Which Course Should You Study And Which University? Let’s Guide You With Your JAMB Score for all Courses

Today we will be helping you with your JAMB score. You tell us your JAMB score and the university you choose during registration, and we will advise you on the right path. Do not be shied, share and others too will help you

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    The JAMB 2022 highest score so far is 359
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    The JAMB lowest score ever is 8. This is in 2007

What Course I Study With My JAMB Score?

Following the release of JAMB 2022 UTME results, numerous candidates are asking questions about the likelihood of being accepted into their preferred courses and institutions using the UTME scores or results they’ve obtained. This thread will provide the required guidance to applicants regarding the admission process for 2022/23.

The goal is to inform applicants what they are likely to be able to do in terms of being accepted or require to change their course or institution (Please take note that the change in institution/course for 2022 hasn’t begun. We will let you know when it is). If you have yet to verify your results follow the steps on How to Check 2022 UTME Results here.


For those who want to know the odds of getting to the course they want to attend and school, we’d ask you to fill in the details below Myschoolers with experience will be in touch with you as appropriate.

– Your JAMB Score,
The course you chose
– The school(s) of your choice

Please provide only the details above. DO NOT include details like your JAMB registration Number. This information should not be shared with the world.

Enlightened Myschoolers will go over your comments and provide you with a suitable answer to your inquiry.

If you would like to help and guide applicants to apply, make sure you include facts that are based on reliable facts such as previous cut-off marks and admission guidelines. and other requirements of the schools that you are referring to.

Let’s use this thread to the benefit of all. Don’t insult or ridicule anyone. Don’t use this channel to make complaints about the results of your research. This medium should be used only to serve the purpose for which it was designed to serve.


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