Orange CyberDefense Internship Program 2022

 Orange CyberDefense Internship Program 2022 – Cyber security have to do with the protection of computer against theft and other outer attacks.

This Scholarship opportunity is majorly for those who are interested in learning about cyber security.

It is the wish of so many student to venture into learning about cyber security but due to finance and other challenges they can’t make that dream come past.

Orange CyberDefense Internship is coming from SensePost Academy is offering south African Students the opportunity to learn more about pen testing by working with experts.

This offer is available to limited number of carefully selected candidates will be given this opportunity and if you perform well, you might be having a Job waiting for you.

Internship Details

  • Host Country: South Africa
  • Host Company: Orange CybetDefense
  • Scholarship Type: Internship
  • School of Study: Unspecified
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application open: Now Open
  • Deadline: Not Known Yet

Requirements for Orange CyberDefense Internship Program 2022

Check out the requirements if you really want to be on the internship.

  • You must be ready to learn about cyber security
  • Free for both girls and boys who are ready and interested.

Reward and Benefit of The Internship

This is a paid internship program in conjunction with orange  CyberDefense south Africa where just limited number of individuals will be carefully selected and will be taught the art of pen-testing by working, expert security analysts.

Another benefit of going for this internship is that you will be taught by some of the world best hackers and when you graduate with a good score, you will be employed into orange CyberDefense South Africa-SensePost’s Academy Family as a newly Qualified Junior penetration tester.


Unlike other kind of internship that can last up to one year, this particular one is suppose to last for just three months, a three months of intensive learning.

You are going to be learning from security experts and some of the world best hackers whom will give you all you need to know about cyber security and how to protect yourself and the company your working for.

How to Apply for Orange CyberDefense Internship Program 2022

Do you think you are fully qualified to be an expert on cybersecurity and technology and you think you met all the requirements, then it is time for you submit any application for you to be considered.

To get the application form, go to Orange CyberDefense on

To get more information about the internship, kindly visit orange CyberDefense website

About the Company

Orange CyberDefense South Africa are expert company in the cybersecurity business.

The Cyberdefense is just a unit in the Orange Group, that’s to say that the company is also into other things.

The company is good at providing managed security, managed Threat decoration, and response service to organizations’ around the world.

This company is not only situated at south African, it is also in European Countries like United kingdom and have provided security for most of their top companies and brands.

That’s all we have for you today, don’t forget to share this opportunity to your friend that might need it.