IJMB Program Overview – 30 Things To Know About IJMB Programme

Here Is What You Need To Know About IJMB Program in 2023

We have made this IJMB overview for all students who wish to IJMB program in 2024. The IJMB program overview will help you to know what the IJMB program is all about, how to attend the lectures and how to become the best students in the centers.

IJMB Program Overvie

Help Lines: Whatsapp  08105087367, Call 08111357171

This is the detail you need to know for the IJMB program for this new session 2022/2023 that will start in early March


About IJMB Tuition Fees

  • That the school fees is #180,000 to 200,000
  • That the hostel fee is #35,000 to 60
  • That the form fee #8,500
  • That you can pay the school fee up to two times at #90,000 by March, #1000,000 by September
  • That no refund whatsoever will be given if you decide to quit because of any reason (it’s your decision)
  • That no default of those dates of the installment (we are just trying to caution ourselves) Please check available IJMB centres and their fees

IJMB Program Full Details

  • That IJMB program is one year program
  • That you need to have 5 points out of the total sixteen points before you can be admitted into university with IJMB
  • That IJMB is own by Ahmadu Bello University and you can use it to gain admission into almost all universities in Nigeria
  • That you don’t need JAMB before you can make use of IJMB
  • That IJMB exam do come up every February every year and the result will be released by the month of May
  • That you need to read your books very well
  • That IJMB is never a scam if you are dealing with the right people
  • The only people that can lecture you about IJMB are those people that have gone through IJMB
  • That you can be sure of making your necessary points with the right-center, and we are promising you the best
  • That you need to have your O’level complete before you can make use of the IJMB result but you can use awaiting result for the IJMB program
  • That where you buy your form means that is where you will have to attend to lectures
  • That you need to attend to lectures regularly and don’t be too playful
  • That IJMB website is https://ijmb.com.ng
  • That the final exam is will be done at ABU-approved exam centers for the year.
  • That IJMB result expires after seven years
  • That you can choose up to six universities at a time, if you have the money for a direct form
  • That you need to buy a Direct Entry form to process your admission into universities after the IJMB exam
  • That you can study any course of your choice after your IJMB program
  • That you need to write post-utme of the university you want to study at

Morale, Discipline, And Management

  • That you will respect other students’ view and don’t override anyone
  • That you will meet people from different backgrounds, and you must be friendly to all
  • That you will meet 15 years old as an IJMB student and at the same time 27 years old as IJMB students, and everyone must be respected accordingly
  • That you need to respect your lecturers and school management no matter ‘how small’ they are physical.
  • That you will be seen security officers paying courtesy visits to the center from time to time to check on students and to see if discipline are is the order
  • That you must read at least an hour after each lecture before you go to the hostel or anywhere you want to go – no excuses, please
  • That payment of the school fees must not be delayed accordingly
  • That you have the right to complain at any time you want and as many times you want
  • That we have the right to know when you are sick and you must inform us immediately
  • That you must always visit this site, at least once a week, to see if there’s any new information..and we will be glad to share it with your friends on Facebook and other social media across the net
  • That no refund of whatsoever be given back to your child if he/she decides to quit
  • That you have already made up your mind that you are ready to do IJMB and you will give all the attention it deserves

IJMB Lectures Details

  • IJMB lectures take place at IJMB Centres.
  • IJMB lectures take 2 hours each
  • Students can have upto 2 lectures per day ( which means a total of four hours
  • IJMB lectures run from Monday to Friday
  • IJMB lectures are compulsory, you cannot just write the IJMB exam without attending full lectures.

About IJMB Exam

  • IJMB exam is about 3 weeks
  • Final Timetable does come out 6 weeks to the examdate
  • IJMB is usually pure theory and practicals for Science students
  • Science Departs sit for 9 papers
  • Social sciences sit for 6 papers
  • Art Students sit for 9 papers.
  • The questions are set directly from ABU Zaria
  • IJMB exam takes about 2:3 to 3 hours for each paper


  • IJMB results do come out about 2 months after the exam
  • The result is released by ABU Zaria
  • You can have your IJMb result at your centre
  • IJMB results are not posts online but physical collection at your centre.

What of IJMB Questions And Past Questions

  1. IJMB questions are set of 7 to 14 questions
  2. You are to answer about 5 to 9 questions depending on the instruction given
  3. IJMB past questions are available at our IJMB centers
  4. IJMB past questions are very important for those really want to have high marks.
  5. If your centre does not provide past questions, you can message us on Whatsapp to direct you how to get one.

IJMB and JUPEB Program Difference and Similarities

See the difference between IJMB and JUPEB

IJMB & JAMB – What To Know

See the details you need to know about IJMB, how to use your IJMB to gain admission via Direct Entry

Or Simple pay to this account no below and send your email to 08111357171 or 08105087367 after payment.


Steps In Applying For IJMB 2022/2023

1, The first step is to print the form out at https://ijmb.com.ng/ijmb-registration/
2. Then do pay the form fee which is currently #8,500, to the following account number
Account No: 0163836217
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)
3 After paying, do fill the printed form with CAPITAL LETTERS
4. Attach your passport to the designated area on the form
5. Go back to the nearest cyber cafe to you and scan the form you have already filled, and also scan the teller copy you were issued at the bank
6. Send all the scanned data to [email protected]
7. Within 2 to 4 hours, a reply will be sent to you via the email you used to send the scanned data to us, the email will include other few details you need to know as an IJMB student
The total fees you will be paying through your IJMB program with us in any of our centers is #168,000 till you write your final examination which is always due by February every year. You can see the breakdown of the fees at the IJMB programme fee
Finally, we should call you to ask you if you have any questions or clarification you want us to answer or make.


  1. Elishama Etim says:

    I got 12points in IJMB
    What are my chances of getting admission into unijos to study chemistry?

    1. IJMB Portal says:

      your chance is high check Unijos portal for more information.

  2. i have registered today but still havent gotten the email iwas supposed to get after 2hours, like you said

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a register IJMB Student of 2015/2016 when will I write my exams

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