred to by the term “tweets”.

Registered users can write tweets, like, and retweet tweets. non-registered users are only able to read the tweets that are made public.

Twitter users interact with Twitter via a browser or mobile front-end software, or using its APIs.

Before April 20, 2020,, Twitter services were available through SMS.The service is offered through Twitter, Inc.

Twitter/AMUI Health Journalism Scholarship

  • Type: College School
  • Organisation: Twitter
  • Study in a country of your choice
  • School to take classes to Amref International University
  • The course of study is not specified.
  • Gender : Men and Women
  • Application Deadline : August 31, 2022

Aim and Benefits of Twitter/AMUI Health Journalism Scholarship

  • The goal this course accomplishes is increase the knowledge, increase abilities and enhance the capabilities of Public Relations Health Managers and officers on the various aspects of health reporting.

Requirements for Twitter/AMUI Health Journalism Scholarship Qualification

In order to be considered for this award, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Completion of Application. The applicant must fill out the application in its entirety with all documents that is requested in the application, or as otherwise required.
  • Documentation submission. The applicants are required to submit their resume and links or attachments of health related stories to [email protected]
  • Geographical limitations. It is essential to be a professional African health journalist, reporting on medical and health issues in Africa.
  • Deadline. Applications must be submitted before August 31, 2022. Only applications that are complete and include all supporting documents that are received before the deadlines published will be reviewed to be accepted by The Scholarship Application Evaluation Team.
  • Eligibility. Every recipient must fulfill all eligibility requirements as described above.
  • Scoring. Candidates will be scored by the quality of the information supplied and their performance as health journalists in their countries of residence.

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How to Apply for Twitter/AMUI Health Journalism Scholarship

After the team that evaluates scholarships has approved and selected the list of candidates who have been successful the list will be provided for approval by Amref International University.

Each applicant will receive a letter that informs them of the result of their application, along with details on the application procedures.

* Applicants who are granted the scholarship will have one week after the notification date in order to acknowledge the prize.

If the required documentation is not received by time, then the award will be terminated.

For more details,visit AMIU website