Potential IJMB Students Don’t Allow Anyone To Deceive You

Potential IJMB Students Don’t Allow Anyone To Deceive You

I have been receiving calls from people, especially potential IJMB students, when I’m talking about IJMB students, I mean those pupils that are interested in IJMB program. Since there so many different advisers online especially in the forum sites like Nairaland NBF and other popular fora sites. Well for now my advise for students, I mean
potential IJMB students to be weary of which people’s article they are going to read and digest on their way to greater height in their academic pursuits. You I must tell you this, there so many people that are deceivers online who are using IJMB as means to defraud students, and these kind of people are multiply everyday.
Therefore whom to believe? You see, I still wonder sometimes despite of my busy schedule in the office, the meetings and the phone calls I receive every minutes, I will still have time to updates this blog and some people will still go to forum where anyone can posts anything, I mean anything for the member of the public to believe them. Any information at all, always contact me. and I will sure give the best of information concerning IJMB—–I’m not only working in an IJMB institution which is Leadership Seekers Academy, I’m a part of IJMB.

It is so funny that some people are already saying that IJMB form, is going to close this week – it is a lie, and white lie, if there is anything called such anyway. IJMB will form will still be on untill all the slots given to us is finished. If you have called me at one point or the order, I must have told you that only 8 forms remain in Ilorin now, and those ones

are with us, we can’t see which time is going to be finished. My prayer is that it should finished this week so that I can face other thing.

I may guess right, that those who had told you or one of the potential IJMB students in which they called me to make inquiry about the state veracity of the matter. Those who said that, must have said it to hurry you up to call them for the IJMB program———- those type of thing I don’t do, I will never want to hurry up to make quick sale, it is better for you to make the decision on your own when you are at peace and sure of what you are going for.

Get Your IJMB Form Today, Study And Meet Your Colleagues In 200L Next Year

I don’t want to be saying this every time, but I think it will help search engine to rank this page well in other for potential IJMB like to find us on the net. So still doubting on whether to come for IJMB or not? Why are you thinking not to com? Tell me, do you think you can afford another year of your life without academic progression. You think UTME can only be the way out? Hmmmmmm. I wish you see people who had written UTME for more than three times, so that you can brass up, pack your luggages and be here in the institution right now. When you are coming, just bring one virtue along with you, which is the spirit of hard-work, that will help you to come to lectures even before the lecturers come to the hall – that want you to read more, despite that you spirit telling you that you have worked hard for the day. Note, if everything work well, lectures will always start between March/ April every year.

Steps In Applying For IJMB Programme

1,The first step is to print the form out at https://ijmb.com.ng/ijmb-registration/
2. Then do pay the form fee which is currently #8,500, to the following account number
Account No: 0163836217
Bank        : Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)
3 After paying, do fill the printed form with CAPITAL LETTERS
4. Attach your passport to the designated area on the form
5. Go back to the nearest cyber cafe to you and scan the form you have already filled, and also scan the teller copy you were issued at the bank
6. Send all the scanned data to [email protected]
7. Within 2 to 4 hours, a reply will be sent to you via the email you used to send the scanned data to us, the email will include other few details you need to know as an IJMB students
The total fees you will be paying through your IJMB programme with us in any of our centres is #168,000 till you write your final examination which is alway due by Februay every year. You can see the break down of the fees at IJMB programme fee
Finally, we should call you to ask you if  you have any question or clarification you want us to answer or make
Disclaimer: Some fraudulent elements have found another way of defrauding the unsuspecting potential IJMB students of their hard earned money. This is how they go about it, they lure students to register on their website, after the students might have parted away with their money, they will redirect them to our website during the registration process, that means, they will need to pay another registration fee of #8,500. We will like to plead with the intending IJMB not to register with any other site than www.ijmb.com.ng. As doing so, we won’t take any responsibility of you not being registered or being defrauded. BE WARNED. Thank you.