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Ever since the inception of JAMB, JAMB has proven to be a link between outgoing students of secondary schools and higher institutions in Nigeria. This means that before getting admitted into any higher institutions in Nigeria, one needs to write a JAMB examination.

In this post, we would be covering essential details you need to know about JAMB, JAMB registration portal 2024, JAMB Form, JAMB Registration and many more details. 

Introduction To JAMB

JAMB was introduced and created by the 1978 Act by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It was later revised in 1989 and 1993. The Act by the Federal Government gives JAMB the power to be in charge of the following mandates:

— The placement of suitably qualified candidates in the tertiary institutions in collaboration with those institutions; ownership over the conduct of matriculation examinations into all universities, monotechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

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— JAMB has the power to organize a matriculation exam for applicants seeking admission to higher institutions across the nation in order to advance these duties. The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is the name of this test (UTME).

JAMB Website & JAMB

The official website for the JAMB examination is the jamb.gov.ng, where candidates can sign up to take the JAMB 2024 examination. The registration fee must be paid online at jamb.gov.ng.

About JAMB Registration, Joint Admissions Matriculation Board & Cut-off Points

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board administers a test each year to decide which students will be accepted into higher education. In 2020, a whopping record number of 2.1 million candidates registered for the exam.

The Joint Admissions Matriculation Board has a grade range of 0-400 and is only valid for one year.

As for the cut off marks, JAMB, alongside the leadership congress of universities, polytechnics and other stakeholders meet and decides on the cut-off mark for universities, polytechnics, and institutes of education following the completion of the year’s examination; certain institutions have greater requirements.

During the most recent policy meeting on admissions, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) announced that the cutoff marks for universities is 140, for polytechnics the cutoff mark is 120 and for colleges of education the cutoff mark is 100.

However, the most important thing is scoring a high JAMB score. Why? To increase your chances of getting admitted to a higher institution of your choice.

How To Register For JAMB

You can register for JAMB in some short easy steps. Let’s go over these steps:

Step 1. Open and verify your email address

If you have a smartphone, tap the GMAIL app on your phone. After that, select ‘Create An Account’. Then, fill in your correct details and verify your details by typing the code that would be sent to your personal number into the verification box.

Step 2. Send Your NIN details to 55019.

The second step to registering for JAMB is by sending your NIN details to the 55019. To do this, type ‘NIN’ then leave a space and type your 11 digit NIN as an SMS to 55019. If you’re confused on what this step involves, use this as an example:

On your phone, open your text message box, then type this:

NIN 11111111111

then text this to 55019.

Note: I took ‘11111111111’ as my NIN use your own NIN in place of ‘11111111111’.

Now, after sending this text, you’ll receive another a 10-digit code on your phone number. Yes, on the phone number that was used to send the text.

Do not misplace the SIM that was used to send the text. If in any case, it was misplaced please do well to make sure the code the 10-digit code you received is not misplaced. The 10-digit code that was sent to you would be used to buy ePins.

Step 3: Get ePins.

In order to begin your application process for the JAMB registrations, the ePins must be purchased. This ePins can be bought at supported banks, CBT centres and JAMB offices.

Step 4. Finish the registration process.

The next step for you is to proceed to a recognized JAMB CBT center for online registration after acquiring the ePin. Here, you must show the ePIN at any certified CBT Center to complete the JAMB registration process and have it validated. While the CBT center enters the e-PIN, the name of the candidate as entered by the applicant on his or her phone when registering the profile appears automatically.

During the registration process, you be asked to provide information for:

  1. Your preferred institution and the course you intend to study there.


  2. You must also provide your O’level grades or A’level grades whichever is available. If you’re awaiting results you’ll also be accepted too. There’s no hindrance on that.

  3. Your subject combination for the course of study would also be asked from you.

  4. Your preferred choice of test location

  5. Your fingerprints details would be needed.

After providing these information to the person registering you, thoroughly check again to avoid any mistake.

After registering, you’ll be given a JAMB recommended novel and a Compact Disc.

Also, make sure to keep the e-slip that would be given to you. This serves as an evidence that you’ve you have completed the registration.

Joint Admission Matriculation Board Quick Links

— Wondering What Course You Should Study And At Which University? Let’s Guide You With Your JAMB Score For All Courses

—Also See How To Pass JAMB Excellently And Score High

— Checkout How To Check JAMB Result


The 19th of February 2024 has been set by JAMB as the latest start date for the procurement of 2024/2024 JAMB forms. This means that on February 19, 2024, JAMB forms for 2024 will officially begin to be sold on jamb.gov.ng.

The latest start date for the 2024/2024 Computer Based (CBT) UTME examination has been set by JAMB as May 6, 2024.

This indicates that the JAMB Exam, also known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, would begin on May 6 and run through May 16.

What Is JAMB Program?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) administers entrance exams in Nigeria for institutions of higher learning. For applicants to undergraduate programs in Nigerian universities, the board administers the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

JAMB is also tasked with conducting comparable tests for candidates applying to Nigerian public and private polytechnics, monotechnics, and colleges of education. All of these applicants must have earned a West Africa School Certificate, or WASC, currently known as the West African Examinations Council, or NECO, Nigeria’s equivalent.

The computer-based test method for the UTME is used only once a year. The exam is a three-hour multiple-choice test with a paper on Use of English as the required subject and three other subjects of the candidate’s choosing. In choosing their elective subjects for JAMB, prospective candidates are urged to consult with their teachers, parents or career counselors.

The numerous locations and centers in Nigeria that have been authorized by JAMB for the registrations of the UTME exam are known as Jamb CBT (Computer Based Test) Centers.

JAMB Requirements

JAMB requirements are not tasking. In fact you only need few things such as:

— A Personal e-mail address

— A valid phone Number

— National Identification Number (NIN)

— O’level or A’level Result

— Fill in your Biodata

What JAMB Does Not Require

JAMB does not require a recommendation letter from anyone in order to register you. Also, the JAMB CBT exam is open to both the abled and the disabled.

Yes, special arrangements are made for the disabled to write the examination.

JAMB Eligibility

Those who possess the JAMB requirements listed above are eligible for JAMB. Candidates who have already taken exams for any of these requirements or who have exams scheduled for them in the application year are eligible to take the JAMB.

Courses/Subject Categories

Here are the various subject combinations to courses offered by higher institutions in Nigeria:

Chemical Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|

Mechanical Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|

Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|

Petroleum Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|

Civil Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|

Metallurgical Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|

Marine Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|

Agricultural Engineering

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|


Subject Combinations: Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|


Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics


Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|


Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|

 Human Nutrition

Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|

 Medicine and surgery (Human Medicine)

Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|


Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|

Nursing/nursing science

Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|


Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics|

Pure and applied Maths

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics|


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics |


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics |


Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics |

Industrial Chemistry

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics |


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics

Computer Science

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics

Animal Production

Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics |

Environmental Biology & Fisheries

Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics |


Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics |

Plant Science

Subject Combinations: English | Biology | Chemistry | Physics |


Subject Combinations: English | Geography | Chemistry | Physics |

Political Science 

Subject Combinations: English | Government | Literature | Civic Education

English Language

Subject Combinations: 

Subject Combinations: English | Government | Literature | Civic Education


Subject Combinations: 

Subject Combinations: English | Government | Literature | Civic Education


Subject Combinations: 

Subject Combinations: English | Government | Literature | Civic Education


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Government | Economics |


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Accounting | Economics |


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Accounting | Economics |


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Accounting | Economics |


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Accounting | Economics |

Business Management

Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Accounting | Economics |


Subject Combinations: English | Mathematics | Accounting | Economics |

Duration Of JAMB Program

The JAMB program which is slated to start registration by the 19th of February 2024 will end before the commencement of the main examination which is due to end on the 6th of May 2024. This simply means that the duration of JAMB program is estimated to be about three months.

JAMB Abuja

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board’s headquarters is in Abuja. The JAMB Abuja office is in charge of everything JAMB, including the examinations, the curriculum, board meetings, and how the program will be implemented throughout the whole of Nigeria.

JAMB OR JAMB What Is The Meaning

The acronym ‘JAMB’ simply means Joint Admissions Matriculation Board.

Why JAMB Is Important

As a student, you might wonder why JAMB is important to you or to the education sector, here are some reasons why JAMB is important:

— Information about all aspects of admission to higher institutions in Nigeria must be gathered and disseminated by JAMB.

To ensure adherence to the decisions issued by JAMB, the Nigeria University Commission (NUC), the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), and the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) on admission, JAMB periodically inspects tertiary institutions. Participants who were admitted successfully also receive information from JAMB, such as an acceptance letter.

— In order to separate students who are qualified for universities from others and to ensure that the intellectual property of applicants to tertiary institutions is up to par, JAMB collaborates with other academic authorities to establish prerequisites like five/four relevant subjects and cut off marks.

— By requiring the seek validation or their equivalent as part of its prerequisites for participation in the UTME tests and also to get admission into higher institutions, JAMB works to ensure that candidates seeking admission to tertiary institutions are eligible.

— JAMB makes sure that all children have the potential to learn and are given equal opportunity to do so, regardless of culture and background among other factors. Different types of people are given equal opportunity by JAMB, which also keeps an eye on student admittance to make sure tertiary institutions don’t discriminate against them.

— The JAMB brochure produced by JAMB contains rlevant details on all the courses offered by tertiary schools in Nigeria, JAMB is working in collaboration with these institutions. The goal of this approach is to help students choose the best course for them, assist them in selecting the best institution, and raise the possibility that participants will be admitted to the schools of their choice.

JAMB Portal

https://www.jamb.gov.ng is the address of the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board’s official portal.

How To Use The JAMB Result To Gain Admission

So, now that you have the knowledge of JAMB and what its all about, how do you use your JAMB result to gain admission into the university?

Getting admission is an entirely different game to writing JAMB. This is because you’ll always have to be alert to know when the Post UTME form for your institution is out. The Post UTME requires that you write an examination to show the level of your knowledge and if you’re truly eligible for the course you’re seeking for.

Note: If the higher institution you fill as first choice does not require you sit for Post In, you’ll be notified via JAMB CAPS if you’ve been admitted or not. 

After writing the Post UTME for the institution you seek admission for, that’s when you’ll be offered admission into the institution of your choice that’s if you score excellently, of course.

Follow the steps below to get an idea on how to submit a Post UTME form for the institution you seek admission for..

How to Submit a Post UTME Application

  1. Visit your institution’s website.
  2. Select ‘Admissions’

  3. Click on the ‘ Post-UTME Application’ option

  4. Enter your JAMB registration number as the username to log in.

  5. You’ll be asked to pay for your Post UTME fee.

  6. Make your way to any commercial bank to pay the Post UTME.

  7. After paying, you’ll be allowed to register for the Post UTME. From there, complete your application.

  8. Print your Post UTME Confirmation Slip

  9. After you finish printing the slip, go back home and begin reading and preparation for the examination.

  10. Bring your printout on the day of the examination as an evidence.

  11. After writing the Post UTME, go back home and wait for your JAMB CAPS to change.

Universities That Accept JAMB Candidates

Here are universities that accept qualified JAMB candidates in Nigeria. The universities enlisted below includes both the Federal, State and Private univeristues in Nigeria.

• Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University

• Ahmadu Bello University

• Bayero University, Kano

• Federal University Gashua, Yobe

• Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun

• Federal University of Technology, Akure

• African University of Science and Technology

• Ajayi Crowther University

• Al-Hikmah University

• Al-Qalam University

• American University of Nigeria

• Augustine University

• Babcock University

• Baze University

• Bells University of Technology

• Benson Idahosa University

• Bingham University

• Bowen University

• Caleb University

• Caritas University

• Chrisland University

• Covenant University

• Crawford University

• Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State

• Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina

• Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State

• Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State

• Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi State

• Niger Delta University Yenagoa (NDU)

• Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye (OOU)

• Ondo State University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED)

• Osun State University Osogbo (UNIOSUN)

• Oyo State Technical University Ibadan (Tech-U)

• Plateau State University Bokkos (PLASU)

• River State University of Science and Technology (RSUST)

• Sokoto State University (SSU)

• Taraba State University, Jalingo (TASU)

• The Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni (IAUE)

• Umar Musa Yar’ Adua University Katsina (UMYU)

• Alex Ekwueme University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State

• Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa

• Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State

• Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State

• Federal University, Birnin Kebbi

• Federal University, Gusau Zamfara

• Michael Okpara University of Agricultural Umudike

• University of Agriculture, Makurdi

• University of Benin

• Nile University of Nigeria

• Oduduwa University

• Igbinedion University

• Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria

• Philomath University

• Greenfield University

• Clifford University

• Godfrey Okoye University

• Hezekiah University

• Joseph Ayo Babalola University

• Kings University

• Madonna University

• Mcpherson University

• Micheal & Cecilia Ibru University

• Mountain Top University

• Oduduwa University

• Pan-Atlantic University

• Paul University

• Redeemer’s University

• Renaissance University

• Rhema University

• Ritman University

• Salem University

• University of Calabar

• University of Ibadan

• University of Ilorin

• University of Jos

• University of Lagos

• Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU)

• Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (AAU)

• Bauchi State University, Gadau ( BASUG)

• Bayelsa Medical University

• Benue State University, Makurdi (BSU)

• Bornu State University, Maiduguri (BOSU)

• Bukar Abba Ibrahim University, Damaturu

• Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli (COOU)

• Delta State University Abraka (DELSU)

• Eastern Palm University Ogboko, Imo State (EPU)

• Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki (EBSU)

• Edo University Iyamo (EUI)

• Gombe State University, Gombe (GSU)

• Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai (IBBU)

• University of Maiduguri

• University of Nigeria

• University of Port-Harcourt

• University of Uyo

JAMB Program: Leading Accredited Centres

The JAMB program leading accredited centres are located in Lagos State, FCT Abuja, Oyo State, Delta State, Kaduna Stare, and Kano State. This does not mean they are no accredited centres in the other states of the country it only means the CBT centres who have recorded the most registered JAMB candidates.

Lagos State

— Balad Schools CBT Centres

Address: 1, Obafemi Street, Off Isawo Road, Ikorodu.

— Adamspring CBT Cenntre

Address:9, Owoseni Streeet, Along Ijanikin Bustop.

— Bafuto Institute Of Management And Information CBT Centre

Address: 62, Ikotun-Isolo Road, Ikotun Egbe.

— Best Gift Schools CBT Centre

Address: 148, Idimu Road, By Seliat Bustop, Ikotun.

— Dominium Heritage School CBT Centre

Address: 10, Mojisola Alapini Street, Ikotun.

— Eko College CBT Centre

Address: 14, Kudaki Road Bustop, Ikotun Egbe.

— Brain Builders CBT Centre

Address: 148, Idimu Road By Seplat Bustop, Egbeda.

— Christy Caleb College CBT Centre

Address: Olowookere Street, By NNPC Bustop, Ejigbo.

— Classic International School CBT Centre

Address: 29, Afolabi Street, By Orioke Bustop, Egbeda.

— Datfort International School CBT Centre

Address: Bakare Estate By Hamadiya Bustop, Abule Egba.

— Enefem Group of Schools CBT Centre

Address: 9, Adebayo Street, By Makinde Bustop, Asipa Ayobo.

FCT Abuja

— Emis CBT Centre

Address: Epitome Islamic Close, Along Sabi Abacha Road.

— Adeola School CBT Centre

Address: Army Veteran Plaza, Kubwa.

— Christ The King College

Address: Christ The King Road, Gwagwalada.

— Blue Ocean CBT Centre

Address: Glory House Along Dutse Road.

— 23 Technologies Limited CBT Centre

Address: Valley Estate, Behind Abacha Barracks, Asokoro Abuja.

— Digital Bridge CBT Centre

Address: 8, Mafemi Crescent, Utako.

— Aduvie CBT Centre

Address: 1, Aduvie Close, By Aduvie Way, Jahi District.

— Dantata Services CBT Centre

Address: Beside Custom Headquarters, Wuse Zone 3.

— City Stars CBT Centre

Address: City College Of Education, Karu Village.

Oyo State

— Damdav CBT Centre

Address: Kajola LG, Okeho.

— Embeth CBT Centre

Address: Off Akala Express way, By Kuola Bustop, Ibadan.

— IFlier School CBT Centre

Address: IFlier Road, Opposite Don Bosco Centre, Egbeda, Ibadan.

— Atanda School CBT Centre

Addess: Oluyole Estate, Ibadan.

— Electro Media Complex CBT Centre

Address: 2, Special College Of Education, Oyo.

— Command School CBT Centre

Address: By Abeokuta Express way, Bode Igbo, Ibadan.

— Abdul Ocean Wealth

Address: 6, Tioya Bus stop, Along Akanran road, Ibadan.

— University Of Ibadan

Address: ETC Centre, Ibadan.


— Atiba University CBT Centre

Address: Along Oyo Iseyin Express way, Oyo township.

— Icon Online CBT Centre

Address: Tinuade Commercial House, Ologuneru, Ibadan.

— Dolvic School CBT Centre

Address: 1, Ifedlodu Alaru Ajara, Ibadan.

— Hismay CBT Centre

Address: Along new Ife Express way, Ibadan.

— Emmanuel Alayande CBT Centre

Address: CBT Centre No.3, Eleru.

Delta State

— Fetmakson CBT Centre

Address: Ofu Quarters, Along Idu Muoogo Road, Iselleuku.

— Delta State Polytechnic CBT Centre 1

Address: Ogwashi Uku, By Azagba Road, Asaba.

— Delta State Polytechnic CBT Centre 2

Address: Ogwashi Uku, By Azagba Road, Asaba.

— DELSU CBT Centre

Address: Digital Centre, Abraka.

— DELSU CBT Centre 1

Address: Campus 3, Centre 1, Abraka.

— DELSU CBT Centre 2

Address: Campus 3, Centre 2, Abraka.

— Adam Igbudu CBT Centre

Address: Along Ughelli Ozoro Road, Emevor.

— Edwin Clark CBT Centre

Address: Burutu Local Government Area, Kiagbido.

— Creative Demonstrative CBT Centre

Address: 17, Ogbe Street, Along Marine Gates, Warri.

— Dsust CBT Centre 1

Address: By Ughelli Ozoro, Asaba.

— Dsust CBT Centre 2

Address: By Ughelli Ozoro, Asaba.

— Benchill School CBT Centre

Address: 1, Dudu Close By Ogunu Road, Warri.

— Creative Schools CBT Centre

Address: 17, Ogbe Street, Along Marine Gates Road, Warri.

Kaduna State

— Christ International College CBT Centre

Address: Opposite Stanbic Bank, Sabon Tasha.

— Defence Industries Corporation CBT Centre

Address: Dicon Road Off Monday Market, Kakuri.

— Kaduna State University CBT Centre

Address: Along Tafawa Balewa, Kaduna.

— Fantsuam Foundation CBT Centre

Address: Fantsuam Close, Along Bayan Loco, Kafanchan.

— Beijing School CBT Centre

Address: 18, Salim Street, Kawo.

— Ateko Digital Technology CBT Centre

Address: Off Aligu Makama Road, Barnawa.

— Ahmadu Bello University

Address: Samaru, Zaria.

— Golden Height CBT Centre

Address: 1, Jushin Waje, Sabin Gari, Zaria.

— Amal CBT Centre

Address: 30, Matazu Road, Jummat Mosque, Tundunwada.

— Divine Progress CBT Centre

Address: 47, Mayere Road, Kaduna.

— Alakwe CBT Centre

Address: Unguwan Dosa Junction, Kaduna.

— Awesons Academy CBT Centre

Address: Anguwan Kaya, Zaria.

Kano State

— Cybertron CBT Centres

Address: 218, Aminu Kano, Tarauni, Kano.

— AUDO College CBT Centre

Address: Dambatta, Along Daura Road, Kano.

— Butale Technology CBT Centre

Address: Close To NYSC Secretariat, By Gwarzo Road, Kano.

— Advanture CBT Centre

Addess: Close To She Supermarket, Along Hadejia Road, Kano.

— BMG Technology CBT Centre

Address: 13, Gyadi Gyadi, By Zaria Road, Kano.

— AIA CBT Centre

Address: 4, Panshekara Road, Kano.

These are the leading accredited centres in Nigeria. As mentioned earlier, theses are JAMB CBT centres that have recorded the most JAMB registration. JAMB accredited centres are located in all parts of the country.

Why JAMB Programme?

— The JAMB programme is very essential in order to provide a successful exam administration to candidates is crucial to their consideration for admission to postsecondary institutions.

— To ensure that applicants meet the requirements before being accepted, JAMB establishes benchmark exams and oversees their administration. This programme is done to make sure that the best applicants are accepted in order to keep the educational system operating smoothly.

— Another reason for the JAMB programme is to obtain information from institutions about their fundamental admission requirements and to disseminate it so that applicants are adequately guided. Candidates who want to attend tertiary universities can communicate with the various institutions through JAMB.

JAMB Study Centres In Nigeria

JAMB study centres in Nigeria may include tutorial centers that can help you prepare for the upcoming JAMB 2024 examination. The study centres are located almost in every local government area in Nigeria.

How To Register For Joint Admissions Matriculation Board Examination

JAMB registration process has been made easier for candidates’ convenience ever since the establishment of CBT centers. You can easily register for JAMB by visiting any of the registered CBT centers in Nigeria.

JAMB Online Registration Form

The JAMB online registration form can be found here. When filling the form, kindly provide correct details about you for easy registration.

JAMB Fees & Payment

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) management released the price for 2022 JAMB Form to be N4,700.

The registration fee which was N4,700, includes N3,500 for the E-Pin, N500 for using English text, and N700 for the CBT charges.

As for the JAMB 2024/2024 examinations, the information regarding the price of the form is unknown. But, what is sure is that there would be not much difference from the 2022 form price.

Refund Policy

Those who wish to write JAMB 2024 should note that once you pay for the JAMB examination, you can no longer request for a refund. So it is advisable that before you register for JAMB, you should be sure about your course of study and choice if institution.

However, if you make a mistake while picking your choice of institution, you’ll be allowed to change your choice. That can be done only after the examination and after you’ve paid the Change Of Institution fee.

JAMB Latest News Update And Info For Prospectives & Students

The latest on JAMB news is that oStudentsn the 21st of July 2022 the JAMB approved the cut-off scores for the nation’s universities and polytechnics.

The choice was made following a contentious meeting that included representatives from the National Universities Commission, the Ministry of Education, the National Board for Technical Education, and others.

The cut-off mark for polytechnics was 120, while universities required 140.

JAMB Frequently Asked Questions On Examination, Registration, Admission, Centres And Closing Date

Is JAMB Registration Still On 2024?

Not yet. This is because the sales of the JAMB Form has not yet started. It will begin sometime next year . Mid February to be precise.

What Is The Deadline For JAMB Registration?

The deadline for the registration of JAMB 2024/2024 has not yet been announced by JAMB. What is sure is that the deadline for JAMB would be before the main examination.

Can I Register For JAMB Online?

Ofcourse, you can register for JAMB online. Ever since the introduction of the CBT examinations, JAMB has made the registration for the examination easier. The registration can only be done at accredited CBT centres.

Is JAMB Form Still Out?

The sales of the JAMB registration form for the 2024/2024 examination has begun. Be sure that when it is out, you’ll be the first to know.

Can I Still Register For JAMB 2024?

Yes of course. If you fulfill all eligibility requirements. Kindly make sure you register for JAMB when the registration form is out.

How Much Is JAMB Fees?

The JAMB Fee for the 2024/2024 examination has not been announced yet. This fee would include the CBT accredited centre charges, JAMB novel amongst others.

How Do I Apply For JAMB 2024?

JAMB registration just got easier! With your correct NIN details, phone number and other secondary school credentials, you can apply. To begin, send NIN (11 digits number) to 55019.

This section contains a step-by-step process on how to register for JAMB 2024

Total Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Step 1. Create An Email Account

The first step to begin your JAMB registration is by creating a valid email address. You’ll need to supply your names,date of birth and the form of email address you want. The recommended one being a Google Mail.

Step 2. Send Your NIN Details to 55019

The next step would be to supply your NIN details to 55019. This would make your registration by JAMB much easier.

Step 3. Take Your NIN Details to the Nearest CBT Centre

After sending your NIN details, the next step would be to to get your credentials and walk into any nearest JAMB CBT centre. This is needed in order to get a proper registration.

Step 4. Read Your Books

The last and most important step is to read your books. Doing so, would result in you passing with flying colours.

Estimated Cost: 5000 NGN


  • Registration FeenNational Identification Number


  • Internet Connection