Mike Okonkwo National Essay 2022 ~ How To Apply

Mike Okonkwo National Essay one of the renowned essay writing Competition in the land birthed to over a decade ago in the year 2004, in line to Honour the very Presiding Bishop of TREM, Dr. Mike Okonkwo (MFR) on the days of his birth celebration.

According to his profile, Dr. Mike Okonkwo is the Presiding Bishop of one of the widely known pentecost church in the land; The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) also being regarded to Power in the Word with branches spread across the country. He is an evangelist who has impacted the life of Nigerian’s generally with the gospel and the words of his mouth.

Mike Okonkwo essay

The Mike OKONKWO national national competition which is anchored by evangelist Dr. Mike Okonkwo’s As a medium of giving back to the society in the form of community service, to cater for the academic welfare of youths mostly teenager so as to raise the standard of the educational sector in the country when being placed in comparison with that of other country.

This is considered pivotal in the educational sector as it tends to bring out the creative nature of students when it comes to expressing themselves with the pen. Regards of that, the topic of this essay still stands as NIGERIA, A COUNTRY AT WAR: THE PROBLEM, SOLUTIONS AND THE WAY FORWARD.


Students who intends to participate in the Mike Okonkwo 2022 scholarship are expected to compile an essay of a Maximum words of 2000.

As well as provides data of their personal details following this particular manner and order

~ Name of student

~ class

~ e-mail,

~ contact phone number

~ recent passport photograph

~ Name of school and detailed address alongside proprietor’s name and contact address

Essay must be neatly typed and void of plagiarism.


In the aftermath of applicants, having submitted their essay for the Mike Okonkwo scholarship For student to be reviewing by the panel of judges. Prices slated for the best performing writing alongside what he/she stands to gain from such an initiative as this which are listed below.


~ The best student of this essay competition would be duly rewarded with a whooping cash price of N100,000 alongside Laptop

~ On the part of the school, they are bound to receive as Price 3 complete sets of PC for producing the best performing Student in the essay competition


~ The first runner up of this very essay competition who is the 2nd placed student is expected to be rewarded with a whooping cash app of N75,00.

~ On the part of the school, they are bound to be rewarded with 2 complete set of a PC for producing the 1st runner up student of the Competition which is the 2nd placed student.


~ The seconds runner up of this very essay competition who is the 3rd placed student is expected to be rewarded with a consolation price in cash of the sum of N50,000 (Student)

~ On the part of the school, for producing the 3rd place student, they are in line to be awarded with a set of PC.

HOW TO APPLY FOR THE Scholarship okonkwo scholarship for students COMPETITION

In order for a student to be deemed fit and qualified to participate in such an exercise as this, it is expected of the candidate to forward their essay entries alongside details of their personal data to: [email protected]

That’s all for now in regards to tendering your application for the Mike okonkwo national competition, it’s hope to you now to get things done In the right manner so as to ensure your essay is top notch.