MIASA Female Academic 2022 Career Workshop

MIASA female academic 2022 career workshop is an opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by women and also the opportunities in academia in African context.

Participants from different African countries will be assembled and accompanied by professional couches that will go through different modules to address issues on how to build up an effective team, how to also deal with university protocols, how to also address conflicts at workplace and how to proceed with academic career with multiple time constraint.

This workshop is meant to explore and resolve issues with professional relationships in academic practices.

A program build for African women who are facing some of the issues we have highlighted.

With this workshop, all the people that participated will be able to define their own working and leadership style.

Aside this, too will also be thought how to adapt to your different context and challenges.

The program which is meant to help early or mid career female academia in Ghana and other African countries to further build up career and develop strategies for keeping a work life balance that will help you in your academic research and other things.

After the program, the participants will be trained to be ready to take up any leadership positions and evening taking other professional opportunities like a pro.

Maria Sibylla Merian Institute of advanced studies in Africa is bent in sustainable governance in the Africa.

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Workshop Details

  • Host Country: Ghana
  • Host Company: Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in African
  • School of Study: Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in African
  • Category: Workshop
  • Type: College Studies
  • Eligible: Ghana and other African countries.
  • Application: Now open
  • Deadline: August 3, 2022

Requirements for MIASA Female Academic 2022 Career Workshop

  • Open to early and mid career female academic who are affiliated in social science and humanities with universities or research institutes in Africa.
  • To be eligible, you should have a PhD
  • The workshop is open to a broad range of discipline especially to someone who worked on one or more of MIASA main research theme
  • You should be a woman or a lady who is willing to embark on community service

Benefits of MIASA Female Academic 2022 Career Workshop

  • You will have your accommodation fees covered up
  • You will also have your flight (economy class) covered up too
  • All your travel cost is on the head of the providers.

How to Apply for MIASA Female Academic 2022 Career Workshop

If you want to apply or you want to participate in the workshop, you should take note of the following things which is required and be checked.

  • You will submit your Full CV including publication list, maximum of 2 pages.
  • Motivation letter will be required, this means you should describe your general professional profile and indicate the two main reasons why you want to participate.
  • Submit your research topic and briefly explain what it’s talking about, not less than 500 words.

When all this have been provided, you can then proceed by turning all of them to pdf file send it to [email protected]

To know more about them, check their website at MIASA