Our IJMB Program Payment Method


IJMB tuition at Leadership Seekers Academy (LSA) , I can say, out of IJMB institutions I’ve seen, our payment mode has been more so friendly to parent and guardian so far. We have set of policy or a laid down rule that allow students, students or guardian to pay their tuition fees, we know it’s has not been easy especially this time when some parents might up to 3 children at the same time because of admission difficulty being experienced every year by students
going through UTME.

Here I’m not saying IJMB students will automatically be freed from admission problem, but there are high chances than UTME of you being chosen in the same year because of the ratio of students going for IJMB program and students waiting for UTME exam to come up every year. So only few people know about IJMB, and once you have good result, no universities will deny you of your admission into 200 level. When coming to IJMB target minimum of 12 points out of 16 points you can acquired.

How Do You Pay IJMB Installmentally

 The payment policy, we have made for your convenience are, That you can pay till November 15th of this year.
You can pay for  your form fees = #8,500, Hostel fees #20,000 and a minimum #40,000 of your tuition fees which all together is #60,000 out of the total of #118,000 you need to pay before October 15th .

When we mean before or on November 15th , we don’t really mean your  second payment must be paid before or on November 15th but your third instalmental payment, I’m telling you this for clarity sake. Paying after this date might attract late payment registration and other fees or condition you might later find difficult to avoid. Is better to be sincere with you now, than for me to keep mum like there will not be problem, problem do occurs, and money is usually the main foundation of such.

One thing I will also want you to know from here is that, never start your program here without informing your family member especially your parents. They must know where you are  heading to at particular time, even though if you the one sponsoring yourself. We love them more if they make it possible by visiting us at least one time through your program year. The second one is like it, you must not go out anywhere without informing the management, once you start your IJMB program with us – we own the responsibility of knowing your where about – protecting our name and that of your family is our concern. Sometimes name take you to places than what your skill can do. Put that in mind.

Don’t forget that you can contact the me on 08105087367 or 08111357171 Goodluck in your education pursuits.

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