Radboud University PhD Scholarship on Rebel-to-State Transition in Civil War 2022

Radboud University PhD Scholarship 2022

This project will examine the role of commanders during civil war and post-civil War settlements using the lens of rebels-to-state transformation.

The PI will examine rebel-to-state transformation in Afghanistan. This provides a unique view of Islamist rebel victory.

You will be a PhD candidate and conduct a comparative qualitative (n = 3) analysis of rebel-to-state transition by non Islamist groups.

In collaboration with the PI, you will determine which cases will be examined based on similarities or differences.

The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), the Sudan People’s Liberation Army(SPLA) and the Sandinista National Liberation Fronts (SNLF) both in Nicaragua, Liberia, and the National Patriotic Liberation Fronts (NPFs) in Liberia will all be taken into consideration.

The team (you, the PI, and later on a postdoctoral researcher) will be able to focus on non-Islamist rebel victories and to measure the impact of the ideological variable (in particular Islamist), on state-building outcomes (as compared with other variables).

The core fieldwork for the project will require you to conduct semi-structured interviews (roughly three to four months each in each country) with high-ranking state officials and ex-rebels.

After completing the fieldwork, your findings will be published in high-impact academic journals as well as in the form a doctoral dissertation.

You will have the chance to participate in knowledge valorisation activities such as briefing policymakers.

Dr Romain Malejacq and Dr Mathijs Van Leeuwen will supervise. For the first three years, you will be teaching 120 hours per year.

Radboud University

Radboud University, a university in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) that is public and Roman Catholic with a strong emphasis on research, is called Radboud University.

Radboud University is named after Saint Radboud, a Dutch bishop from the 9th century who was well-known for his intelligence and support for the poor.

Radboud University was established in 1923. It has been consistently ranked in the top 150 universities worldwide by the four leading university ranking tables.

It is ranked 104th in Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities as of 2019. [6] RU is well-known for its high research output internationally.

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The aim and benefits of Radboud University PhD Scholarship

  • It is a job for 1.0 FTE.
  • Based on a 38-hour work week, the gross monthly salary is EUR2,541 and will rise to EUR3,247 in year 4. ( Salary Scale P).
  • You will be eligible for a holiday allowance of 8% and an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%
  • After an initial period of 18 month, you will be hired. Your performance will then be evaluated. If you are deemed to be positive by the evaluation, your contract will be extended for 2.5 years (4-years).
  • Our Dual Career and Family Care Services will be available to you. The Dual Career and Family Officer can provide support for your family, assist your spouse in finding employment, and prepare them for the local labour market.
  • You will get extra work days when you work for us. Full-time employees can choose between 29 and 41 annual leaves instead of the 20 legally allowed.

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Qualifications for Radboud University PhD Scholarship

  • You have a Master’s degree in political science/international relations (or a related discipline).
  • Your grade transcripts and CV show that you have attained academic excellence.
  • Experience in qualitative research/interviews.
  • You are prepared to spend substantial time in case-study countries during the contract period.
  • Fluent in English (excellent oral communication skills and writing proficiency).
  • You are an expert in qualitative social science research methods.
  • You can work independently or in a group.


  • You are an expert in quantitative social science research methods.
  • You are familiar with conducting research that involves elites or in conflict-affected settings.
  • Your expertise is in the field of research on political violence.
  • You can speak other languages fluently than English, depending on the case.

How to Apply For Radboud University PhD Scholarship

The button below allows you to submit your application until September 30, 2022. Please address your application to Romain Maljacq.

Please complete the application form. Attach the following documents to your application:

  • A motivation letter explaining your motivation, interest, and expertise in the research area.
  • Your CV should include academic qualifications, grades, international experiences, publications list (if applicable) and contact details for at least two academic referees.
  • A proposal for research that is no more than two pages A4 (Times New Roman 12, 1.5-line spacing). This will include your ideas and the type of empirical approach you want to take.
  • A maximum of five pages of writing samples (this could be an excerpt from longer material, if it is applicable).

Interviews will be conducted during the week from 17-24 October. It is preferable to start employment by the 1st of February 2023.