JAMB 2023/2024 Syllabus For All Subjects Download | Get The Syllabus and Downloadable Resources Here

We’re slowly approaching the annual Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examination. This is one of the moments university aspirants are filled with excitement, anticipation, and of course, anxiety. With the exam on the horizon, most students will be motivated to show off their knowledge and skills to see how well they can perform. 

While these moments can be very overwhelming because of the amount of work that must be put in for the exam, getting a syllabus that contains the main focus of the exam body (containing topics where questions are going to be derived from), will definitely ease your stress. In this piece, we will be providing you with JAMB 2023/2024 syllabus for all departments, including art, science and commercial. 

Overview of JAMB 2023/2024 Syllabus

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) curriculum for the 2023–2024 academic year offers applicants who intend to take the JAMB exam a comprehensive manual. The syllabus contains all subject matter that could be assessed on the exam, including English, math, government, and current events.

Some of the sections that make up the JAMB 2023/2024 Syllabus include English Language, Mathematics, Government, Use of English, Current Affairs, and General Paper. Sub-topics are further broken down into each section. The English Language portion covers topics including essay writing, comprehending and synopsis, literature, and syntax and use. Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and statistics are some of the subjects covered in the Mathematics department. Federalism, the three-tiered system of government, Nigerian politics, and the Nigerian constitution are some of the themes covered in the Government section.

The JAMB 2023/2024 syllabus is created to give a thorough and in-depth review of the subjects included on the JAMB exam. In order to comprehend the subjects that will be tested, prospective candidates should attentively and properly read the JAMB syllabus. In order to increase their chances of success, prospective candidates should also become familiar with the format and scoring system of the JAMB examination.

What is Included in the JAMB 2023/2024 Syllabus? 

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board(JAMB) syllabus is an important document for scholars who are preparing to take the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The syllabus is regularly  streamlined and provides an overview of the  motifs and  generalities that will be tested in the UTME.   

The JAMB 2023/2024 syllabus will cover a wide range of  topics from different subjects. In English Language, you will come in contact with topics  including Summary, Language Structure, and essay writing. Mathematics topics such as computation, Algebra, figure, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics and Probability will also be tested. In addition to these, the JAMB syllabus will also include topics from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Government, Economics, Literature- in- English, C RS and other affiliated subjects. There will also be questions on current affairs and general knowledge.  

The syllabus is designed to assess the  seeker’s knowledge and understanding of the subjects that are applicable to the courses they’ve chosen. It’s thus important for scholars to familiarize themselves with the syllabus and ensure that they’ve studied all the topics completely. Overall, the JAMB 2023/2024 syllabus is comprehensive and covers all the topics that are necessary for a pupil to have a good knowledge of the subject that he or she’s studying. This will help them to score well in the UTME and gain admission into their asked tertiary institution. 

How to Download the JAMB 2023 Syllabus 

For Science Subjects

For Arts Related Subjects

For Commercial Subjects

For General Subjects

How To Study Using The JAMB 2023/2024 Syllabus 

1. Get acquainted with the JAMB syllabus first. Make sure you are aware of the subjects that will be tested as well as the knowledge areas you should concentrate on.

2. Make a study schedule. Make a study schedule for each subject and allow enough time to cover all of the material on the syllabus.

3. Make use of drill exams. Take practice exams to get accustomed to the kinds of questions you might see on the real test.

4. Use study aids and textbooks that have been approved by JAMB. To make sure you are completely prepared for the exam, familiarize yourself with the information in the textbooks and study materials.

5. Make use of online tools. Use online tools to augment your learning, such as forums, tutorials, and practice exams.

Take rest periods. Take breaks between study sessions to keep your mind active.

7. Go over your study materials and drill questions. To make sure you grasp the content well, spend some time going over your notes and practice questions.

8. Get lots of sleep. To guarantee that you are rested and focused for the exam, make sure to get adequate sleep the night before. 


Students can now download the JAMB 2023/2024 curriculum to get the materials they need to study for the upcoming exam. Students can ensure they are appropriately prepared by using this syllabus to get a sense of what to anticipate on exam day. Students can make sure they are well-prepared to take the test and get the greatest result by obtaining the curriculum and its related resources.