IJMB Registration Portal – IJMB 2022/2023 Form


IJMB Registration Portal Form For 2022/2023 – IJMB Registration Portal Form 

IJMB registration portal for the IJMB registration 2022 Portal form academic session. Fill the IJMB form Portal below to apply to begin the registration process for the current academic session to all centres in Nigeria. This is how to apply for the IJMB registration portal 2022 including requirements for ijmb registration for ijmb centres registration Ilorin, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Anambra, Delta, Abuja etc.. Find also the IJMB registration deadline for the IJMB online registration.

Please familiarize yourself with IJMB Frequently Asked Questions, on the page we have answered many questions students and prospective candidates and parents do ask us, we have compiled them in a page and answered them as simple as possible for the understanding of everyone. 

If you won’t read anything else, click here for the IJMB FAQ then scroll down to begin the IJMB form

It is important to go through the IJMB FAQ before you filled the below form or make any payments, this help you better in decision making concerning or not to go through the IJMB

If you want to register, you are to do it and you MUST Pay YOUR ACCEPTANCE FEE before 30th of December, as submission of name is 30th. Do not pay for registration if you can’t know you won’t pay for acceptance fee before the 30th of December. Please check the timetable below. As your name will not be submitted if acceptance is not paid.

If you have all the above information and are satisfied, you can scroll down to start your registration or click HERE to send us a WhatsApp message if you have a specific question or Click Here to call us

Warning, we do NOT USE any other bank, any other account number, Do not pay to any other bank and do not pay your registration fee to any other account number not related to IJMB as we will not take responsibility for any financial loss and fraud. Wrongful payment will result that you will repay the registration fee again. 

Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration Account Number: 0163836217 Bank: GTBANK: Amount: #8,500 or #9,000 with online transaction charge.

If you need our HEAD OFFICE address before you register, check our head office full address and why we do not send other centres address See all available centres as of now in Nigeria

Fill the form below if you are paying online, pay before you fill the form below if you want to pay by transfer, POS or through USSD transfer. a confirmation link will be sent to your email address after filling this.

2. Click the confirmation link, and you will be asked to select your preferred study center and make a payment, select your method of payment, and submit, then upload your payment evidence if you have already paid, or select an online payment method and pay immediately using your ATM details using paystack

3. Then log in again if your payment has been confirmed, you will be redirected to fill the second stage of the form, where you will fill, Parents details, O’level and previous academic details etc.

4. If you pay online, you will be automatically be redirected to fill the second stage.

5. Your admission letter is sent within 3 hours after payment is confirmed and if you pay online, it is sent automatically within minutes (ten minutes maximum). If you do not see it, please call on 08105087367 or send us a Whatsapp message.

6. Do not start filing, if you have NOT paid, and if you want to pay online, you must have the registration fee in your bank account and your ATM around you

7. Inform your parents before you start filling the below form and must have sought for their consent to run the IJMB program as fees are not refundable


IJMB Registration Portal Account Details (Gtbank Only)

We only associate with the below account details for official IJMB Registration. We do not associate or endorsed any other bank for registration into the IJMB program.

Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration

Account Number: 0163836217

Amount: #8500 only.


Pay Registration online instead before you filed the form

Internet banking, mobile transfer, mobile transfer, bank deposit, POS are all acceptable for registration payment


See Available centres in Nigeria and their fees here. Click HERE for IJMB requirements, Read everything about IJMB, Check when IJMB registration is closing, See the breakdown of IJMB fees.

Already registered? Sign In, already registered and paid to the bank? Upload your teller or screenshot of your transfer here


1. By filling the below form, you agreed that you have read the above instructions and every other detail concerning IJMB (Interim Joint Matriculation Board) program on this site causing you to register for it using the below form.

2. You agreed that you have asked all the necessary questions on the programme and you have made up your mind to register for it.

3. By also filling the form, you have agreed that you have informed your parents/guardian /sponsor and they have given you consent to fill the below form.

4. By filling the form also, you agreed that you have already paid for the registration fee or that you have the IJMB registration fee in your account and you will pay immediately not later than 1 hour after filling the form below and confirm the verification link sent to you.

5. By not making the payment, you agreed that you are at fault and that you agreed that we can take legal proceedings against you as you have failed to make your payment even after filling the form. 

6. If you still need to ask questions concerning registration and fees before you can make your payment, DO NOT fill the form yet, ask all the necessary questions on our WhatsApp or call between the office hours and days.

7. That you also know that this website (ijmb.com.ng) is the full legal way to register candidates/students for IJMB programmes in Nigeria.

8. You also agreed that we will not be responsible for any financial loss NOT made through this website or to our account details visible in all the pages on this website (ijmb.com.ng) concerning A’level registrations.

9. That you understand that we do not grant a refund for the registration fee for any reason, therefore students and parents should make up their mind before starting the registration process. 

10. After payment of your registration, you agreed to read your admission letter (that will be sent to you within 3 hours ) in full details and ask more questions (if necessary ).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Resuming now is getting too late as lectures have started, your centre might have to switch you to IJMB alternatives programs like JUPEB, Cambridge A-Level, NABTEB A Level or IUFP if IJMB Examination Registration is no longer possible during your resumption all for you to be able to gain admission into 200L next year being 2022.

Start Your registration below after reading and understanding the Agreement You (student/guardian/Parents and we (IJMB Alevel Registration)

Fill The IJMB Form 2022/2023 Academic Session

In case of transfer the account detail are: Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration Account Number: 0163836217 Bank: Gtbank Your data is deleted 5 hours after you fill this form and payment not confirmed.

This form is clearly for SCHOOL registration, IT IS NOT MEANT to play around IF YOU WANT TO play around or want to know each centre total fee, CLICK HERE instead.

Send us a message on WhatsApp for registration, registration closing date and resumption details. click to SEND US A MESSAGE ON WHATSAPP