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IJMB Testimonials

IJMB Points

IJMB points are graded from A to F  – that is from 5 points to 0 points which are obtained from the combined score of the continuous assessment ( C. A.) which is 20% and the final examination score which is 80%.

The continuous assessment is conducted from time to time during the programme period to assess the understanding of every student at the end of every topic of the syllabus.

During this IJMB programme period, intensive lectures are conducted which is guided by the IJMB syllabus and the syllabus of the IJMB programme covers up to 200 levels of the syllabus of the university – which must be taught for a minimum period of 9 months.

Strict adherence to the IJMB calendar and lectures is monitored and evaluated by the M&E Team from the Dept. of IJMB, ABU Zaria. No candidate should be presented for examination before the nine (9) months duration.

The examination is conducted at the affiliated institution by the IJMB syndicate from the department of IJMB, Ahmedu Bello University, Zaria. The Supervisors comprise mainly of senior academics from the affiliated institutions and ABU (where necessary).

The examination is graded and the results processed under strict invigilation of Chief Examiners
(Appendix 1), IJMB Moderators (Appendix 2) and Representatives, and the Secretariat.




The IJMB examination consists of two components which are:

  • Continuous Assessment (C.A.) which is 20% and it consists of lecture attendance, assignments, tests, end of semester examinations, scores for practicals, etc.
  •  The examination is 80% consists of 2 or 3 paper and pen examinations (objectives (in some cases), essay, practical) as required by the subject’s syllabus. Details of examination papers peculiarities for all examinable subjects areas contained in the syllabus.
  •  To obtain a grade, candidates must have both C.A. and Examination components.


This is how IJMB points are calculated for all courses including.
Universities also have their own cut off mark for IJMB. Unilorin IJMB points are also stated here to be view. Check IJMB points for courses including Nursing and Pharmacy below.


Mark Range Letter Grade Grade Points Interpretation
70 – Above A 5 points, Excellent
60 – 69 B 4 points, Very Good
50 –59 C 3 points, Good
45 – 49 D 2 points, Merit
40 – 44 E 1 point, Pass
0 – 39 F 0 point, Fail

IJMB point grades from  A – E are considered as pass grades while grade ‘F’ is a fail grade. The total grade point for a candidate is the sum total of the three A-level subjects offered.

♦ Candidates are entitled to a bonus of one point if they pass all the three A-level subjects with at least an ‘E’ grade.


Mark Range Letter Grade Grade Interpretation
70 – Above A Excellent
40 – 69 C Credit
35 – 39 p Pass
0 – 34 F Fail

IJMB Points For All Courses

For anyone who wishes to use IJMB to gain admission at all, you must have a minimum of 6 points, minimum of 9 points for Engineering courses, minimum of 13 points for Law, Pharmacy, Medicine and Surgery.

IJMB For Unilorin, ABu Zaria, UniAbuja

For Unilorin, aim nothing less than 7 points, for ABU Zaria, 6 points, UniAbuja, 6 points for any course at all, these are minimum points for UniAbuja, Unilorin and ABU, Zaria.


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