IJMB Alevel Registration Services/consultation for A’levels Programmes

IJMB Alevel Registration is a registered body to make easy for IJMB students to register to their preferred study centres nationwide. Some other services we registered for include;

1. Consultation for new centres. This is where we help new centres for IJMB to start their centres so that they can have it easy for the first year. We help them with the syllabus, with needed textbooks, their examination centres and help them linked up.

The price for a consultation is #152,500, that can be paid a maximum of 2 times: at 70%, 30%. The consultation can last for a whole year until you write your first examination for your students.

2. Syllabus. We have the full syllabus for all the subjects,  only for those who need it for their students and lecturers: Price is #5,000

3. Inclusion of your centre on our website. We will include your centre on our IJMB website so that when a student is registering they will be able to select your centre as their choice among the listed centres. The price is between #52,500 to #150,000

See centres we currently partner with at


  • Ilorin: #150,000,
  • Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ogun state, Delta state, Ibadan and Abuja: #100,000,
  • Other locations: #52,500

Term: These fees are subject  to renewal every two years

4. Students syllabus: Students who just need syllabus and did not register through the IJMB platform and want 3 subjects combination for his or her course: It is #1500. If you register through IJMB website, your syllabus will automatically be available on your portal once you pay your IJMB acceptance fee

5. Past Questions: Past questions for IJMB whether solved or not for 3 subjects is #8,000. Take note that no soft copy available yet and we will need to send it to you via delivery which can cost between #1,000 to #3,000 depending on the distance.

6. Full textbooks: These are recommended full textbooks being used by an accredited centre for their students. With transportation, it cost #25,000. The textbooks are 8 in numbers with past questions for Sciences and Social sciences students, while for Arts, is #13 in numbers.

7. Auto Recommendation Services/Stamp Duty/PR/Opinionated/Auto Referral/Customer Service: These are for centres, a student comes to register at your centre/platform, they are not convinced with your service or not convinced enough, instead of them to ask you questions, they come directly to us.

Instead of us asking them to re-register officially and forgo the registration fee and go through us, we will simply them that your centre accredited if we know you have been doing the IJMB program for a while now or by such A’level body or that you have registered student for IJMB exam before and we will answer all your student needed questions.

For each of such student, we will take #25,000 when they resume.

8. Registering student to Alevel Schools/universities/polytechnic, college of education: We take between #30,000 to #45,750 (depending on the registration fee of that centre ) or less to register you in Alevel schools (basic, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge A’level, Remedial, Pre-degree) programme for schools (not centres) not under our affiliated centres. The fee includes the registration fee and our registration services fee.

For any of these IJMB Alevel services, All payment should be made either through transfer or bank deposit to the account details below

Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration
Account Number: 0163836217
Bank: Gtbank

Afterwards send text, WhatsApp message or call 08105087367 for next line of action