IJMB Registration 2021/2022 instruction and important info

IJMB Online Registration Form 2021/2022

Take your time to read below instruction carefully

Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB is an A’level programme of one academic calendar that takes successful students to 200 level of almost Nigerian Universities excluding UI, Uniport, Unical, OAU, Unilag

You can study any course with IJMB being Medicine, Law, Accounting, Pharmacy, All Engineering courses with the right IJMB subject combination.

Find more details on IJMB at what is IJMB and meaning of IJMB. During the IJMB program you read, you attend lectures and is a full programme from Monday to Friday with an average of 4 hours of lectures daily, 98% of all IJMB centres have hostels facilities that are optional, meaning not compulsory for those who are not interested.


After payment, click HERE to begin your IJMB online form registration.If you want to pay using your ATM, you do not need to generate IJMB registration invoice, you continue below to begin the online registration for the IJMB programme.

Warning: Please do not start the below registration if you are not ready to pay the registration fee IMMEDIATELY and secondly if you have not informed your parents/guardian/sponsor. By filling the form without ready to pay, you are creating an empty folder and wasting the staff time. Please be warned.


Genere IJMB payment invoice HERE FOR POSSIBLE TRANSFERS, POS, ATM transfer, and mobile app, USSD transfersCheck the breakdown of IJMB fees for all centresIJMB Form 2021 registration Instruction and Guidelines

  1. Fill this form that you will see below this page and click CONTINUE REGISTRATION, a link will then be sent to your email to confirm that your email is valid, you MUST click the link and you will be redirected to fill the remaining form, which we called stage
  2. During the stage 2, you will be asked to select Method of payment, you can choose online method, that is payment via your ATM, transfer, USSD and bank deposit method, this means paying by bank deposit by physically going to Gtbank closest to you to pay our account details.

    3. If you choose an online payment method, about #8,500 will be deducted after supplying your debit card/ATM details, if you decide to pay by bank deposit, and Invoice will be generated for you to download and go make the payment at the nearest Gtbank or ATM stands.

We only use Guaranty Trust Bank, Account name is IJMB Alevel Registration and the Account number is 0163836217 and the amount you must pay is #8,500

4. After payment at the bank, visit ijmb.com.ng again to upload your teller, within 3 hours Admin will approve you and then you can sign in to your IJMB portal with your email address and password.

5. The admission letter will be sent to you immediately your payment is confirmed

6. If you pay online as you are registering, your admission letter is automatically available on your email, on your portal and it will be available to read/view/download and then later be able to do all necessary things on your portal.

7. The second stage form, you will see all available IJMB centers about 23 of them covering about 15 states, their locations and their total fees with accommodation, you will be able to select your preferred IJMB center location before you make any payment.

8. You can pay on installment in all our IJMB centers and lectures commence 24th of February 2021 and end January 2021, which means you will use it to gain admission into 200L in 2021 not in 2021.

A maximum of 3 times tuition fee payment is allowed but must start with at least 50%,  then 25%, then another 25% of the total tuition fee. Centres management will be happy for fewer times like once or twice.

9. Inform your parents/guardian/sponsor before you begin the IJMB registration and be sure you know what IJMB is all about if you are the students.

It is a year programme that takes you into 200 Level of almost Nigerian universities and you can study any course with the result. The 2021/2022 IJMB academic session lectures will start February 24th and end by January/February 2021.

10. Make sure you have your registration fee (#8,500) before you begin your registration either in cash to be deposit in the bank, at POS or in your bank account for Direct Transfer or if you want to use ATM to pay.

Three Main Method of registering for IJMB form online

  • Payment online using Paystack ( admission letter is sent immediately)
  • Payment via bank deposit, complete your registration and invoice will be generated to for you to print/download and make a deposit at Gtbank nearest to you ( and come back to ijmb.com.ng to upload bank teller
  • By Transfer( This is when you want to make a transfer directly to our bank detail make sure you complete your registration and invoice will be generated for you, transfer it to the account details on the invoice, make sure you select bank deposit in stage 2 when you are asked for a method of payment

    if you want to use transfer, after successful transfer, send your full name, email address to one of our phone numbers (08105087367 or 0811357171) then your admission letter is sent to your email with 3 hours and it will also be available on your portal

Read more about IJMB and then check for full IJMB registration instruction  the academic calendarAbout 2021/2022 IJMB academic year

The IJMB is closing soon, check when the IJMB 2021/2022 form registration closing date.

Note: If you want your centre in Adamawa, Benue, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobo, Zambfara, Click HERE for further instruction BEFORE you start your registration in Northern IJMB centres

For Payment Transfer/POS/USSD transfer/ATM transfer: Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration, Account Number: 0163836217, Bank: Gtbank: Amount: #8,500

Deposit or Direct Transfer to the below account details if you are not paying online using your ATM debit card details after you have finished filling the form, no other account details will be accepted

Account Name: IJMB Alevel Registration Account Number: 0163836217 Bank: GTBANK: Amount: #8,500

Warning, we do NOT USE any other bank, any other account number, Do not pay to any other bank and do not pay your registration fee to any other account number not related to IJMB as we will not take responsibility for any financial loss and fraud. Wrongful payment will result that you will repay the registration fee again. 


Warning: Please do not start the below registration if you are not ready to pay the registration fee IMMEDIATELY and secondly if you have not informed your parents/guardian/sponsor. By filling the form without ready to pay, you are creating an empty folder and wasting the staff time. Please be warned.


Already registered? Sign In, already registered and paid to the bank? Upload your teller or screenshot of your transfer here